The After On Podcast
The After On Podcast
Rob Reid
We dive deep into the science, tech, and social issues explored in the novel "After On." It's NOT necessary to be an "After On" reader to listen, learn & enjoy this podcast!
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One of the top educational podcasts
A podcasts where i learn about things that will change life in the next decade.
Absolutely Amazing and Educational
Rob Reid consistently presents a wonderfully educational podcast that is always a pleasure to listen to. While I didn’t read “After On” (and likely won’t as Science Fiction isn’t my area), this podcast is for anyone who enjoys learning about the technology of tomorrow that people today are working on.
Such a smart show
I am so impressed with the way Rob is able to make you feel like you learned so much without going into so much detail that you are confused! I would love to hear him talk with an expert about the Covid-19 pandemic!
Excellent deep dives into fascinating topics
Thoughtful interviews with top notch guests. The longer interview format allows for a nuanced discussion of complex ideas.
Justin Elstrott
This podcast has climbed to the top of my favorite list.
Well researched, just the right amount of detail. Rob Reid asks insightful questions that drives the conversations organically. He is curious about a wide variety of things so the episodes cover an interesting array of subjects both near and far from my expertise (which is cell biology). This is the first podcast to which I’m going to donate my limited $$. Keep it up!!
Just helping out
I love your podcast man, great content! You’re doing an amazing job!
Simply the best
Quite simply the most interesting podcast available. Rob makes easy access into some of the most brilliant and innovative minds available to us interested mortals. There is no better way to convert your otherwise wasted commuting time into knowledge of cutting edge science than by getting mentally absorbed by these interviews
Love this podcast - I frequently repeat listenings
Only frustrations involve the long lag times between podcasts at times. Which is another way of saying how much I love these conversations, which I would describe as “accessible, but still steep conversations”, and well worth the attention and effort. Highly recommended - great guests and discussions, and Rob is a superb host.
Great Interview
I just listened to the interview with Don Hoffman. Rob Reid was well informed and did an excellent in depth interview. I have subscribed. 👍
Love it
It’s great to have a science fiction writer questioning the leaders in science today. Love listening to the show
Keep it going
Love Robs interview with Sean Carroll. Keep it going.
peters dog ginger
Really interesting topics and discussion
I’ve literally listened to the Don Hoffman interviews 10 times. Just Excellent!
Seriously fun, smart, and inspirational.
Rob Reid started the podcast saying he was new to this and doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but I think he has everyone fooled, at least initially. I think he’s done a fantastic job of providing inspirational and thought-provoking interviews with brilliant guests, that truly need to be heard. I especially like the underlying focus on tech but it’s not the limit. I’m inspired and appreciative. That’s also why I subscribe and contribute to his patreon account. I hate ads and endorsements, and Rob’s done a great job of avoiding that, generally. The most recent patronage of a VC firm seems to work well with his ethos and the content of the podcast, so as long as we stick with this format, I’ll keep contributing.
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Brant Fetter
One of the best
Probably one of the best prepared interviewers I’ve ever heard. Amazing guests. Fascinating science. Somehow manages to feel both very advanced and very accessible. One of my favorites! Hope it’s around for a long time.
Eye-opening, articulate, immersive
Hard to overstate how relevant, engaging, and altruistic these discussions are. Thank you Rob and guests!
Rob is a curator of incredibly fascinating topics, and his access to experts and thought leaders is incredible.
Mind B L O W N ...
… my new favorite science podcast!
Exceptional Work
After On is an onslaught of mind expanding jaunts into technological topics that are educational, insightful, and above all, thought provoking. It’s clear in the quality of work here that Rob puts countless hours of effort into curating his content, choosing his guests carefully, and asking the right series of questions that allow experts in their fields the opportunity to speak more understandably to the lay-person, while still respecting the audience as intelligent technologists themselves who don’t need things dumbed down to simplicity. I have only been listening a short time and am slowly making headway through the backlog of episodes, but I already consider this to be one of the best Podcasts I have ever come across. I’ve become informed on topics that I have wanted to learn about for years without the medium to easily do so, and been inspired to take on my own creative work as a result. Rob, please keep up the good work - you’re doing an invaluable community service to society and mankind by spreading knowledge of these topics.
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Provocative conversations
Good food for thought on a wide variety of engaging topics. Looking forward to future episodes as I make my way through the backlog.
Excellent science podcast
This is one of the best podcasts online. Rob Reid is an excellent interviewer and the topics are fascinating and amazing. It’s an addictive podcast. Keep up the good work!
Red pill
The Donald Hoffman interview was awesome. It broke my brain:) Anyone who listens will be taking the red pill.
Outstanding Podcast!
At times a bit beyond my ape brain but I LOVE the pod!!!! Keep 'em coming Mr Reid
Darren Womack
Re: ep 52 and Sean Carroll and the Universe Splitting app
Oddly, I’m the guy getting all zeros. Or ones. Idk the specific application of the numbers. I heard the Rogan cast. Downloaded the app. Got all “zeros” in a row. Was going to complain that the app was faulty. Read the reviews and one other person was having this “problem.” Developer suggested this podcast. And here I am. Still not convinced the app isn’t simply faulty. But the podcast is brilliant.
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I’ve been looking for a show like this!!
I’m a new listener but already a huge fan. I particularly enjoyed the episode with Avi about the recent paper he published. I appreciate the well balanced opinions and the way you offer both sides of an argument. I believe in letting the science do the talking and, if you’re wrong about something there’s no shame in realizing it and admitting to it. Thanks for the great content!
Thoughtful, Interesting and Enjoyable!
I found this Podcast via a recomendation from a friend. It's become one of my favorites and I love listening to it while I'm riding my bike (it makes the miles fly by). I've also become a Patriion sponsor to help ensure the Podcast continues.... Keep up the good work! BTW, loved your books! Robert
Robert V K
A new listener but I love the show!
I listened to your interview on the Jordan Harbinger Show and loved what I heard! I just finished The Case against Reality episode and believe I’ll be a new long time listener. Great work and very engaging!
After on
Always nice to find a place to forget about all the nonsense that determines whether or not a day is good or not and relax in a spa of thoughtful recorded discourse!
Thing 1243
Perfect podcast for people interested science
Anyone interested in astrophysics, space exploration, black holes, string theory, light should listen to this podcast. No formuls just interesting discussion. Specifically podcast 8. Update, episode 53 is also excellent. Put down twitter and turn off the TV. Episode 53 will expand your mind.
Fascinating podcast covering a broad range of topics. Smart, easy to listen to, and well worth your time.
My new favorite
Just discovered this gold mine. Deep dives into bleeding edge ideas. Strongly considering becoming a financial supporter. Thank you Rob.
Eric in Denver :$&@
Awesome mind-stretching podcast
Mr Reid’s preparations for his interviews are impressive. And it pays dividends to us, the listener.
I wasn’t going to type a review until you called me out about my time management at the end😂. Great work! Extremely cerebral. 5 stars no questions asked. -Mike
My new favorite podcast:)
Found this via Kevin Rose’s podcast and I’m binging the past episodes. So so so good! I love that the interviews are the perfect mix of conversational and structured — meaning we get just a dash of humor and banter but these are mostly meat. The host really keeps these conversations on the rails while keeping the tone upbeat and enthusiastic. And excellent, excellent guests and ideas. So glad I found this — thank you!:) Also, thanks for helping me better prioritize x-risks — I was in the AI-is-the-only-thing-we-should-be-thinking-about camp but now I see synthetic bio might potentially get us first.
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Rob is fantastic
Fascinating guests worth your time make appearances (Don Hoffman, Sean Carroll are my favorites), and Rob Reid is well informed on the topics, so much so that he carries the conversation(s) every step of the way as if he's the physisist or psychologist.. It's truly amazing.
Almost don't want to share
I'm picking up such geat nuggets of information, it will be sad when my friends start listening & they know where I heard something. More stuff on consciousness, and on space!
After On
Rob offers wonderful and stimulating fare here. He himself is a perceptive, informed, and articulate host. Thank you Rob, for such marvelous food for thought! Helen J.
Well Done
Just found this podcast. Three or four episodes in but they are all outstanding. Thanks for the work and your excellent communication skills.
Best in-depth well spoken science based podcast. Tangent and bro-science free. Highly recommended
mecha cyan
Much more than drive-by pop sci
Rob’s show is obviously a labor of love, love for a whole host of topics in the worlds of science, philosophy, biology, and more. Each episode has a real depth of content and discussion and Rob is a delightful interviewer. I have had many eye-opening moments learning about the state of scientific thought that After On has given me. Really well done.
Fascinating Information
Thanks Rob. Your ability to distill complex ideas into concepts that lay people can understand is a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Mr. Capuletti
I listen to a ton of science podcasts. This is one of the best!!
PhD caliber discussions made accessible and entertaining
Thanks so much, Rob. You’re doing a great service to your listeners. I appreciate that you continue to step out of your comfort zone in a prepared, thoughtful, and open-minded way, and jump into the deep end of the pool with paradigm-redefining thinkers like Don Hoffman, my personal favorite episode. And deep gratitude for having the courage to sound a very appropriate and passionate alarm on the potentially catastrophic applications of syn-bio. Thank you again, Rob. I’m signing up to support the show on Patreon regardless of the upcoming hiatus. Keep up the great work!
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Most Interesting Podcast!!
Rob Reid interviews so many interesting people and I have felt my mind expanding. I appreciate the work it must take to put these together. It’s such an entertaining education for me to learn about fields I’m unfamiliar with like physics. I love listening and will re-listen to them while Rob takes a summer break (noooo!!!...) I Hope lots of people let him know how much we appreciate this podcast and the bonus material on Patreon!! So great.
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Amazing interviewer, thought-provoking content
Rob, I applaud you! You’re style of interviewing is artful, and I always enjoy your show. You have really thoughtful guests who do help bring me to a fuller understanding of complex issues. I’m a marriage and family therapist, but your content on science and technology are really accessible and help me feel informed in areas that are beyond my daily practice. Thanks!!
Rob is Awesome!!!
This podcast is honestly the podcast I recommend the most to people when it comes to science related topics. Rob does his homework on every single guest and always delivers excellent, well thought out episodes. Cannot emphasize enough how much everyone should listen to this pod. Sad the show will not be around for a couple months but already looking forward to when it comes back! This show truly makes me feel like a more well rounded person. Thank you for all that you do, Rob!! -Avid listener
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Deeply thoughtful, rigorous, and excellently edited. Joy to listen !
Straight from the horses’ mouths
Appreciate my punctuation? I bet you do. Rob Reid has the kind of tech-cred and resultant network that brings next level experts into deep, meaningful conversations. His preparation for said conversations is immediately clear from the pace and flow. This is likely due to his being not only a Silicon Valley pioneer but also an accomplished spec-fiction novelist. Speaking of novels, reading the novel After On isn’t a requirement nor is (having read the novel) having an affinity for the work itself. I say this because there may well be a listener that fits into the Venn diagram space of “not fan of novel/fan of podcast.” This podcast is strongly recommended for folks who are interested in what the world is likely to look like in the coming decades.
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Awesome podcast
Great guests. Important topics. Mind blowing theories. This show will give you a lot to ponder!
Tommy 1969
Thought provoking discussions on a broad range of topics with legitimate experts, free of ‘woo’. Wonderful.
Very enjoyable - thanks!
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