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The Adventurepreneur Podcast
Jeremy Jensen
Louis Arevalo on Outdoor Photography, Forgiveness, and Life-changing Paralysis
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Aug 14, 2020 at 10:14 am.
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Show notes

Today on the show I have Louis Arevalo, a super talented outdoor photographer and journalist and one of the sweetest guys out there. Through Louis’s career, he’s been published in some of the industry’s most coveted publications and worked with many leading brands, but it wasn’t always that way. Louis worked for many years at FedEx, double timing it trying to make a living wage while also building a photography business on the side. After a lot of hard work and grit, Louis eventually was able to go full time into photography and never looked back. 

Earlier this year, the Salt Lake City native was backcountry skiing a fire burn out zone in the southern Wasatch, when we took a fall and started to tomahawk high speed down the mountain. While he a was tumbling, his ski edge hit his head and literally scalped him - and he landed squarely on his upper back against an old burned tree trunk. 

Louis lost consciousness, but luckily, his friend had been trained as a ski patroller and acted fast to save his life. The incident left Louis fully paralyzed from his chest down. If you want to hear the full story, stay tuned to the end of the episode, you’ll be glued to your speaker I guarantee you that.

My heart goes out to Louis and his family, not only because no one should have to go through that (let alone a notoriously sweet guy like Louis), but also because so many of us in this community are constantly in those same positions. Risking ourselves to pursue the things we love. It really makes you take a second to breath it all in. If you’re anything like me, you leave these types of stories feeling a little helpless. Well, if that’s you please consider taking action by donating to Louis GoFundMe page, every little bit helps. I’ll have the link available in the show notes, or you can Google Louis Arevalo GoFundMe and you’ll find it.

A quick reminder that as we move closer and closer to election season it’s important to start thinking about your role in the fight against climate change. My go to resource is Protect Our Winters. The y make it easy to get your friends and family registered to vote and have lots of information on how to make informed decisions and get involved. Head over to their website or check them out on the socials for all the deets.


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