The 215 Live Show
The 215 Live Show
Last Out Media
Launched in 2016, The 215 Live Show drops weekly and is hosted by longtime friends Frankie Donahue and John Crichton. The guys share their views on all things with humor and a little bit of ridiculousness. Hear interviews each week with prominent names in the sports, media, and entertainment business. You can listen to The 215 Live Show is every Monday night from 7-9pm live on the Squawkr app. You can also download us on all your favorite podcast platforms. Get show updates, info on giveaways and upcoming live events by following us on twitter @The215LiveShow, @The215LiveShow on Facebook and the215liveshow on Instagram. #LastOutMedia
Ep 205
Dec 23, 2021
8 min
Ep 204
Dec 13, 2021
27 min
Ep 203
Nov 15, 2021
36 min
Ep 202
Nov 9, 2021
50 min
Ep 201
Nov 1, 2021
38 min
Changing of the Guard
Oct 12, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Episode 199
Oct 21, 2020
46 min
Episode 197 with Special Guest Rich DeSisto
Rich DeSisto joins the show to discuss his radio career and his new podcast Air Check.
Oct 12, 2020
54 min
Episode 197 - Eagles Steelers Reactions with John Barchard
Eagles week 4 reactions and fans criticisms of Jim Schwartz
Oct 12, 2020
49 min
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