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The 18STRONG Podcast / Jeff Pelizzaro (Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Professional)
The 18STRONG Podcast is a golf show that has its roots in fitness but has grown to include much more than just talking about exercise for golfers. Whether you’re looking to win a club championship, trying to break 90, or just excited about an epic golf trip with your buddies, each episode contains powerful information you can immediately put into action, on and off the course, that will have a massive impact on your game. Join Jeff Pelizzaro, Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional, Physical Therapist and co-founder of 18STRONG, as he interviews and trades epic stories with the biggest names in golf (players, coaches, trainers and other unique personalities) about what it means to be “18STRONG”.
368: CODY WESCOTT- Lift Heavy, Swing Fast.
Guest: Cody Wescott (Founder Cody Wescott Golf)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 368Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Join me as I welcome Cody Wescott from Cody Wescott Golf and the Swing Heavy Lift Fast Program to the show for an insightful discussion that’s sure to up your golf game and fitness routine. We kick things off by exploring the relationship between strength training and golf performance, as Cody shares his candid take on traditional weightlifting versus golf-specific training. We dig into the essence of crafting an effective workout that balances what you enjoy and what truly benefits your game, while Cody challenges the idea of personal trainers and their impact on a golfer’s progress. Listen in as we tackle the multifaceted nature of golf training, focusing on the harmony of mobility, strength, and power. We break down his holistic approach to athlete development, as seen in his “Lift Every Swing Fast” program, which has successfully been adopted by numerous golfers. Cody and I also touch upon the often-overlooked importance of cardiovascular health for recovery, endurance, and the enjoyment of golf well into one’s later years. The inspiring story of Tony, an 85-year-old fitness enthusiast, serves as a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to embrace an active lifestyle. The conversation shifts to the nuances between golf exercises and drills, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right methods to enhance your game. We address how gym workouts should complement, not replace, swing drills, and the potential pitfalls of following fitness trends on social media. As we delve into muscle building and mobility, I underscore the evolution of muscle-building philosophies and the significance of nutrition in supporting both body composition and performance. Don’t miss this episode packed with practical advice and personal insights that could transform your approach to golf and fitness. Cody Wescott * Cody’s journey in the fitness world spans decades, covering everything from bodybuilding and powerlifting to crossfit and pilates. * Today, his primary focus is on training golfers, treating them like the athletes they truly are. * His mission is straightforward: help golfers navigate the fitness landscape, finding the right training approach for their goals – without all the BS. * Cody’s philosophy is his motto, the namesake of his flagship program, “Lift Heavy, Swing Fast.” His program has impacted hundreds of athletes globally, helping them look, play, and feel their best for the long haul. Main Topics (00:04) Optimal Golf and Fitness Training Nature’s impact on golf performance, incorporating fitness, traditional weight training, and the role of personal trainers. (09:44) Golf Performance Effective golf training programs include total body workouts, targeted mobility exercises, and strategic speed and power work. (14:56) Cardiovascular Health in Golf Longevity and Performance Cardio and resistance training in golf improve recovery, performance, and longevity, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health in mid-li...
Feb 6
1 hr 3 min
367. Dr. Jason Selk: Unlock Your Mental Toughness with Relentless Solution Focus
Guest: Dr. Jason Selk (Peak Performance Coach, Sports Psychologist, Best Selling Author)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 367Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Have you ever caught yourself stuck on the hamster wheel of negative thinking when facing a challenge? Dr. Jason Selk (Full Bio Below), a master of sports psychology and performance coaching, joins us to turn that wheel in a new direction with his game-changing concept: Relentless Solution Focus (RSF). Together, we unpack the transformative power of pivoting from problem-centric to solution-based thinking — a skill that not only enhances mental toughness but also potentially adds years to your life. Imagine your brain as an athlete; with the right training, it can muscle out stress-inducing thoughts and replace them with a winning strategy. Throughout our discussion, Dr. Selk provides actionable techniques to rewire your brain for success. These include daily mental exercises and success logs aimed at fostering positive neural pathways. Moreover, we explore real-life triumphs in the sports arena where a steadfast commitment to solutions has led to unprecedented victories, showcasing the profound impact of RSF in high-pressure environments. As we wrap up our chat with Dr. Selk, the conversation shifts to the greens, where golfers know all too well the mental game’s highs and lows. We talk about the importance of a clear mindset and structured goal setting, taking a leaf from Stephen Covey’s book on proactivity. Whether you’re looking to shave strokes off your game or elevate your professional performance, embracing an RSF mentality could be your ticket to resilience and success. So, grab your clubs and your headphones, and get ready to play your best round yet, both in life and on the course. Dr. Jason Selk Bio * Dr. Jason Selk served as the Director of Mental Training for the St. Louis Cardinals, helping them win two World Series championships in six years. * He assists athletes, business leaders, and salespeople in developing mental toughness, confidence, and focus. * Dr. Selk is a licensed mental health professional with a doctorate in counseling and sports psychology from the University of Missouri. * He has worked with notable companies like Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch, Bacardi, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. * Dr. Selk is a regular contributor to Forbes and Inc., featured in various publications, and has appeared on major television and radio networks. * In 2022, he co-founded the Level Up app for performance coaching. * His books, including “Relentless Solution Focus,” “Executive Toughness,” “10-Minute Toughness,” and “Organize Tomorrow Today,” have received acclaim and best-seller status. Main Topics (00:03) Mental Toughness and Solution Focus Dr. Jason Selk discusses the benefits of Relentless Solution Focus and practical strategies to enhance mental toughness. (12:39) Changing Brain Biology to Improve Performance RSF thinking can improve performance by countering the caudate loop and shifting from PCT, as seen in sports teams’ success.
Jan 30
41 min
366. Dr. Kyle Richmond: Maximize Mobility, Strength Controls Movement, and Social Media Tips for Coaches.
Guest: Dr. Kyle Richmond (Founder: REBUILT Strength & Rehab)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 366Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Listen in as Kyle Richmond from Rebuilt Strength and Rehab joins us to unfold his transformative journey from a chiropractic student to a social media sensation and savvy entrepreneur. Discover how Kyle’s dedication to mobility and athletic performance, carved out a unique niche in chiropractic care. He shares the pivotal role Instagram reels played in expanding his reach and the surprising ways his online surge propelled his practice into virtual consultations and impactful partnerships. Kyle’s story is a testament to the boundless potential of social media in nurturing a business and connecting with clients in today’s digital landscape. During our conversation, Kyle and I exchange thoughts on modern chiropractic practices and the shift in public perception from pain relief to wellness and performance. We emphasize the critical importance of patient education and self-management, providing insights into comprehensive treatment strategies that transcend traditional adjustments. We also delve into the integration of mobility training in fitness regimes, clarifying the distinction between flexibility and mobility, and advocating for its role in enhancing movement control and injury prevention across various demographics. Wrapping up, we tackle the emerging issue of back pain among the younger generation, attributing it to the sedentary habits linked with technology use. Kyle and I highlight the benefits of incorporating simple mobility exercises, like Controlled Articular Rotations (CARS), to counteract these lifestyle patterns. We also touch upon the nuances of soft tissue therapy in clinical practice, debunking common myths and underscoring its genuine merits. Plus, don’t miss out on the lighter side of our discussion, where we share personal favorites and envision hypothetical celebrity golf matches, adding a personal flair to the professional discourse. Main Topics (00:04) Successful Practice Through Social Media Dr. Kyle Richmond shares his journey from chiropractic school to social media influencer and entrepreneur, leveraging Instagram reels to grow his practice and connect with clients. (08:48) Golf Swing Improvement and Chiropractic Practice Improving golf swing, modern chiropractic care, education, maintenance, and shift in public perception of chiropractic services. (14:46) Mobility Training for Strength’s Importance Mobility is crucial for fitness, as it involves active control and strength, benefits all ages, improves joint stability, and complements other forms of training. (20:25) Technology’s Impact on Back Pain Mobility, specifically Controlled Articular Rotations, is crucial for joint health in aging populations and athletes, while sedentary habits contribute to back pain in youth. (32:03) Importance of Movement and Rehabilitation Strategies for desk workers and golfers include thoracic extension exercises and hip mobility techniques. (42:19) Neural Connections and Bypassing Muscle Guards
Jan 23
55 min
365. JEFF FLAGG: Rotational Power Secrets from a World Long Drive Champ.
Guest: Jeff Flagg (2014 World Long Drive Champ, Founder of Flagg Performance)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 365Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Unlock the secrets to enhancing your golf game with the wisdom of Jeff Flagg, the 2014 World Long Drive Champion, as we traverse the significance of rotational strength and athleticism on the fairway. Our conversation is not just a swing analysis; it’s a full-fledged exploration of how to invigorate your game, regardless of whether you’re in your prime or enjoying the sport’s golden years. We tap into Jeff’s expertise in functional training, using tools like PurMotion, to fortify your strength, mobility, and ultimately, your performance. This week’s episode is a treasure trove of insights for the discerning golfer who recognizes that power drives are just the beginning. Jeff and I pull back the curtain on the nuanced interplay between sport-specific exercises and our body’s mechanics, challenging the status quo of traditional workouts. We share stories from both the tee and the gym, illustrating the importance of a comprehensive training regimen that acknowledges the unique demands of golf – from honing rotational movements to fostering endurance for those challenging back nine holes. Finally, we chart Jeff’s inspiring journey from baseball to the links and how a philosophy rooted in functional movement revolutionized his approach to fitness. Our discussion underscores the need for tailored training that respects the intricacies of different sports, advocating a holistic strategy for strength and injury prevention. So, whether you’re aiming to lower your handicap or simply wish to infuse your lifestyle with vigor, this episode is your caddy to a more athletic and assured presence on the green. Join us as we help you shape not just your game, but an energetic and enriching life beyond the course. Main Topics (00:03) Building Athleticism in Golf World Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg discusses rotation in the gym, social media engagement, and embracing individual perspectives in fitness and nutrition. (12:16) The Importance of Rotation in Golf Rotation is crucial in golf, impacting mechanics and endurance. Physical deficiencies can be exposed, requiring more rotational exercises in training. (14:59) Rotational Strength for Athletes Rotational strength is crucial in sports like golf, and sport-specific training with dynamic movements can prevent injury and enhance performance. (25:11) Transition to Exercise Education and Driving A former baseball player found a new passion in golf after studying philosophy, working with a swing coach, and seeking functional movement training. (28:36) Building a Rotational Athlete Nature’s interconnectedness in sports training, emphasizes rotational exercises, fascia’s role, and individualized approaches for injury prevention and performance. (36:25) Gym Equipment and Protein Supplements Proper post-workout nutrition, innovative fitness equipment from PurMotion, and the benefits of ground-based tools for functional training.
Jan 16
1 hr 9 min
364. MITCH SADOWSKY: Increasing Explosive Endurance, Kettle Bells for Golfers, the Power of Breathing
Guest: Mitch Sadowsky (Top 50 Golf Fitness Pro, Aretas Performance)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 364Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Join us as we reconnect with Mitch Sadowsky from Aretas Performance, who shares his invaluable insights on strength training and performance for golfers. We reminisce about his initial visit to the show and how his expertise has evolved, notably his transition from Florida to Wisconsin and the innovative work he&#8217;s doing in the realm of golf fitness. Listen in as Mitch breaks down the importance of kettlebell training for golfers, emphasizing how this tool is not just about strength but also about enhancing power, explosiveness, and the often-overlooked endurance aspect required for the long haul of a golf tournament. Our conversation also covers the seamless transition from physical therapy to performance training, a path increasingly traveled by patients eager to return to their peak athletic form. Mitch and I explore the benefits of collaborative efforts between therapists and trainers and how they work together to create targeted exercise regimens. For those athletes we can&#8217;t work with in person, we discuss the creative ways we keep in touch, ensuring their training remains on track. Furthermore, Mitch shares his insights on kettlebell exercises that are particularly effective in building the explosive work capacity needed for golf, while also ensuring safety and quality in training. To wrap up our chat, we delve into some of the lesser-known but equally critical aspects of golf training. We talk about the surprising benefits of rucking and nasal breathing, as inspired by the book &#8220;Breath,&#8221; and how these techniques can bolster back strength, core stability, and even mental clarity on the course. Whether you&#8217;re a pro, a collegiate competitor, or a weekend warrior, Mitch&#8217;s perspectives on training for golf will undoubtedly offer fresh ideas to enhance your game and overall health. Plus, we lighten the mood with personal anecdotes and favorites that add a touch of relatability to the discussion. Main Topics (00:04) Strength Training and Performance for Golfers Mitch Sadowsky from Aretas Performance discusses kettlebell training, rucking, and proper breathing techniques for improving golf performance and overall health. (10:40) Golf Training and Physical Therapy Transition from physical therapy to performance training, collaboration between therapists and trainers, remote training for athletes, and innovative techniques for golfers. (14:24) Explosive Work Capacity Training With Kettlebells Integrating anti-glycolytic training into golfers&#8217; regimens for explosive work capacity and endurance, with specific protocols and stop signs for optimal performance. (23:45) Using Kettlebells Kettlebell training for golfers of all levels, focusing on shoulder stability, midsection control, and combining strength and mobility. (38:37) Improve Golf Mobility and Explosiveness Maintaining explosiveness in training for golfers over 40, building &#8216;brakes&#8217; for speed control, and addressing overlooked foot mobility. (50:04) Benefits of Rucking and Nasal Breathing<...
Jan 9
1 hr 4 min
363. Jeff Lovecchio: Be an Athlete for Life, Define “WHY” You Train, Give More to Be More…
Guest: Jeff Lovecchio (Retired Prof Hockey Player, Performance Coach)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 363Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Join me as I welcome Jeff Lovecchio, a retired professional hockey player turned esteemed performance enhancement coach, to share a wealth of knowledge that transcends the ice and influences athletes from various sports, including golf. Jeff&#8217;s unique insights into the intricacies of hockey training, which includes balancing gym routines with the demands of ice play, offer invaluable advice for avoiding overuse injuries and keeping the main sport in sharp focus. We also explore the rigorous life of professional athletes, delving into their schedules and travel, and how these factors affect their training and overall performance. Listen in as Jeff recounts his personal journey from a promising young hockey talent to a transformative coach, shaped by the trials of a severe concussion and the consequential shift in his playing style. His story of resilience, determination, and the transition to coaching offers a compelling narrative that emphasizes the role of mentorship in athletic development. Jeff&#8217;s approach to training, which revolutionized traditional methods, underscores the need for functional, sport-specific regimens that improve balance and strength directly related to performance on the ice. Wrapping up our conversation, Jeff and I tackle the broader topics of goal setting, self-talk, and the importance of fostering a positive mindset. We discuss how defining clear objectives and engaging in positive affirmations can drive success, both in sports and life. Moreover, Jeff&#8217;s mantra &#8220;give more, be more,&#8221; which he promotes through his social media and website, invites us to consider the profound impact of generosity on personal growth. Whether you&#8217;re an athlete looking to enhance your game or someone seeking motivation and inspiration, this episode offers a wealth of strategies and stories that will leave you energized and ready to tackle your goals. Main Topics (00:02) Performance Enhancement and Mentoring for Athletes Retired hockey player Jeff Lovecchio shares expertise in fitness, nutrition, and recovery for athletes, discussing the challenges and demands of professional sports. (07:32) Hockey Career and Missed Opportunities A professional athlete&#8217;s journey from playing hockey overseas to revolutionizing training methods, his early start in hockey, and his interest in fitness. (11:50) Building as a Coach After Injuries A hockey player overcomes a severe concussion to continue his career, adapting his playing style and becoming a successful coach. (17:33) Importance of Athletic Training and Health Nature&#8217;s lessons in sports: discipline, self-investment, parental support, and holistic fitness for all ages. (28:35) Revamping Training for Hockey Performance An athlete&#8217;s journey to improve on-ice performance through functional training, including unilateral exercises, visual and vestibular work, and spatial awareness. (39:00) Improve Sports Skills and Find Motivation Skill and technique,
Jan 2
1 hr 10 min
362. 🔥The 40-Day FORGE (Revisited)🔥
Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 362Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Join us as we revisit the powerful 40-Day FORGE program, an initiative that has been instrumental in transforming the habits, resilience, and self-confidence of our community. As we approach a new year, there&#8217;s no better time to reforge your commitment to personal growth and excellence. Listen in as I share the intricacies of the FORGE, where the physical meets the mental, equipping you with a rigorous set of tasks and rules designed to push you beyond your limits and make lasting changes that resonate on and off the golf course. Hear about the life-altering power of commitment through my reflections on personal discipline during Lent, which inspired the creation of the 40-Day FORGE. I draw connections between steadfast dedication and the improvement of your golf game, discussing the transformation that occurs when you hold yourself to a higher standard. I also highlight the importance of community support and the significant role it plays in successful commitments, using our 18STRONG community as a prime example of how shared goals and mutual encouragement can elevate your journey. For all the details about the 40-Day FORGE, click HERE. Get the details for the 40-Day FORGE 🔥 * The 40-Day FORGE Episode Partners: LINKSOUL:&nbsp;For your 20% discount on LINKSOUL gear, go to&nbsp;;or click the logo above. 1st Phorm: Try any of the 1st Phorm products with FREE SHIPPING, go to (By using this link, you will be entered into our Monthly 1st Phorm Giveaway!) More Cool Stuff to Check Out: To continue the conversation and ask any questions you may have, head over to the&nbsp;18STRONG Movement group on Facebook. 18STRONG Pro Shop (Get your 18STRONG gear!) 18STRONG Resources (All of the cool stuff we recommend: products, books, golf stuff, etc &#8211; and discount codes for the 18STRONG Crew) Want the full episode transcript? (click the &#8220;+&#8221; 👉🏻) 0:00:04 &#8211; Jeff PelizzaroThe 18STRONG Podcast, episode Number 362 Revisiting the Forge. Welcome back to the 18STRONG Podcast. This week we&#8217;re going to highlight an episode that we did, episode number 335, where we talked about the 40 day forge. The reason we&#8217;re doing this is we&#8217;re about ready to...
Dec 26, 2023
1 hr 7 min
361. Mike Carroll: The Importance of Speed Training, Designing Workouts for Simplicity, &  Golfing Better Longer…
Guest: Mike Carrol (Fit For Golf)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 361Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Listen in as we welcome Mike Carroll, the mastermind behind Fit for Golf, to the 18STRONG Podcast. Our conversation takes a thorough look at fitness within the realm of golf, exploring how strength and speed training can lead to significant improvements in your game. Mike brings his unique insights into training golfers and shares valuable dos and don&#8217;ts for consulting with professional golfers. He shares how he primarily works with them remotely, showing the flexibility and adaptability of his methods. As we continue, we explore the significance of physical training in golf, focusing on swing speed and its relationship to the technical aspects of the game. We discuss the importance of understanding the biomechanics of the swing and how to enhance the physical qualities that contribute to it. There&#8217;s a focus on prioritizing physical training to improve physical qualities while using practice time for skill development. Listen closely as we caution against getting too wrapped up in specific exercises that may not significantly impact performance. Our guest Mike, a prominent figure in the world of golf fitness, offers his insights on long-term physical training structure. He recommends three training sessions per week focusing on strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and explosiveness or power work. Listen in for a discussion on golf injuries and recovery, highlighting common injuries and emphasizing the importance of rest. Wrapping up the episode, Mike shares his favorite golf books, social media accounts to follow, and the best piece of golf advice he has received. So, whether you&#8217;re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to up your game, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice. Main Topics (00:04) Fitness and Golf Interview with Mike Carroll on simplicity in golf fitness, training professional golfers remotely, and improving game performance. (11:07) Physical Training&#8217;s Importance in Golf Proper biomechanics and physical training are crucial for swing speed in golf, while skill development should be prioritized during practice. (20:37) Effective Long-Term Physical Training Structure The ideal training program for golf includes strength, cardio, power, mobility, and scaling for injuries to improve physical function. (31:51) Mobility and Speed Training in Golf Mobility work and warmups improve golf performance, incorporating dynamic movements and swing speed for average golfers. (36:28) Speed Training for Golfers Speed training for golfers leads to improved swing speed through physical capabilities and skill practice, with the potential for significant gains. (49:08) Benefits of Training for Golfers Resistance and speed training benefits health, fitness, and longevity. Start slow, warm-up, and incorporate into golf routine. (57:16) Golf Injuries and Recovery Importance Golfers should gradually increase speed training, prioritize rest and recovery,
Dec 19, 2023
1 hr 15 min
360. Dylan Wu: PGA Tour Life, Off-Season Prep, Little Brother on the Bag
Guest: Dylan Wu (PGA Tour Golfer)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 360Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary On this installment of the 18STRONG Podcast, join us as we sit down with PGA Tour golfer, Dylan Wu. Listen in as Dylan shares his journey from childhood golf games with his family to becoming a professional golfer. Get a glimpse into the life of a pro golfer, as Dylan gives us insight into the challenges of traveling on tour, prioritizing fitness, nutrition, and recovery, and the importance of having a solid support system – including his brother who doubles as his full-time caddy. As we navigate the complex world of professional golf, we get an inside look at how failure is often a stepping stone to success. Dylan discusses his experiences on both the Korn Ferry Tour and the PGA Tour, highlighting the significance of learning from setbacks and the mental toughness required in high-pressure situations on the course. Further along, we explore the lifestyle changes and challenges associated with transitioning from the Korn Ferry Tour to the PGA Tour, including changes in course conditions and competition levels. Wrapping up the episode, Dylan opens up about his off-season training and how he&#8217;s constantly working on improving his golf swing and overall performance. He also discusses the critical role of fitness and nutrition in his career, and how it contributes to his performance on the course. Finally, Dylan reveals his love for golf literature, his dream celebrity foursomes, and bucket list golf courses, as well as sharing some invaluable advice for success. So whether you&#8217;re a golf enthusiast or just love a good success story, this episode with Dylan Wu is one you don&#8217;t want to miss. Main Topics (00:03) Interview With Dylan Wu PGA Tour golfer Dylan Wu shares his journey, experiences, and support system, including his brother as his caddy and first tour win. (13:46) Learning From Failure in Golf Professional golfer&#8217;s experiences on Korn Ferry and PGA Tour, learning from failures, visualizations, and differences in competition level. (17:49) Golf Conditions and Tour Travel Changes PGA Tour vs. Korn Ferry Tour: Course conditions, competition level, travel logistics, and upcoming schedule changes for professional golfers. (28:24) Improving Golf Swing and Performance Off-season training for professional golfers focuses on improving mobility, posture, and swing changes, while also mastering skills for tournament performance. (34:26) Playing Golf Golfers of varying skill levels discuss swing thoughts, visualizing shots, and practicing effectively on the course. (46:01) Fitness and Nutrition in Golf Importance Fitness, nutrition, and mental benefits in golf, including MyFitnessPal app, warm-up exercises, and preference for Caddyshack. (52:54) Book Recommendations and Dream Golf Courses Professional golfer Dylan Wu recommends books on the mental side of golf, shares dream celebrity foursome and discusses bucket list golf courses and favorite golf shoes. (01:00:39) The Key to Success
Dec 12, 2023
1 hr 2 min
359. Eric Schaetty: Harnessing the Power of Consistency over Motivation in Golf and Fitness
Guest: Eric Schaetty (Schaetty Strength &amp; Fitness)Host: Jeff PelizzaroEpisode Number: 359Podcast: The 18STRONG PodcastPartners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm Summary Welcome to another exciting installment of the 18STRONG Podcast, where we have the pleasure of hosting our good friend Eric Schaettyy from Schaettyy Strength and Fitness. Tune in as we navigate Eric&#8217;s remarkable journey from a 12 handicap to a 4.9 handicap golfer within a year, highlighting his background in the fitness industry and his unique training approach tailored for golfers. Discover how his passion for fitness and golf influenced his professional world and led him to work with more golfers. Get ready to immerse yourself in a discussion about the intersection of golf, fitness, and sobriety. Eric shares how golf has become a therapeutic outlet for one participant who has been sober for 12 years. We also stress the power of consistency in achieving fitness goals and highlight the strong friendships formed within our community. Later, we explore the significance of strength and balance training in golf, and how these elements enhance the overall movement in the swing. Listen as we break down the benefits of walking and consistency in fitness routines, sharing personal experiences of how simple practices like walking have yielded better results than intense workouts. We share our thoughts on starting small and gradually increasing intensity, as well as the benefits of strength training for overall health and injury prevention. Finally, Eric reveals his bucket list course, Riviera, and recommends following Barbell Medicine on social media. Get inspired as Eric encourages us to start today, emphasizing the importance of seizing the moment rather than waiting for a &#8220;do-over&#8221; in life. This episode is packed with valuable insights that every golfer, fitness enthusiast, or anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being shouldn&#8217;t miss! Main Topics (00:03) Golf Transformation and Fitness Journey Eric Schaetty&#8217;s golf journey from 12 to 4.9 handicap, consistency in fitness and golf, adapting training for golfers, and understanding tendencies on the course. (10:50) Training and Background in Sports Equipment and athletic background shape a golfer&#8217;s swing and success, as seen through a guest&#8217;s experience with a stiffer shaft and background in hockey and martial arts. (19:38) CrossFit, Strength Training, and Fitness Goals Fitness and golf are discussed, emphasizing individual goals and incorporating weightlifting for strength and fat loss. (32:08) Balance and Strength in Golf Training Vertical jumping, lateral rotation, and balance training are crucial for golf fitness and building relationships through the sport. (37:22) The Benefits of Golf in Sobriety Golf, fitness, and sobriety intersect in our community, emphasizing consistency, strong friendships, and the power of walking for physical and mental well-being. (40:16) The Power of Consistency and Walking Nature&#8217;s benefits of walking and consistency in fitness routines, starting small and incorporating strength training for long-term health.
Dec 5, 2023
53 min
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