The 10 Minute Entrepreneur
The 10 Minute Entrepreneur
Sean Castrina
The 10 Minute Entrepreneur is a podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Seasoned serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina shares quick hitting tips to help equip you for success. Both tactical and practical, Sean's advice will help you thrive.
INTERVIEW: Bridgette L. Smith - “Everything I Touch Is Strategic”
Bridgette L. Smith is an award-winning talk show host, three-time CEO and founder, investor, keynote speaker, board advisor, and author.
Feb 2
25 min
INTERVIEW: Kanessa Muluneh - “A Bored Entrepreneur Is A Dangerous Thing!”
From growing up in an immigrant family in a new country, to founding and exiting multiple companies and starting a women’s American Football league in Europe, Kanessa story is fascinating. Her latest company is a fashion brand,   ig:@kanessamuluneh
Feb 1
31 min
INTERVIEW: Philip F. Smith - Put Yourself In The Right Room With The Right People
Philip Smith is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and author who partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark Tank. Phil is an expert in B2B lead generation and is one of the most sought-after consultants, working with over 10,000 clients and counting.
Jan 31
19 min
INTERVIEW: Tay Sweat - Give, Give, Give
Tay Sweat is an 8-figure millionaire, business innovator, investor, and author who has helped thousands of people globally become 6 & 7-figure earners. His story from losing his job, to scaling a personal training business, to investing is inspirational! ig: taysweat
Jan 30
20 min
INTERVIEW: Suzanne Fletcher - Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs
Suzanne Fletcher is the founder and GP of Zelda Ventures, a new investment firm that invests in the next companies of founders whom Suzanne has backed before. x: srftweets
Jan 29
19 min
INTERVIEW: Rudy Mawer - The Importance of Daily Discipline
Rudy is a Celeb Marketer who has built a following of over 1 MILLION and grown 10 companies to millions in revenue. He and Sean talk about how he builds celebrity connection and the habit and psychology that breeds success in business.   ig: @rudymawerlife
Jan 26
21 min
INTERVIEW: Doug Howarth - Hypernomics
Doug is the mind behind Hypernomics Inc. Its cutting-edge software has been developed to analyze markets in four or more dimensions, pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches.
Jan 25
27 min
INTERVIEW: Ryan Renteria - Lead Without Burnout
Ryan is the founder of Stretch Five. His new book, “Lead Without Burnout”  distills his 20 years of experience as an executive coach to CEOs, founders, managing partners / principals, and senior investment professionals.
Jan 24
19 min
INTERVIEW: Antonio Garrido - My Daily Leadership
Antonio is the author of “My Daily Leadership”, a uniquely practical and powerful roadmap designed to ensure that business owners and managers reach their full potential and become the extraordinary leaders their people and company deserve.
Jan 19
18 min
INTERVIEW: Paul Austin - Microdosing For The Professional
Paul F. Austin, author of “Mastering Microdosing”, is a prominent figure in psychedelics, has guided millions to safe and meaningful psychedelic experiences and pioneers the convergence of psychedelics, personal transformation, and professional success. ig: paulaustin3w
Jan 18
15 min
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