That's So Retrograde stephanie simbari elizabeth kott
That's So Retrograde stephanie simbari elizabeth kott
Dear Media, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari
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Seriously one of my fav podcasts!
I love the content these two bring to the mic! I love that they are authentic and every episode is meaningful. Definitely give this one a listen! 🔮🥰🙌🏻
I know you gals are taking a break, but why are your ads so long lately??? It’s ridiculous, it’s like your making air time for all your sponsees at the expense of your listeners, it’s awful!
Stephanie do ur own podcast!!!
Ive been listening since the beginning. These women have opened my mind and helped me become the goddess I am today. They were my “friends” when I was new to a town and had none. So I am grateful! The past two years the podcast has taken a turn and it seemed the girls were more interested in climbing a wellness social ladder, other then having a fun “girlfriend” informed wellness podcast. Everyone on their show now is selling something and Elizabeth seemed really into it. It feels cold and expensive. Once they got rid of roses and thorns... it was the beginning of the end. Im sad to see it go. I hope Stephanie can do another podcast in the future and spread her knowledge and humor. Im sure Elizabeth made enough connections to be a wellness/lifestyle coach to rich people in LA. Not sure I can replace this pod. Best wishes!
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A Sad Day
After years of listening to this pod, I had to unsubscribe today. I cannot listen to Stephanie and her anti-vax options anymore. Still love Elizabeth tho!
I have listened to this podcast for years. Back in the day, I couldn’t get enough. Sadly, all things must come to an end and this pod seems to be on its last leg. Stephanie and Elizabeth have no chemistry anymore, and Stephanie with the anti-vax stuff is so so so disappointing. She seems to have gone off the deep end and it’s really sad. Elizabeth, please go out and do your own thing. Maybe a bravo centric pod? 😊
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cross promotion overload
I love these ladies and used to love this show so much! But lately all the episodes are just interviews with somebody promoting something, or another Dear Media podcaster. The show has definitely lost its fun authenticity. Hoping you babes see this feedback and make some adjustments. Much love Xo
Had to stop listening
This podcast used to be a must-listen for me every week. Over the last year though the quality of the episodes has gone super downhill, and so many of them are just ads. Stephanie has also been rubbing me the wrong way, even before the anti-vax stuff. But the anti-vax is where I draw the line. I’m really sad, because some of the modalities they talked about in the past have been life changing for me, but I haven’t gotten through more than half an episode in a year. If Elizabeth ever goes off on her own I’ll be the first to listen to whatever she does!
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Magic is gone
Listeners can intuitively pick up on the divide and the loss of the chemistry that once made this pod magical.
Moon Boo
Sweet Whimsy and Groundedness
I’ve been listening to these two ladies since 2018 and every time I hear their show, I feel like I’m sitting down to have a conversation with friends I admire. They are the only hosts who can balance fun and whimsy with groundedness and really helpful information. And especially in 2020, this show played an important part of my life. I felt so isolated working from home during the pandemic and their show provided a sense of continuity and love and familiarity in a challenging time. Every week I wait patiently for Thursdays and play the show first thing in the morning. Thank you, ladies, for everything you have done to enrich my life and the life of others. Words will never fully describe how special this show is.
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used to be relevant
I used to really love this show…I looked forward to the new show topics each week. I learned A LOT the first few years… Elizabeth’s inability to see what’s actually happening in the world has left me feeling disenchanted. The guests you had in the past are being censored off social media for spreading wellness alternatives to the main stream media narratives and you turned your back on them. I still dig Steph… love that she found love. Unfortunately I’m just not that interested in Elizabeth’s vapid episodes and opinions any longer.
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bobert 12 lol
Thank you for your bravery ans open and authentic dialogue
So much love and gratitude for Stephanie for her bravery and honesty. The open dialogue from multiple sides is so refreshing and needed. This brought tears to my eyes and made me feel so much less alone as it seems many are afraid to even question the mainstream narrative right now. Please keep the open dialogues coming 🙏🏻
Cardsy B
Unfiltered & Uplifting Girl Talk that Matters
I’ve only recently discovered that’s so retrograde and it’s the down to earth, keep it real unfiltered cool girl talk I didn’t know I needed in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. It’s like tuning into a conversation with your best girlfriends. Psychology, astrological insights, fertility and even an episode with a Doula. Yes please. This weeks gem of an episode hit home, an old interview with the late Guru Jagat. Wisdom, wit and laughter from the archives.
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The Duality
I absolutely adore these two!! During this (covid-day) tumultuous reality, Stephanie and Elizabeth do an incredible job sharing current events with, oftentimes, different perspectives. They sometimes share two sides of the coin while respectfully disagreeing with the other, and that’s exactly the kind of authority we need leading these conversations. TSR is my #1 show to tune into regarding health and wellness, expansion, exploration and everything else they share with us with the duality of depth and a light-hearted nature. Highly recommend :)
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so good!!!
love these women and what they have to share. super inspiring. cbd episode is a great place to start 💜 i absolutely love their dialogue and honesty. i know every episode i’ll learn something and laugh!
Bless Steph
I want to shout out my girl Steph Simabari for being a real one! She is speaking her truth on subjects that many people would rather avoid at a time like this than ruffle anyone's feathers who may not necessarily "agree with them". It's people like Steph who are really making a difference with having a large platform to share insightful knowledge and allow people resources to do their own research. I really appreciate how Steph shares her perspective in a neutral and unbiased approach in regards to the Vaccines, her thoughts on what's going on, and her wealth of knowledge in recommendations for supplements and different ways to support and strengthen your immune system - especially during these uncertain times. WHAT WE PUT INTO OUR BODIES MATTER. I mean, this is a WELLNESS Podcast hello lol. If we are so adamant of what we put into our bodies, like checking the ingredients at the grocery store to make sure its organic, or checking the ingredients to see what's in our beauty products, don't you think it should be valid and fair to want to know the ingredients of an experimental non FDA approved vaccine? And if you feel that it doesn't align at this time, shouldn't you be able to speak about this without being targeted? We must heal ourselves from the inside and Steph and Elizabeth have been speaking about this since 2015. The fact of the matter is if we can't even allow for humanity to have this open dialogue without all the tyrannical censoring going on, and backlash of "friends" cancelling "friends", how are we going to evolve together and bring more compassion into the world? We have to start having these uncomfortable conversations. I stand for my body my choice, I stand for educating ourselves, I stand for freedom, I stand for being kind to others and protecting the vulnerable, I stand for thinking critically. I feel this energy from Steph and have so much love and appreciation for her. That is what a role model looks like. They emody wisdom but do not force it upon others. They stand for love and neutrality. They do not cancel someone else for having a different opinion. We can all coexist and share our different perspectives. How boring would it be if we all thought the same? Calling others "Anti-Vax" or "Pro-Vax" is just yet another form of labeling and putting people into boxes which causes further separation. This is what the media is trying to do. So I thank you Steph for seeing through the veils and sharing valuable information and resources during a time that is so important. I first found the magical podcast that is That's So Retrograde in 2016 and I instantly fell in love. Steph and Elizabeth were speaking my language and changing my life - literally the episode with Guru Jagat led me to RaMa which is where I found Kundalini Yoga and a whole community back in 2018. Life is so synchronistic in this way. Thank you for the beautiful tribute episode with Guru Jagat. May we all embrace this quote by her. “May the Punk Rock, Constant Questioner, Rebel with a Cause, immediate Intellectual, Community Organizer, GrassRooter, Boot Strapper, Warrior, Winner, Victor, Real Friend, Enlightened Leader, & Don't Stop til you Drop Ethos keep you.”
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Thank you for speaking up 🙏
Hi Stephanie & Elizabeth. I wanted to post a HUGE thank you for what you have been sharing recently regarding the pandemic and vaccinations. It has felt scary to want to trust my gut but feel like the rest of the world doesn’t support that. Seeing your posts on social media and listening to your open and honest conversations has given me hope and helped me to feel like I’m not alone. We need to continue having these conversations. We need to continue questioning the system(s) rather than shaming one another, and I appreciate you all for doing just that!!! Your voices need to continue to be heard, and I am so grateful they have made their way to my ears! Thank you for reminding us that spirituality matters and that we need to continue to deeply love and respect each other! So much love and gratitude to TSR 💗🦋
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Stephanie’s Critical Thinking 💕
I’m writing this review to expand upon Stephanie’s points regarding the Covid vaccine. To be hesitant for ONE vaccine that hasn’t even finished clinical trials is NOT to be “anti vax” as a whole label. We need stop being so divisive and respect the fact that we all deserve the right to decide what substances are injected into our one body we have for this lifetime. If someone is thinking critically for themselves and hitting pause as opposed to following the status quo without question, that simply signifies their level of analytical thinking and indicates they have questions yet to be answered. Everyone needs to respect the autonomy of others, respect a human’s RIGHT to choose for their own body. Stop coming down on Stephanie and her views when she is expressing with love and respect and honestly is representing what a lot of other people are feeling. You do you and let others do the same.
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Used to Be Better
I've been a TSR listener since the beginning and I can't put my finger on when exactly it started to change. The episodes are shorter now and filled with advertisements that leave it with about 20 minutes of time with the actual guest. That's not enough time to get anywhere beyond surface level. I miss the actual conversations.
All thorns, no roses
I used to love this podcast, but almost every episode is an ad for a Dear Media sponsor or podcast host. It’s getting so boring and quite frankly, these products are not attainable for a lot of your listeners. But the worst of it is the constant anti-vax rhetoric from one of the hosts. How is that promoting wellness? The other host obviously disagrees and the rift is uncomfortable and palpalable. And don’t get me started on the idolization of Q-adjacent and known abusers… Ok, here’s a rose: Elizabeth’s episode with Danny. It was such a delight and brought such levity and fun to a podcast that’s gotten stale and kind of depressing in this new age.
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Just started listening
I’m jumping around hoping their song changed but it’s painful to listen to, I always fast forward through it. the other podcasts I listen to have a lovely intro. That’s soothing or gets you pumped, this tune is like nails on a chalkboard and you can’t understand what the lyrics are. also the roses and thorns piece could go they barely do thorns. I’d love to hear more about their backgrounds - jobs where they grew up and if their only job is podcasting now? More about their personal lives similar to almost 30. Sometimes the audio for the guest is low and the girls audio is so loud it’s a hard balance when listening. Would love links in the app of the podcast to the guests. Also they sometimes promote toxic products so take heed when following their advice- a lot of things they recommend have harsh, toxic chemicals in them
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“Wellness” is code for massive privilege
Had to unsubscribe after the latest episode. Can’t relate to humans who push a $500 sweat blanket under the guise of “wellness” for an hour. Lots of diet culture buzz words here beware…”detox,” “toxins,” “anti inflammatory,”…🙄 do better
Funny, heartfelt and informative
It’s my weekly listening ritual. Always keeping a list of products they recommend and useful information. Kinda my only link to the world beyond going to work. Thank you forever baby ladies!
so many Sarahs
Love it.
Every week I learn and take comfort from that’s so retrograde. It’s a true rose in the podcast world. The show explores a variety of topics and has opened my mind to health, mindfulness, and wellness. Big thanks to the that’s so retrograde team and all of their guest.
sweet annie marie
Keep your crazy Stephanie
The good thing about 2020 was I got really clear on what I value and what can leave my life. Leaving: podcasts with self-absorbed not-so-much anti-vaxx experts who completely ignore the reality of the world. There are millions of people in the developing world that would stand in line for a week for a Covid vaccine. The privilege and ignorance of anti-vaccine Americans is obscene and I don’t want it in my ears anymore.
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love this shihhh
Stephanie and Elizabeth are awesome and I would probably do anything they told me. is that cultish? i don’t know. if so i want in. i’m 22 so you guys are really hip!!!
Katy baker
TSR brings me joy!
I love the chemistry between Stephanie & Elizabeth. I always find myself laughing out loud and also nodding my head in agreement during their intros because I can relate to a lot of what they share. Every episode I know I’m going to learn something new. It’s the perfect podcast for all generations, honestly. Relatable and entertaining. Happy they’re back in person and reunited!
Amazing Podcast!
I recently discovered this podcast and am in LOVE! The hosts, Stephanie and Elizabeth, always have conversations about interesting topics that I love as a young adult. They are always such a joy to listen to, I look forward to listening to this podcast on my daily walks! Xoxo
Love this podcast, but can we PLEASE stop using the word “retarded”.....
Too many ads
I really enjoy the show but I have to tap out — I cannot take all the commercials.
My Favorite Podcast
I’ve been listening to TSR for years and it keeps getting better! Elizabeth and Stephanie feel like my virtual best friends. I always finish the podcast feeling inspired and curious to learn more...and laughing/smiling.
Low vibration drivel. Tired of the incessant, boring chatter. Do better!
a good girlll
Not a terrible show but..
Not a terrible show, but I found myself getting annoyed because everyone interrupts one another. Some of the sound was mediocre too.
Relatable and informative
We joke that here in the Midwest we get everything 10 years behind the West Coast trends. Happy to have you bridging that gap in the energetic/intuitive/clean beauty/wellness game. I like to listen to you guys banter when I miss hanging out with my friends in this distanced era, feels like my kitchen is full of girls night chatter. Thanks for being true to yourselves and letting me grow with you! PS I recently got my Aavrani in the mail and I LOVE it. It’s refreshing to know you’ve vetted the products you feature.
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I discovered that’s so retrograde after listening to them on the skinny confidential podcast way back when and omg they are a god send. Their content is just my cup of tea & I’m absolutely in love with the guests they bring on to the show like Remington & Ambi. I love listening to these 2 gals who also reminds me a lot about me (taurus) and my sister (scorpio) lol. Keep the podcasts coming!!
Trisha from Plant Awareness
These gals have the best guests
Elizabeth and Stephanie have wonderful choices in their guests. They have great questions and I enjoy their banter. They have introduced me to quite a number of holistic healers I would never know. I’m always excited to hear what they have to say about wellness and being healthy.
Trying again
Trying this pod again after leaving for a while. I love a lot of the conversations but it’s annoying to push products or people’s services that are out of reach for a lot of listeners. They also talk a lot about living in LA which makes it obvious that they’re not actually from LA.
Long time listener, first time unsubscriber.
After listening to this podcast for years, I stopped 5 minutes into the latest episode and unsubscribed. Since going to “Dear Media”, it’s become a constant product push filled with ads. I don’t know why I bother writing a review, because the hosts defensively downplay any critic or feedback that doesn’t glow in their favor. I am over listening to their privileged take on consumer-based wellness.
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Come for the content, stay for the laughs
I would have never guessed that a podcast would shift my perspective so much..yet here we are. TSR has become by favorite podcast for learning about new practices, brands (with actually thoughtful sponsors/promo codes), rituals, and for illuminating interviews with the most diverse guests. Elizabeth and Stephanie know how to deliver eye opening (/ear opening?) content and make it approachable and humorous- this is what makes TSR such a joy to listen to every week. Thank you two for being you!
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Love TSR!!
I’ve been listening to That’s So Retrograde for about 8 months or so and I can’t get enough. Great topics and guests. I’m always so intrigued by everything they discuss and it’s such a great mix of important issues, health and wellness, and spiritual life. I haven’t found anything else like it. ❤️
Lady babies make ‘wellness’ fun
I’ve loved TSR for years now. Stephanie & Elizabeth are always so informative, relatable, & fun to listen to. I’ve learned so much about topics that are out of the mainstream, at least here in South Carolina. My life has been infinitely elevated by listening to these lady babies <3
Sandy Kay 1984
Favorite Podcast!
This podcast is my go to for all things health and wellness. I look forward to the weekly recommendations of products as well as the guests. I’ve learned so much and it is truly a weekly treat! Thank you for all you do.
It’s creepy but I feel like they’re my friends
These ladies are hilarious and most definitely real with their audience. I’ve enjoyed listening to their most recent podcast featuring CardsyB. She is a beautiful light and always on point with her readings. Love and light ladies! Each of you are amazing humans. ✨❤️
Get by with a little help from my friends!
I’ve been listening religiously for about two years and honestly I feel like Elizabeth and Steph are my friends or rather the sisters I never had! They say the things you’re thinking but haven’t had the courage to say out loud and they have a hugeeeee network of healers and helpers that have helped to transform my life! I wasn’t a podcast girl until I started listening to them and I looked forward to a new episode every week! Also their curated ads are much appreciated I trust their selection and have been introduced to some of my fave things because of them!
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Best part of my week!
Stephanie and Elizabeth have great on-air chemistry, and I love hearing from the guests they have on - especially recommend the episodes with Alisa Vitti! The main content is awesome, but I also appreciate each week’s Roses and Thorns - I’ve discovered a ton of new products and resources from those segments. Thank you!
My favorite
I look forward to this podcast every week. These ladies are into everything I’m into and ask all the right questions. Can’t get enough of roses and thorns too 👏🏼
Stephanie is so funny
Elizabeth and Stephanie are my favorite! Such a value add podcast and might I add Stephanie is super funny.
Too many ads!
Long time listener, first time reviewer. I used to love this podcast, but the ads have gotten to be overkill. In a 30 minute episode, I forwarded through nearly 15 minutes of ads. As much as I love listening to these ladies, I tend to reach for other podcasts that provide a better listening experience and aren’t constantly marketing to me.
Love them but....
I have been a fan of the show since the very beginning. I met both Stephanie and Elizabeth at the Four Moons Spa in California. Love them both to pieces but one main issue I have with this show is the political one sidedness lately. I used to be a liberal socialist but after a conversation with a Fidel Castro survivor and ALOT of research I am now a proud Latina conservative/ libertarian with some liberal views. Please stop listening to the echo chamber and do real research before isolating listeners, especially minority ones, due to their free thinking in regards to their political affliction. Thinking YOUR side is correct without looking at all the information on both sides is ignorant. Thought you ladies would be better than that. Let’s get together, not divide.
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Divine Latina
Elizabeth and Stephanie have THE BEST chemistry together. Love their sense of humor and their approach to wellness.
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