That's So Minnesota
That's So Minnesota
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Wonderful stories!
When I first heard about this podcast, I was excited to tune in (proud MN gal), but wary of an anticipated lack of diversity in the stories. Not only did the first episode totally prove me wrong, but it has sucked me in to listen to more. Really, really enjoying this. Great job!
History Lessons!
I really like when you dip into the history of all Minnesota and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Especially how things were back in the day. Keep the stories coming. Nice job Ellery!
A Slice of Home in Trying Times
I’ve been tuning in for a while now, and every episode has sparked my interest. It is a quintessential Minnesota show. This morning as I was sitting here in my house in Germany on Day 17 of lockdown orders, the new show on the State Fair popped up. There I was, drinking my coffee in the middle of Europe while being transported in my mind to the simple pleasures of the MN State Fair. And then the waterworks started. In 5 years of living in and traveling extensively in Europe, counting ourselves lucky that we can show our young children the world, I have never been homesick. This show should come with a warning: known to induce incurable bouts of lust for home. Keep it up!
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The best backstories!
Where else can you meet people who are deeply engaged with Good Food as story-telling, or the 2020 Census, or Wilderness Wolf studies? The reporting is interesting, the atmosphere relaxed and fun! I hope this series continues a long time.
MN Oldster
Good show
Being from MN I can so relate to this and really enjoyed learning more about my home state