Thanks For Giving A Damn
Thanks For Giving A Damn
Otis Gibbs
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Great Podcast!
Fellow Hoosier and music lover. Glad to have found your podcast. This has made my long trips to my cabin in Maine very enjoyable. Thanks for turning me on to you and your friends music. Cheers!
Music man!
Otis, I’ve listen to you since the very beginning. Your podcast far exceeds my expectations of any music related podcast bar none. I still look weekly for a new podcast. I miss you greatly. I go back and listen to each and every podcast over and over. There’s always something new each time. I listen anxiously waiting for the next podcast. You are the man! Thanks for each and every story. I anxiously await the next await adventure.
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Jacques bustiers
Within Moments of First Hearing You, I just said, “Oh My, Where Has This Cowboy Been?” I won’t Stop Breathing till I Hear Everything! Keep Playing Kind Soul.
Story teller extraordinaire
I subscribed to this podcast because I was interested in music, but what really got me hooked is Otis’s storytelling.
I so enjoy it when Otis releases music, shares his writing and pictures, and hosts this podcast. It’s all rewarding.
Mick Messer
I really enjoy your show. Thank you for sharing these great stories.
Great to hear your voice again!
Love your storytelling. ❤️
Missed ya Otis!!!
I paint houses for a living and when I see you’ve posted something new....I GRIN FROM EAR TO EAR!!! Loved listening to your new songs. Especially the one about your dads chopper!! Bulldog Bowen
Bulldog Bowen
A great blend of interesting stories and guests!
Great Road Trip
Just moved my daughter from Nashville to Arkansas, and you made the 8 hr drive fly listening to the great episodes on John Prine, the McCartneys in Nashville and more. Love your stuff - thanks
dj slomo
Good to have you back!
I have really missed your podcast. Can't wait to buy your new CD. Dante Ganzini
Dante Ganzini
A Pleasure to Listen To!
This podcast has a great feel and is a very enjoyable listen!
The real thing
I appreciate the quality of the guests and the host’s apparent gift for getting the stories flowing. Otis doesn’t interrupt or engage in competitive conversation, instead he just steps back and lets the soul and wit of these cool people pour out.
Tom Taj
Spimply the best
I really enjoy this format were the gest does 95% of the speaking/storytelling. This allows us to see music artists from a first hand prospective.
Better late than never. Not sure how I missed Otis’ music AND his podcast, but I’m so glad to have stumbled across it. The show is so compelling and engaging I just can’t stop listening to one show after another. Thank you, Otis!
Great Podcast
Great Show
Rock N Roll Casey
Good but....
Sound effects are annoying and if you listen to a few in a row, so is the intro. Close to being great though.
Interesting podcast
Although this podcast does not have a regular schedule so sometimes there are no new episodes for many weeks at a time the podcasts are interesting (especially if you are a music fan)
Stumbled on a winner!
Great stories filled with humor and insight. Mining the same territory as Gladwell and Rick Rubin on Broken Records, but not a bit pretentious. The best thing Otis does is stay out of the way of the storyteller. The antithesis of Marc Maron!
Listen Up
Jason Ringenberg, Kenny Vaughn, Ray Wylie, so many good stories.
A wonderful way to spend some time!
It’s like sitting around and listening to your good friends banter back and forth. Otis asks great questions, when he needs to, but mostly he let’s the natural storytelling skills of his guests take center stage. I always have a smile on my face after listening.
Great find!
Searching for Todd Snider shenanigans and stumbled upon this gem of a podcast. Thanks for the good listens.
Listening T
Really great music podcast!!! A must have for any real music fan, and very educational too!!!!!
frank bite
Andy Reiss interview
I really enjoyed the stories. He's a great player and very humble. I've seen him with The Time Jumpers several times......check them out live in Nashville on Monday nights.
Stories R Us!
Otis excels at drawing great stories out of his guests, tawdry tales we all suspected were out there, but just hadn’t heard yet! Thanks, Otis!
Such an amazing podcaster
I am a huge fan of singer/songwriters, I’ve heard of Otis Gibbs but never knew much about him, started following him on social media then came across this astounding podcast, such a vast array of songwriters and musicians, some of which I’m familiar with and others I’ve never heard of but am a fan of them now! Thank you Otis for exposing me to your wonderful world
Incredibly engaging and always entertaining. Just fantastic
Crash Courses in Making Music for a Living
Wow. I can’t remember learning more about the endless and interconnected experience of creating and devouring music in all it’s forms than I do with Otis and his guests. Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt had breakfast together once?! John Lomax did his first field recordings with a giant recording horn mounted to a horse? You are the man Otis. Keep on keeping on!!
John Wellborn Root
Better late then never
So glad I found this great podcast, thanks Otis!
Learn and Enjoy
Love the show. It's gotten me through many a drive through the vast emptiness of the upper Midwest. Great conversations, and you can learn a thing or two about music and musicians, too, mixed in with the occasional profundity from Mr. Gibbs.
Joseph Giuseppe
Down to earth fascinating storytelling. If you love music , culture, and history. This is the pod cast for you. Told in a warm humble atmosphere. ❤️
georgie 303
The deep details
I had just left a Delbert McClinton concert and was looking for something about him on a podcast and found Otis. Just a great couple shows. Kept looking deeper and kept finding more, Ray Wylie, and now Webb and even Amy LaVere who I thought was just a Memphis secret. Seems I showed up a bit late to this podcast - hope it isn't all done.
Thoroughly enjoyable
Great guests and fantastic stories. Otis humbly makes it all about the guest - he edits so tightly he’s barely in the episode. But there’s no doubt he’s pulling out the very best in the conversation. A respected touring artist in his own right, he’s every bit a peer of the people he’s talking with. The result is the experience of listening and laughing (literally out loud, which is pretty rare for me listening to a podcast) to colorful characters telling stories about even more colorful characters. Check out the episode list - if you have even just a passing interest in anyone listed as a guest or a topic, give it a try. You’ll wind up listening to a lot more. Thanks for doing this, Otis.
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Otis Gibbs is a national treasure
Absolutely love this show. This stories are important! Thank you Otis for getting these recorded. I’m so glad I found this. So tired of listening to garbage depressing news on the radio. This is actually filled with realness. Stuff that matters.
Real deal!
Otis Gibbs travels the world playing fantastic music. Stopping off along the way to interview people in all realms of the music world. Bringing to life stories from some of our most famous and infamous and overlooked artists. Ranging from studio sessions, tours, gear and maybe even a favorite T-shirt ha! He’s the real deal. An honest musician doing honest stories on his own time, and dime. Best music podcast in my opinion. Thanks for your hard work Otis!
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Johnny Mags
Very enjoyable
Very enjoyable, laid back podcast. Great conversations, and not overly long (30-40 minutes).
Perfect background info
Love all the cool background info on the artists. I’ve learned so much and enjoyed it all. Otis should do a show on Sirus or MPR like this. Thanks Otis
Thanks Otis!
Finally! A show that features the artists that I love to listen to. I appreciate your style of conducting an interview. Just plain conversation. Honest give and take. I look froward to each episode and whatever funny tale from the road or East Nashville you're sharing that day. Kepp 'em Comin', Robbie P.S.- Try to make your way up to Sellersville Theatre here in PA.
Best Roots Podcast Ever
I love this show! Otis has the heart and knows the history. Knows which questions to ask and then, mercifully, gets out of the way to allow his guest time to stretch out. Whether he’s talking to Johnny Cash’s drummer or Todd Snider high on mushrooms or a music history expert, the conversations are fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Shazzbot 78
SO Good!
Love to hear the stories of "the road". I am hooked!
Consider me inspired
As I sit here in the kitchen of my ex future mother in law I can’t help but wonder where this dusty road will take me. My fingers are just about about chewed to the bone from nervous onslaught. I’ve never written a review for a podcast let alone much else but for some reason this just makes sense right now. Otis is doing this right. I’ve had an awful night but after cruising through a couple of episodes I kinda feel like my feet are beneath me again. A sincere and kind thanks to Otis and his guests for keeping things sound and ground
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cody 'dirty ode' green
Thanks Otis!
I love this podcast! As an aspiring songwriter and banjo/guitar player, these podcasts serve as a very interesting peak behind the curtain. The folks that join Mr. Gibbs in “giving a damn” are always entertaining! A big tip of the hat to ya, Otis, for putting all of these together!
Dan Baird on Otis Gibbs
Great stuff from beginning to end!
Just finished you 50th episode!
Thanks for this amazing podcast!! I have about an hour and a half commute each way and now I wish it were longer! I have enjoyed the stories, the musical history, and the very genuine and authentic voice that Otis supplies. The peppered references to so many of my musical heroes is so very cool. Also the visuals created about the East Nasville scene are amazing, particularly the stories of great artists like John Prine. If you enjoy hearing musicians casually talking about music and other musicians, telling road stories and learning how the became the people they are today, this podcast is for you!
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Brian from Pittsburgh
Best music podcast
I love this show. It’s like sitting down with Otis as he tells wonderful stories about music and the musicians who make it. I have discovered so much great music through Otis, and I love his music too!
Wanamaker's Favorite Son
Even if I'm unaware of the subject for the show, I know I'll find it interesting. Like hearing about Paul McCartney's trip to Nashville. I love that kinda stuff. And I too will drive for hours to see the off the beaten path "American roadside attractions"!!!
Well done
I’m hooked ! Thank you Otis
Look forward to every episode
Otis’ interview style is one of the best of all the podcasts I regularly listen to. His guests are always interesting with great nuggets of information for students of music like myself. It’s always a great day when a new podcast drops!
This went ot the top of my list
After I found Otis Gibbs' podcast I immediatly went back to start at his beginning. I only have about 140 more! Great, great stuff!
It is dangerous for me to listen to these podcasts because it makes me feel like me and Otis are buds. I'm so disappointed when the end of the podcast comes and I realize I'm not sitting around visiting with him over a glass of something in a mason jar, plucking on my 12 string guitar.
John Fevre
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