Thank You for Spieling podcast
Thank You for Spieling podcast
Eric Scull
Episode 4 - COVID-19 Close-Up
1 hour 22 minutes Posted Jul 23, 2020 at 4:40 am.
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Show notes

The Doctor is in. My friend, Angela Kuras, DNP joins this episode of TYFS to discuss her real, lived-in experiences with COVID-19 in her capacity as CRNA working in an ICU during Chicago's first wave of Coronavirus. A lot of acronyms, but we do our best to break them all down. What you'll find on this episode is a discussion on what members of the medical profession have experienced these last four months, what symptoms as well as lasting effects a Covid diagnosis will bring, and regrettably, accounts of how some patients spent their final days. Angela offers practical advice for preventing the spread of the virus as well as preparing yourself and your loved ones as best as possible for this horrible virus.

CONTENT WARNING: Due to the subject matter, which I feel is highly relevant to all listeners, I am placing a trigger/content warning on this episode. My guest and I talk very really about death in ways that make me reflect on my own mortality, and while that's never fun, I'm proud of the discussion that we were able to have.

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