Thank You for Spieling podcast
Thank You for Spieling podcast
Eric Scull
Episode 2 - Happy Birthday America, and Also Caleb
1 hour 33 minutes Posted Jul 4, 2020 at 9:14 am.
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Show notes

In this episode, one of my guests has a birthday coming up and another guest has COVID-19 antibodies! Neither of those facts was known when I first asked them to join me to talk about how THIS Fourth of July, I'm as unexcited as I've ever been to celebrate America.

We discuss as a group what 4th of July meant to us as children, the thoughts and ideals we learned back when and how reality has slowly peeled away to reveal an America that is divided, oppressive and largely uneducated.

If you, too, are feeling a little lackluster about this National Holiday, feel free to plug in and hear some really intelligent guests chat with me and commiserate.

This episode's guests:

Caleb Woods, author of "Harnessing Darkness: Expressing Mental Illness Through Poetry"

Julianna Coughlin, cohost of "PuffCast the Podcast


Content warning: During the course of the episode, the topic of the crime of rape comes up twice. Please use caution while listening if this topic is harmful to your mental well being.

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