Tha Rock is Hot
Tha Rock is Hot
Tha Rock is Hot
Hush and Kia talk basketball from a big house with long hallways that's got 10 bathrooms.
Timberwolves vs Nuggets, Suns not breaking up, the Cavaliers present and future
Hashir and Kia make locks of predictions for the Pacers and an 0-3 team, then preview the WCSF matchup we presume, then discuss whether the Suns Big 3 (swept in round 1!) should stick it out, and what's good with the present and TANTALIZING futures of Cleveland and Orlando
Apr 29
48 min
Why These are the BEST Playoffs
Hush and Kia go over the Playoffs so far: storylines, why teams have over performed, the true meaning of a gentleman sweep and much more
Apr 24
57 min
The Most BORING NBA Storylines
There’s so much exciting stuff happening the NBA that sometimes you just gotta take a look at the stuff we take for granted. Are the Celtics unstoppable? Who should be excited for the 2024 draft? Can anyone in the west beat the Nuggets? All this and more discussed
Mar 4
46 min
BRUCE BROWN traded to Raptors with KIRA LEWIS, Pascal Siakam's salary to the Pacers
Pacers receive Pascal Siakam Pelicans second-round pick 2026 Raptors receive Pacers 2024 FRP Least favorable of Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, Jazz 2024 FRP Pacers 2026 FRP Bruce Brown Jordan Nwora Pelicans receive Getting below the tax line lmfao Brought to you by The Dyspatch Twitters Hush Kia The Dyspatch
Jan 17
37 min
Fraud or Naw(d)? Knicks, Bulls, Wolves, Magic, Thunder
Assessing expectations based on recent play for five teams across the gamut of competitiveness. What's a flash in the pan, who's built for April, May, and June? Tha Rock is Hot is brought to you by The Dyspatch Hosted by Hush and Kia
Jan 11
53 min
Tournament Thoughts with FIRST GUEST
In the first ever guest episode of Tha Rock is Hot, Kia and Parmvir go through the entire In Season Tournament so far, what can change for the future, and what we’ve learned
Dec 7, 2023
58 min
Anatomy of the Top 2 Offenses, Defenses, and Net Ratings
Hold the masculine yet shea-buttered, bulky hands of Hush and Kia as they walk through the Small Sample Size (SSS) takeaways of what has worked for all the best teams so far and both sides of the ball. The offenses of the Pacers and Mavericks, the defenses of the Timberwolves and Knicks, the domination of the Celtics and 76ers.
Nov 8, 2023
1 hr 1 min
How Smart Are The Masses?
After unveiling an exciting new segment for the podcast, Hush and Kia revisit some popular preseason takes after one week into the NBA season to decide if they still agree with these takes or have switched up
Oct 30, 2023
1 hr
Entire Season Preview via 18 Fake Awards
Everything from Most Improved Sophomore, to Comeback Player of the Year, to Role Player of the Year, to biggest Regular Season Showers and Postseason Growers, to the 30th ranked offense and defense, to SIX first-time All-Stars each (an average number surprisingly), to leaders of every stat category. Crown jewels of the season's Signature Player and Most Magical Individual Campaign. And more. The premier 75 minutes in basketball audio. Link to last year's episode, where Hush and Kia got everything right
Oct 25, 2023
1 hr 15 min
8 BOLDEST Predictions for the NBA Season
The NBA season starts TODAY so Hush and Kia each give their 4 boldest predictions for what will happen over the next 8 months
Oct 23, 2023
1 hr 1 min
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