Test Drive - The Global Progressive Psy Radio Show
Test Drive - The Global Progressive Psy Radio Show
Rob Mendoza
Every week I bring you some of the best progressive psytrance out there and interview the producers that bring us this exciting music. From time to time there may be a tech-trance/uplifting edition to spice things up a bit as I love this genre as well.
Test Drive Episode #34
Back in business with our usual fare of Progressive Psytrance! Thanks for the support people! Tracklist: 1)Jiser - Travelling 2)Liquid Soul - P.L.U.R. (Suduaya Remix) 3)Atacama - The Cosmos Grace 4)Neelix - Reflect 5)Indianix - Revolved 6)Hi Profile - Machines In Heaven (Micky Noise rmx) 7)Two Faces - I Want Something New 8)U-Recken - Clouds Of Smoke Twitter: @robmendozacr Facebook: www.facebook.com/djrobmendozacr Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Nov 18, 2015
32 min
Test Drive Episode #033
Thank you for your patience guys but we are back on business this week with another dose of progressive psytrance! I'll be having a blast at www.existdancefestival.com this weekend so expect a new show on Monday. Prog on! Tracklist: 1)Terapeutica - Spring Flowers 2)Altea, Physis - New Generation 3)Rishi - Stuck In Movement 4)Dual Resonance - Hydrogen 5)Ilai - Drawing Electric Storms 6)Hi Profile, D-Twin - Frames Of Black 7)Kingpink - Keymaker 8)Dual Resonance-Burning Motion 9)Mars Attack - Hoho
Nov 11, 2015
31 min
Test Drive Episode #032
We are back with another dose of progressive psytrance!Thank you so much for the support and have a great week. Check out www.existdancefestival.com as this is a Festival here in Costa Rica that promises great things for electronic music and psytrance. Tracklist: 1)Cymatics-Precious moments 2)Krama, Normalize-Dust Maker 3)Liquid Soul-Devotion (Ace Ventura rmx) 4)Solar Spectrum-Tranceformation 5)Angel Esteban, Lupin-Music Genesis 6)Moon Tripper-Abundance (Original Mix) 7)Darma, Ace Ventura-AcidBro 8)Vandeta-Cosmic Archeology 9)Sideform-Angaraka (Solaris Vibe rmx)
Oct 25, 2015
33 min
Test Drive Episode #031 Tech Trance Edition
It is that time of the month again where we switch gears and we go tech trance. Almost 40 minutes of energetic tunes for all of you. Thank you for your support! Tracklist: 1)Phil Taylor - Locked Up(Original Mix) 2)Paul Denton - Protocol(Original Mix) 3)Nick Callaghan - DFRNT(Original Mix) 4)Orkidea - Redemption (Tempo Giusto Remix) 5)Matt Bowdidge - Sasquatch(Original Mix) 6)Standerwick - Dark Matter (Original Mix) 7)Kaimo K - Mayhem(Paul Denton Remix) 8)David Forbes - Jetpack (Original Mix) 9)Akira Kayosa - Something Else(Original Mix) Twitter: @robmendozacr Email: rjmendoza18@live.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/djrobmendozacr
Oct 12, 2015
37 min
Test Drive Episode #030
30 episodes of Test Drive and a new record in downloads...thank you so much to each and everyone of you! Let's celebrate with a very energetic progressive psytrance set that will get your feet tapping in no time, cheers! Tracklist: 1)Amagra - Get Your Hands Up (Original Mix) 2)Ruback - Human Mind (Krama rmx) 3)Gaudium, Bakke - Therapy Comedown 4)Lupin - Robotica 5)Darma, Anatomic - Indica 6)Lifeforms - Alien Product 7)Captain Hook, Astrix - Bungee Jump(Protonica rmx) 8)Jano, Solaris - Pineapple Express Pt.2 Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Oct 5, 2015
31 min
Test Drive Episode #029 "Liquid Edition"
I called it the "Liquid Edition" as there are three tracks by Liquid soul that are featured in the set. He has been an influence in my sets and this is kind of a small tribute to his sound. Enjoy and fly high! Tracklist: 1)Synesthetic, Mr. Suit-If I Stay 2)Alter Nature-Ghosts 3)Liquid Soul-I See the Spirit (Protonica Remix) 4)Liquid Soul, Zyce-Anjuna 5)Mars Attack-Up For It 6)Liquid Soul, DJ Dream - Liquid Dream 7)Funky Dragon-Mellow Monster (Original Mix) 8)Reaky-Through The Cosmos In 7 Minutes (Original Mix) Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Sep 25, 2015
38 min
Test Drive Episode #028
We are back with progressive psytrance and after a fun weekend it is great to have new music for you guys! Thanks for the support! Tracklisting: 1)Aho-Mensajero (Original Mix) 2)Rishi-Tathargatagarbha (Original Mix) 3)Ovnimoon, 3 Access & You-Dream On (Original Mix) 4)Out Now-Ancient City 5)Beyond Within-Deep Field 6)Relativ, V-Society-Enigma 7)NitroDrop-Forgive My Synths (Maitika rmx) 8)Sideform-Angaraka (Solaris Vibe rmx) Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Sep 18, 2015
32 min
Test Drive Episode #027 Tech Edition
We are back with the tech edition for this week and we have a sure fire rumbler for all of you. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1)Miroslav Vrlik - Supersonic (Original Mix) 2)John Askew - Cinnamon (Original Mix) 3)Simon Patterson - Apex (Original Mix) 4)Indecent Noise - Hydra (Original Mix) 5)Stephane Badey - Galactika (Original Mix) 6)Adam Ellis - Culture Vulture (Original Mix) 7)Will Atkinson - Numb the Pain Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Sep 15, 2015
40 min
Test Drive Episode #26
My apologies for being late this week but here we are with another dose of progressive psytrance for your enjoyment. Thanks for your patience and support! Tracklist: 1)Effective, Unicode - Critical Level (Original Mix) 2)Egorythmia - 100 Billion Galaxies 3)Lifeforms - Alien Product 4)Gaudium, Easy Riders - High On Lucy 5)NitroDrop - Full Of Consciousness 6)Yahel, Omiki, Liya - Black Hole (Original Mix) 7)Atacama - Ever-changing River Flow Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Sep 9, 2015
27 min
Test Drive Episode #025 Psytrance Edition
As promised this is the psytrance edition for this week and it is two shows for the price of one ;) Great selection of tracks and it gets heavy metalish in the middle. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1)Egorythmia - 100 Billion Galaxies 2)Helber Gun - Biological Rhythms 3)Digicult - Microcomos(Nerso rmx) 4)Ranji - Power Of Acid 5)Chrizzlix - Walk The Lune(feat. McCoy's S.U.N. Project) 6)Electric Universe - Nebula 7)Liquid Soul - Revolution 8)Acid Syndrome-Common Man(Original Mix) Twitter: @robmendozam Email: rjmendoza18@live.com
Sep 1, 2015
33 min
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