Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris
Ten Percent Happier
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Uplifting !
This is one of my favorite podcasts, and Dan Harris is an excellent interviewer with great guests. I really appreciate his accessible manner and the informative and entertaining way he shares his life journey as a meditation/mindfulness skeptic. Thank you!!
Extremely supportive
One of my favorite podcasts; so uplifting! Very helpful on the meditative journey, in leading a more mindful life, and becoming a happier person. Dan is a great, humorous and personable interviewer and his guests are excellent and inspiring. Thank you!
Excellent podcast!
I have been a listener for a long time and love the high level of daily applicability built into Dan’s interviews, his light hearted and sincere approach and the wide variety of mindfulness topics! Thanks for an excellent podcast!
Issues with nicknames
Episode 523
Best episode to date! I loved the “Beautiful monsters” and “Handshake” approach. This was so helpful to me!
Very Helpful
I find this show so helpful to my journey. There are episodes that impact so much that I reflect on them days after and I can’t help but share them. It’s a great balance of the spiritual and the practical. Thank you for being here.
For me, TPH has been a lifeline and one of the greatest learning opportunities of my life. I found it when my first child was born 2 years ago at the beginning of the pandemic when my anxiety was at a peak and my relationship skills were seriously lacking. By listening, I’ve gained a completely different perspective and approach that feel healthier, more skillful, and more helpful than the way I’ve always operated. Dan is an incredible interviewer and his guests are pure gold. Thank you for this incredible podcast. I’m a loyal and grateful listener.
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Love it!
I’m so grateful to have found Dan’s podcast. His way of helping me to really understand the wisdom of these remarkable teachers is priceless. Thank you!
most listened-to podcast
This is the podcast that I spend the most time listening to. It is almost always very helpful, and even when the topic is not relevant to me, it’s always interesting. The show notes are useful. I often get a book written by the guest after hearing the guest being interviewed by Dan.
Best podcast
I have been listening to this podcast everyday for some time now and I absolutely love everything I learn from it. It is slowly changing my life and helped me get through the darkest days around my Moms passing. Thank you Dan and team for creating such a thoughtful and useful podcast that our world needs now more than ever!🙏VSNinja
Big - and grateful- fan of the podcast
Great topics and guests. I so appreciate the way Dan Harris asks questions and maintains the role of the journalist more than simply an evangelist. Keep doing what you are doing.
Wisdom presented in an engaging way
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, and it is one of my favorites!! Dan Harris is an expert interviewer and he gets the best guests. Listening has helped me to not only improve my meditation practice but also live more mindfully. Thank you Dan & team. 👏🏻
Amy P14
Incredibly interesting and insightful
This podcast is a collection of fascinating conversations with some of the most interesting and insightful people on the planet. Dan is an excellent interviewer, and I appreciate how he summarizes what his guests are saying to make their ideas even more accessible to his audience. I find takeaways both big and small in every episode. Thank you to Dan and the team for creating such a valuable resource.
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It used to be so simple and straightforward to put on one of your podcasts. I feel it has gotten so cumbersome. Not user friendly. Seems like everyone wants to change and update all the time. Sometimes simplicity is best. It just makes me think that even with the best original intentions it’s all about making money.
10% Happier
10% Happier, a great combination of science, philosophy, and real life application. Thank you Dan Harris for daring to share your vulnerability.
Love this Podcast
I can’t get enough! So many good episodes and I can help but replay them all over and over again! Thank you so much for sharing!
The podcast is very uplifting and educational. My favorite are the meditations episodes. Dan offers a variety of meditations that are short but extremely helpful. Keep up the amazing job Dan, I am forever a follower.
Maikel Wong
A really great show that has been helpful in my personal development.
Mouse owl
Every episode has some gem that comes at just the right time!
This was one of the catalyst that changed my life.
Sounds dramatic but listening to this podcast has helped change my life. I am now a daily meditator and listen to the podcast weekly. Thank you Dan and everyone that works at Ten Percent❤️❤️
Excellent and Motivating Resource
I love that this is science-backed, with expert and personable guests. Best of all, it’s extremely accessible even for newbies. After years of trying and failing to develop a mindfulness practice, “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” was the only source that stuck! This has been a life-saver through the past few years. Thanks, Dan!
Long time listener …
I listened for free and did all I could on the app for a whole year and then I was hooked so I paid for a year long membership and the rest is history. I’ve gone through all the courses, read the book, listened to innumerable and very helpful podcasts and try to get that daily meditation offering in, also. It is just an outstanding way to learn what meditation REALLY is and can be.
Just what I needed
I recently found this podcast an am so grateful, not a disciplined meditator, but getting better.
Thank you
Can’t say enough good things about this podcast and the 10% happier movement. The content provided in these episodes are grounding and remind me that I’m not alone on the mindfulness journey. Thank you Dan Harris and team! Keep up the hard work.
Lizzy Smitty
Hands down my favorite podcast!
Dan’s frank and genuinely curious interview style, coupled with the wide range of guests from all walks of life, combine to ensure I always learn something from this insightful, truly empowering podcast. Often I’m prodded to think, inspired to act or engage with my community, or moved to self-reflection because of what I hear. This mighty podcast does a lot of good, all without the self-referential thrust many ‘self-help’ podcasts carry. This is not ‘holier than thou,’ it’s ‘we are all in this together.’ A must listen for anyone trying to be a better person before the clock runs out.
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Thank you!
I have gotten so much from these shows from learning better ways to talk with people with whom I disagree to self love. I am so glad you left the option for people to listen to the full episodes with ads. I have too many subscriptions, and pods that move to fee based apps only end up losing me as a listener, because I just can’t subscribe to everything I like listening to. Dan is great interviewer! I LOVE this podcast!
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Fantastic show!
Love your podcast, Dan!
C Rattat
Most listened to app
I am a yoga & meditation teacher as a wellness teacher to high school students - this podcast provides wonderful and interesting content that I share with my students. Thank you! When I myself am stressed or overwhelmed I practice meditation with Oren Jay Sofer, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and more. Just 10 mins a day can help so much! - DS
Love the new app
Was delighted to explore the new look and feel of the Ten Percent Happier app this morning. They added so many new and helpful and awesome features! You can search meditations by topic or by teacher, it keeps track of your history of meditations, podcasts and courses for easy reference, and it tracks your meditation history with fun graphics. 100 percent worth the money for this app. Bravo, Dan and Jay and team!
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Wow, rsunnie. Where’s your compassion?
A2 weather watcher
About mindfulness but more so ads
Be prepared to have the podcast interrupted with 25% ads, including suddenly an ad for a new podcast on exorcism demons amidst discussing mindfulness (?!) and problematic therapy apps, that I can’t imagine the host would ever promote. It’s just really disappointing and in bad taste - clearly their profit interest is greater than trying to spread the word about the actual content/interviews. It’s especially bad when they follow up a 5 minute meditation with an ad that automatically starts playing.
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Sharon sounds tired
Sharon sounds tired No energy Dan Harris has to keep pulling Sharon to expound. It is unusual how she is giving short answers. I got frustrated listening to how Dan Harris would volley a question to Sharon and she would answer short response which meant Dan Harris had to bring up more ideas to keep conversation going. Sharon was not very engaged. I quit listening. It was painful to hear Dan Harri struggle to keep Sharon talking.
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Insights every episode
This is my favorite podcast. I always learn something valuable for my mindfulness and personal growth journey and love Dan Harris’ approach.
My Go-To Podcast
As I transition myself from a daily habit of using cannabis for more than 30 years, I am slowly trying to build a meditation practice. Ten Percent Happier has given me a foundation of knowledge about the many and varied practices available , and the experts Dan speaks with are very helpful to me. I also greatly appreciate the “mirroring “ he does, putting into his own words what might be a complicated statement for listeners. His own experience of coming to meditation is inspiring. Thanks Dan abd I’m working my way through all the podcasts in the series.
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I am reading 10% Happier and listening to the podcast and it’s the best! I find his take refreshing and funny, and for the first time in my own practice I have found humor in the nature of my mind:)
Best Podcast!
I’ve listened to this podcast for years and it is the best. It is not hyperbole to say that it has significantly and positively made a difference in my life and well-being. If you are interested in mindfulness, contemplative practice or just expanding your thinking around ways to heal and live with greater equanimity and ease, this podcast is the real deal. Dan, TPH team - thank you. It has been cool to listen to you evolve both personally and professionally. You are always on point with your choice of guests, topics, interview style, personal sharing, etc. I’m so much better off for being a loyal listener, you’ve helped me thru some challenging times and I’ve loved how your podcast has been one of my main vehicles for deepening my own spiritual and psychological growth. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!
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Small request
Dan is fantastic, love TPH. One small request: most podcasts list episodes with most recent first. This prevents the (annoying) need to scroll through years of awesome episodes to get to the most recent. Sometimes, I skip an episode because of it. Please help promote calm in one more way by re-ordering. THANKS, TPH team. Really, really great work.
Grateful in Austin
Treasure Chest
You don’t have to be Buddhist or a meditator to get something from this podcast. The guests and topics are always interesting and full of practical and applicable wisdom. Dan Harris is an excellent interviewer to boot.
So good!!!
That title was not very eloquent but I really think there is no reason to complicate here— I simply love this podcast. I feel always a bit better than I was when I finish an episode, and I often learn actual tools to make me…well, happier. Couldn’t recommend it more.
angry feesh
Make time for this
Just when I think I’m too busy to listen to one of these meditations is when I realize I need it the most. Thank you for getting me back on track in such an effective way.
BaBaBaBaBarbara Ann
New to meditation
I am a total newbee to Meditation but I think it might stick because of your podcast. Your voice, sense of humor and no-nonsense are very refreshing. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Daily mindful treats
I listen to this podcast daily religiously as my spiritual exercise! Highly recommend this to anyone in search of being a little happier, healthier and more mindful.
Best Thing
Subscribing to and listening to this podcast has been one of the best things I’ve done for my life.
My “church”
I now consider myself a “Dan Harris Buddhist.” 😄 But seriously, this podcast has done more to improve my life than any therapy, exercise routine, or diet I have tried in the past. Thank you.
KC Davis show was amazing
I’ve enjoyed many of the episodes on TPH but was apparently too “lazy” to provide a review until now 😀. The KC Davis discussion real hit home for me. Even brought me to tears as I had never thought about cleaning as self care. I definitely have that critical voice in my head when I look at my messy home but will work on reframing that after hearing this episode. Great stuff ! Great work as always, Dan!
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If you’re looking for more woke indoctrination, you’ve come to the right podcast.
The dharma in small helpings
Great job, Dan Harris. I was a bit slow to warm up to your show because I kept feeling it was kind of clique-ish. I’m over that nonsense. Now I don’t miss a single conversation. And I’m back on the cushion.
Love this podcast
I listen often and always find the teachings relevant and useful. This podcast keeps my attention on the thinking that matters and makes my world, our world a better place!
Kate....heavy, deep & real
10% Happier Team is 100% Inspiring!
Thanks so much for the wonderful plethora of meaningful and insightful interviews. Dan is a superb host who extracts and reinforces the topic info with grace and humor. I am a novice meditator who has gleaned so many gems from this podcast, and my life is richer as a result.
If the rest of the eps are as good as…
Ep 419 w/ Arthur Brooks… wow. What a fantastic ep for me to start on. It will warrant another listen. I’m looking forward to browsing the 600+ eps and listening to more while I (im)patiently wait for the KC Davis ep to be released. Good stuff, Dan & guests.
Great stuff!
I’m not sure why I waited so long to start listening to this, but better late than never.
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