Ten Laws with East Forest
Ten Laws with East Forest
East Forest
The Ten Laws w/East Forest podcast dives into conversation with creatives, thought leaders, musicians, researchers, dreamers and more (sometimes all of the above) as well as occasion free guided meditations plus rare East Forest musical offerings. Learn more at, eastforest.org.
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Thank you
Thank you for the helpful music and words you bring into this world.
Fantastic podcast! Positive Vibe.
East Forest always brings interesting thoughtful guests and topics to the podcast. Like his original music it’s beautiful hopeful and mind expanding. Thanks
The heart sings forward
I am grateful for this gift.
Fresh and insightful...
As a fellow musician on a spiritual path, for lack of a better term, I recently stumbled across East Forest on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and was immediately drawn into the message and music East Forest has been producing. It's already provided an abundance of insights and inspiration after just a few weeks of listening and would recommend to anyone on a similar wavelength.
Heather Ashe Amara
Sublime strings. Can’t wait for more! Excellent conversation with Heather.
Beautiful and inspiring ✨
Thank you Trevor for sharing this podcast and your spirit with the world! 🙏🏻 I have been listening since the beginning and am always looking forward to the next week. Your podcast also introduced me to Raddha’s ‘Love Service Wisdom’, which quickly became another favorite of mine!! Everything you and Marisa do is lovely and divine, and inspires me everyday on my own path. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💎✨🙌🏼
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Risa Eiseman
Great Podcast
Checked out the Shane Mauss episode and now listening to all of them!
Compelling & Rich
Love the variety of topics and guests. Grounded and profound conversations. Thank you!!!
Soothing and Healing
I love East Forest's podcast. My favorite aspect so far is definitely the meditations! I listen to them daily. I'd been having trouble falling asleep and I started listening to the sleep-time podcasts before bed and I'm having a much better sleep experience. I also love the sound of his voice it's so soothing. It strengthens the sense of saftey within myself. I also love his gentle encouragments during meditation when he asks us to breathe in a certain way for instance and says something like, "good, just like that." It is so nice!
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Kenz with Love
Beyond thankful
I was initially introduced to East Forest through his music and then realized he also had a podcast. He has truly served as a light in the darkness for me during these strange times. I especially enjoy his meditations as they gently guide me to anchor and rest in my own being to remind me that I am unconditional love. Thank you for serving as a lighthouse during these stormy times.
Thank you for your offering.
I truly enjoy most of the interviews but would love for the lengthy intros to be at the end of the podcasts. I just had to fast-forward through 10 minutes (!) of the seemingly never-ending discussion of Ram Dass album -related stuff and show/retreat updates. I guess that’s the price of admission for the free podcast but particularly when listening to the entire catalogue that info is irrelevant and out-of-date and takes away from the enjoyment of being able to dive into the actual conversation. Moving the promotional content to the end would make for a much more enjoyable experience.
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Love love love
East Forest has a podcast?? Whattt? What am I so late to this party? Thoroughly enjoying these conversations (just loved the one with Sophia Rokhlin). Love the topics and his way of interviewing. Thanks so much for doing this!
Our collective consciousness needs more of these podcasts.
Great insight and depth into the spiritual realm. East Forest interviews high vibration beings who support love and compassion for all of humanity—his or her goals and desires are for the greater good of mankind. We truly are what our thoughts consume, so if you want to grow more love, more peace, more compassion, give this podcast some of your attention.
marsig music
Thank you!
A big shout out for doing the work you do! I recently discovered your music, and now this podcast. We are all light posts to one another, thank you for shining brightly. Stay humble, stay real. xoxo
Fascinating Podcast
Interesting and helpful in these times
Thank you East Forest ♥️
Recent listener and very glad I found this podcast!
A gift for your soul
East Forest brings an amazing balance and compassion to every conversation. No matter the guest or the topic I always walk away feeling revived at the deepest level.
All that and then some
East Forest adds something we all need in our lives. An open and honest view with wonderful guest. Thank you!
do it with grace
Very smooth
Great sound quality, well produced beginning to end, very thoughtfully done. I really appreciate this show
Gyan Mudra
Raghu Markus
I loved your talk with Raghu. He is the most knowledgeable person on anything Ram Dass. His stories from the very beginning, until today, are priceless. Your talk helped me to feel even more connected with him, Ram Dass, after his passing. I truly felt the love between you both for him. It was very special. Thank you.
atma jo
Both excited and upset I didn’t find this podcast sooner. Beautiful meditations! Looking forward to diving in these podcasts. Beautiful work.
Karla A Garcia
Awesome Podcast - Can’t wait for the next one!
I’ve been listening to The Ten Laws Podcast from the beginning! Typically listen on my early morning walks and have enough to think about throughout the day and beyond. Thank you for your message Krishna! Keep bringing it! (P.S. come back to the Southeast! Saw you open for Trevor Hall in ATL and was hooked on your music since).
thank you
the word that comes to mind: transformative. 🧡
Fantastic, Insightful, and Humbly Beautiful
If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, start now. East Forest has been a source of sonic beauty and nourishment in my world for a decade now. This podcast carries the intention of all of his endeavors forward, adds depth and context to everything that's been released as part of this journey of his, and provides a crystal clear reflection of the good in his heart, beyond that which shines out through his musical releases. This is how it should be done. Thank you so much, Krishna, for continuing to share your gifts with the world!
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Keep up the great work. Love the podcast and the lessons it holds. Hearing you go over the Ram Dass album was beautiful. Thank you...I needed that
I love your music and the podcast! Thank you! 🙏
Amazing, your podcast is both highly relatable and full of wisdom. Doing your part to help our world
Great show ! It’s hard to find the right words to describe it. Definitely takes my mind to different places ...in a good way! Thank You Much !
Thank you for doing what you do. 💗
Recenty listened to your podcast with Cody...deeply appreciate the beauty of the discussion, the sharing of your journey and Cody's insights. Thank you...
Wind Journeyer
Thank you!
I recently found your podcast which led me to your music. I'm a big fan of Ram Dass's lectures so finding your collaborative album with him was an awesome treat! Love the podcast and looking forward to exploring a lot more of your work!
Artemis of the Nexus
Fulfilling and relaxing
East Forest has such a chill personality with enough sharpness to keep interest and enough grace and softness to keep it relaxing. I absolutely love listening to this podcast!!!!!!
Jimbo jones the galactivator
Love his music, play it all the time during my yoga practice. Really enjoying the podcast so far. Guided meditation was a special treat. Thanks for sharing!
Be derby
Love this aligned podcast
Such an amazing podcast to expand your awareness of yourself and your divine purpose in life. Namaste and keep it up!! 🙏🏻✨💕
What I reach for when I need to fill my soul
Thank you for your grace and effort. What a gorgeous gift you have bestowed upon us. The stories and interviews, people you have chosen to interview feels intentional and exact. Thank you a million times.
Good Medicine
Tracking East Forest along spiritual paths that lead all over everywhere, discovering allies along the way, picking up tools for building a better world and finding our way back home... every episode has been worth every moment of listening, and I am incredibly grateful for the music, soundscapes, artwork, meditations, discussions and all the gifts that East Forest and Friends share through this podcast and connected projects. 11/11 stars.
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“Perfect, perfect!”
I love east forest, his music, and his outlook! Thanks for this, and all you do, to remind us of our true nature. 💚🙏🏻🌏🌌
I really appreciate the authentic conversations that East Forest provides. His interest in connecting with people who have spirited lives to create something from their deep sense of their truth inspires me! I recently went to E.F.’s performance in Portland with my partner, who wasn’t as interested as me in being at the event; however, he and I both left the ceremony of music feeling a lot of joy. I’ve been in training to provide biodynamic Cranial therapy and I have used ‘Music For Mushrooms’ during my sessions and has been a beautiful way to be in the session for me and the person receiving. Thank you East Forest!! :)
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East Forest: a fellow teacher on the path
I met East Forest recently at a Ceremony in Chicago. I found him through Ram Dass and the inner work I've been doing for the past year and a half. He's become a guiding light of the love frequency, a centering energy, and I am infinitely grateful to The Source for his beautiful service. All the love, brother. Your work leaves me full of the Breath, all the time. These podcasts let you see the meticulous master at work. The intent behind them is beautifully focused.
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East Forest
I got to hear you spin a bumping dj set for a yoga class at Barefoot and Free in Michigan. Thank you for the podcasts and helping keep me connected to creativity!
I LOVE your music and your MAGIC
Your music speaks to my soul, and I am so grateful for your offering. I have been utilizing your musical Journeys in my Intuitive Reiki sessions with clients and “I am loving awareness “ has been transformative for myself and my clients when in session along with some of your other pieces of music. I thank you so much for this. 🙏🏻
The cure for PTSD
This podcast has LITERALLY been a life saver.
Special thanks to Marc Lesser for the 2 minutes of mindfulness in addition to the valuable wisdom you shared! Thank you East Forest for prompting a practical experience of the practice.
So interesting...can’t stop listening.
Love hearing your perspective on life and have been binge listening since discovering your podcast. I’m a mechanical engineer so spend most of my days with left brained thinkers. The people you interview are so interesting, your music is so chill and relaxing, and the meditations are great. Keep inspiring others!
One of my favorite podcasts that I look forward to enjoying each week! I greatly appreciate this “new story” East Forest!
Merging spirituality and science
East Forest translates the intangible and abstract ideas of consciousness to practical, scientific, and inspirational ideas. He interviews highly credible and intellectual people and asks the questions that make us think. My favorite podcast yet.
Just discovered this and am enjoying the interviews and raw style exploring the depth of lives that live outside the mainstream and their influences . Thank you for the beautiful meditations, an added bonus with your music! Expanding my consciousness!!
Beautiful & inspiring
Been a big fan of Trevor & his music for a few years now. Love his podcast so much. He has the most interesting guests who share the most amazing information/perspectives. It’s a podcast I have to listen to every single week.
Don’t miss it.
I can’t speak highly enough of this podcast. Trevor is so insightful, and has interesting guests on the podcast. If you’re into listening to conversations that go beyond the surface into consciousness, spirituality, and psychedelics, this is the podcast for you. Trevor also puts out some really great guided meditations. Personally, this podcast is really meaningful as I connect with others on the podcast who have also had profound life changing awakenings while using psychedelics. I love the music, the talks, the meditations, and just listening to Trevor’s insights!
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Trevor ... I GD love you
I just love you so much and you are so magical ••• Be well and travel full I hope I can catch you at ten laws when you come to Oregon 🌲 Keep this up, I love it
freedom ciavarello
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