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i’m late to the party but so glad i found it. it’s great to revisit the books of my youth with fun hosts and guests. the book discussions are lively and the tangents are illuminating. the Lifetime Casteel Event was an especially hilarious run of episodes.
hollee is my mommy uwu
Just found this
After finding this show last week I’ve already binged a dozen episodes. I always loved R. L. Stone books as a kid which is what drew me in but I stayed because these gals are so hilarious! My favorite is when one of them does her funny voice that reminds me of a Vanessa Bayer character from SNL.
Starting at to get old
If they would edit out all of the extra talk and just posted the part they actually talk about the book- these podcasts would be maybe 20 minutes long. I used to truly enjoy listening to them talk about the books that I loved as a child and that’s why I continued to listen all these years but now I find myself FF through so much of the extra, non-necessary chat that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but them. I think I’m almost done with this podcast which is unfortunate.
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Fave podcast.
Best ‘cast ever, but missing Katai being there every week. You two have such great energy balance. Kelly is so ‘extra’ and Lindsay brings that ‘Daria, only she smiles and laughs’ energy. I only really read Stine as a kid (vs. Pike, Duncan, Cusick, Cooney, etc.) so loving! how much Stine you’ve done lately. Keep up the amazing work.
Just cringe
I felt like I was listening to an episode of SNL and that’s not a compliment. I couldn’t even get through the episode. They were trying to be funny, but they were trying too hard.
Offensive Remarks
The end of the Scavenger Hunt episode devolved into a bizarre racist diatribe about how paranoid white people are about the U.S. census. Not what I was expecting from a book review.
Truly a joy
I laugh out loud listening to these ladies. They are insightful and hilarious and have stellar chemistry. They also choose great guests. Listen to this pod, you will not regret! Update: OkWeirdGuy made me guffaw loudly while walking my dog after dark, starting an old woman enjoying her porch swing.
Best Podcast Out There!
I've been a listener for the past couple of years and look forward to each week's episode! Kelly
Love it but
Love love love this podcast and it’s been one of my favorites but recently when it’s the two main hosts they’ve been talking about the books in SUCH a derisive and negative tone that it takes the fun out of it. Kind of crosses over from fun nostalgic satire to just negativity.
khaki karl
Why does everyone think they have a voice for podcasting? One of these women has THE most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. Her natural voice was annoying enough but she’s constantly putting this even more annoying affect to it. You sound like Tana Mongue, and that ain’t a compliment. Stop with the voice affect and your normal voice might be bearable enough to listen.
Farm to table pocket jalapeño dip
If you like laughing until you’re crying while driving to work this is the podcast for you. A great nostalgic dive back into the world of 90s teen pulp fiction. The tangents are my favorite and I look forward to Wednesdays every week.
love it!!! 💖
as much as i love their book rants, i love their random tangents most. every episode is so much fun to hear!!!
Silly and Fun
Came over from Podcast: The Ride. This is a fun reminder of all my junior high reading. I was obsessed with all of these books!
Have you heard the news?
This is my favorite podcast
Classic Creep
Love it!
Farm to table pocket jalapeño dip! Started at episode one and quickly catching up. Love the podcast!
Was 😃 then 😞
Added this podcast to my library while listening and enjoying these guys review Summer Of Fear (a favorite of mine from long ago) then had to sadly delete from library when bizarrely, the three dimwits veered off into politics and heavy-handed farmer-bashing for some weirdo reason, complete with mocking accents and beastiality references, etc. and then they tried to link a farmer’s dating app to white supremacy. So sad to hear such nasty, single-minded, brain-washed ignorance and slander. I guess when you’re a hammer...etc. Would love to see these three podcasting dopes put in half the work a farmer does every day, but won’t because it’s much easier to sit around and blabber about nothing than actually work for a living. Hey ding-dongs, turn off MSNBC for a minute and open your mind to the world around you and learn something about the country you live in other than the revisionist garbage you happily swallow without questioning. Or just stick to something you know and understand, teen trashy books. Also you sound like conspiracy nuts. And no, I’m not an insulted farmer, I live and work in NYC, but felt sad and insulted on their behalf because you guys were so angry and mean for no reason. You’re gross.
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Mr Blind
My Favorite Show
This show is everything! I get so excited every Wednesday for new episodes. Best podcast, best hosts. What more can you ask for?
Smelly gabe 101
I haven’t laughed this much in a long time
I started listening after the hosts were on another great podcast: ‘How did this get played’. I had no idea what I was in for but Jesus these two hosts are hilarious. I highlight recommend ‘The Grave’ episode and the ‘final girl support group’. I’m cackling walking down the street! Thanks for the laughs ladies!
Please Edit Your Podcast!
I wanted to like this podcast. I really tried! It’s such a great idea- I loved and harbor great nostalgia for YA fiction, particularly horror novels. And Kelly and Katai cover it all- Lois Duncan, Christopher Pike, Richie Tankersley Cusick, VC Andrews. They even talk about Sweet Valley! Unfortunately, the episodes end up way too long, devolving into incomprehensible segues and ramblings that have nothing to do with the books, but seem more like impenetrable inside jokes or actual preteen mean girl gossip. There is also a lot of yawning and talking about how tired they are. Who cares?! Cut that stuff out of the show, please! The seem to find themselves and each other very funny, but it doesn’t translate well- if one host does a weird voice or accent the other one will respond with the same thing, and we end up with a 30-second or so ( however long it is, it’s way too long) loop of them repeating what the other one says. How is that interesting or relevant? It’s not. Its just annoying. I will say I only listened to earlier episodes, so it’s possible they started editing their conversations for the more recent shows? Either way, I found myself skipping forward through so much of the episodes to get to the actual discussion of the books I decided it just wasn’t worth it to try any longer.
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Rosemary Stepford Levin
Best Ever, Forever
This review is long overdue. I’ve been listening religiously for a few years. I’ve never read a single one of the books they’ve reviewed — you don’t need to. I just love listening to them be silly together. K&L are just the best. An episode where they do nothing but dunk on characters for being dumb, or go off on a long, goofy tangent about hypothetical situations, or bravely describe wildly embarrassing things they’ve done in the past, always cheers me up. SO GOOD!
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Laugh down memory lane
Love remembering these books that were so big when I was in 6th-7th grades. The two hosts laughter and giggles are infectious and the comedy keeps me coming back for more. I’ve even started listening to episodes on books I never read, but remember the covers.
Great premise, poor execution
Could I possibly convince y’all to take some notes when you’re reading the books? Cause I feel like if you made a cheat sheet of the characters and stuff beforehand, you’d spend a lot less time guessing, and saying the wrong thing. I absolutely love the idea of this podcast. The women are about my age, and we grew up reading and loving the same books. But the podcast is sometimes impossible to follow if you haven’t read the book. They jump around and have inside jokes. Also, they go to pains to point out a lot of the catty, mean, competitive girl tropes in the books (rightfully so) but as soon as they start discussing something from real life they are also catty and mean. I really want to love it, and I’ve listened to a lot of episodes, but if I’m honest... it’s not that good. But I’m gonna keep listening anyway, so I guess there’s that.
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TV bingekid
Farm to table pocket jalapeño dip
Kelly and Katai have kept me company through many a rough time; love the pod!
If you like woke women who ironically sound like extras on “mean girls” the way they annunciate then this is the podcast for you
the purple card man
Why do both hosts read the book?
If one host each week didn’t read, they’d be able to hear how impenetrable their plot summaries are for those not already familiar with the plot, and would be able to ask helpful clarifying questions. As it is, the hosts spend so much time discussing points that only someone who recently read the book would be able to follow that I’m often left feeling lost. There is such an easy fix for this: make one of the hosts a stand-in for the audience. Why do they not???
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HaVe yOu hEaRd tHe NeWs??!
Get your tiny honey hands on this podcast immediately.
Can’t Recommend This Show Enough!
Huge fan of this podcast, love listening to these funny ladies every week. I started listening in 2018 and went back to the first episode to catch myself up (which at first seemed like a feat but was SO worth it). Now I’ll replay old podcasts because they’re that good and still funny a second time around. Love the VC Andrews and Sweet Valley High episodes the most! The movie podcasts with Oscar are a great addition, I love when I see him as a guest.
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What's the Tea, Christine?
Farm to Table Pocket Jalapeño Dip
Love this show! I am making my way through older episodes and found this gem :)
What’s not to love?!
I lived for YA horror books in my tweens and early teens! Kelly and Katai take me back, but leave me in stitches with their often crazy commentary. But Andrew... he’s the true backbone of the show. His presence and voice make me feel better about myself even though I’ve never even met him. Andrew makes the show a crucial part of my week and I will be so sad when he leaves 43 episodes from now. Thankfully, I have my farm-to-table pocket jalapeño dip to get me through!
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A Delight
If you’re a fan of young adult pulp novels from the 90’s then you are in for a real treat! Teen Creeps is hilarious and so entertaining. Kelly and Lindsay read a YA pulp book (before podcast), recap and discuss said book, and often go on fun tangents. A good one to start with is VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic - you won’t be sorry.
Finally Reviewing
Finally got an iPhone so I’m able to review these awesome women! Such a funny podcast, and such great commentary! I hope these women find all the success in the world. They definitely deserve it. Keep it creepy!
I should have reviewed long ago but I’ve been waiting for y’all to do Goodnight Kiss for ages. It was one of my favourite R.L. Stine Fear Street/Fear Street adjacent books when I was like 13.
Now That I’m a Woman
I love all the random singing. Keep it up!
A good listen
I love the chemistry between you two, great work, keep on chuggin thru that RL stein slog hahaha xD
More singing
I like the singing. And the rest of the show.
potty trained i hope
So much fun!!
I absolutely adore Teen Creeps! The books they read aren’t ones I was ever interested in as a teenager but that doesn’t take away from my enjoyment at all. Since I discovered the pod last year Kelly and Lindsay have brought so much joy during this weird, upsetting time. Binging Teen Creeps has been a lifeline. If you’re looking for a place to start, my favorite episodes are the three featuring Omar Najam and all of the Sweet Valley High episodes with Ryan Mogge. Farm to table pocket jalapeño dip! 🙌🏻
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Takes Me Back!
I'm loving all the trips down memory lane. I loved these books as a kid and now I'm sending a lot of time saying "Yeah... that was really weird!" along to the podcast. Update: I re-listen to the Monster and Starlight Crystal episodes every now and then and then end up re-reading the books. Also, please read Vivian Vande Velde’s Companions of the Night to complete the triumvirate of YA books that ruled my childhood.
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Dear Dean Crepes
Love you so much! Thank you for all that readin’ and talkin’ that you do 🥰🥰
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast
Kelly and Lindsay have the best chemistry of any podcast I listen to. They are two peas in a pod. The YA fiction they find is absolutely enthralling, and I look forward to listening to it every week. They’re just two pranksters.
Still fun after all these years
Kelly and Katai are a lot of fun, and special guests are an absolute delight. It's a delight to get to revisit the bad books of youth without actually subjecting myself to them again.
Mylene McBride
Favorite Find of 2020
I discovered Teen Creeps towards the end of 2020, maybe about September-ish?? Since then I have been listening non-stop, catching up through their catalog of episodes. This podcast has provided me with many much-needed laughs lately &, being so isolated this past year, it’s just been really nice to listen to Kelly & Katai being friends & enjoying their conversations with each other. I was never allowed to read YA horror as a kid, so the topic of this podcast was really what initially drew me in. I am so happy that I gave it a try because it has become my favorite podcast discovery of late. Thanks, Lindsay & Kelly!
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angelica ✨
so bad makes me dislike other podcasts
holy annoying! the commercial breaks featuring these girls on other foreverdog podcasts are like nails on a chalkboard.
Anyone who badmouths these two can meet me in the pit!
I love this podcast so freaking much. Heard them on How Did This Get Played and wanted more! Desperately wish I was friends with these two and their guests in real life they are so amazing! Also special shout out to Kelly, whenever she talks about video games or comics (she appears to be a fan of my all time fav character Jean Grey so 😍) I geek out and wish I could gab about that stuff with her! I work at a library and listen while I’m there, so it’s extra fun coming across one of the books on the podcast there! These two keep me focused and motivated while I’m working Super long review sorry, but I just love this podcast and the people who create it. Thank you for being so awesome!
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Highlight of my week, every week.
To be quite honest (and maybe this is the pandemic talking) Teen Creeps is the highlight of my week, every week. The mix of comedy, teen fiction, and two women looking back at their youths with a healthy dose of both nostalgia and mortification works so beautifully in this podcast that every episode feels like reminiscing about high school sleepovers. One part R.L. Stine’s greatest hits, one part Pen15, I highly recommend this to anyone who feels a little nostalgic for time spent with friends (or frenemies), the fiction of their teen years, or just needs to unpack absolute indiginity of high school. 10/10.
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Fave new podcast
Been obsessed over this podcast. The hosts have crazy chemistry and charisma. And they’ve become my favorite podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes of binge.
So funny!
I was addicted to the same type of books that they cover when I was growing up, so this podcast is great for nostalgia reasons and the hosts are soooo funny and entertaining...they provide coverage on Teen Horror books from the 70’s - 90’s (VC Andrews/RL Stein/Chris Pike) and do so in a very thorough yet hysterical way. Very cool podcast! My new fave.
Love the instalove
One host is an angel! One host is... not.
Came here so long ago from MFM. Yes, the YA book talk was super fun and funny but now the singing of the one tone deaf crone seems to power diarrhea out her nose far too often. She needs a real friend to tell her she is the worst. Girl your voice is AWFUL. Everyone thinks so and can’t tell you. It is like the sound of a diesel powered cat’s anus trumpeting out of a dead dolphin’s rotting blow hole over and over. JUST STAHP. You’re hurting us and making us hate you.
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Anne Rule rules
This pod got me to start reading again
I found this pod through their appearances on Doughboys. After spending four years in college and a number of years reading scripts for a meager living, I had lost my love of reading. It was difficult to focus, always felt like a chore, and got to the point where I was convinced I had dyslexia because I couldn’t get through a chapter without getting distracted and falling asleep. Listening to these two talk enthusiastically and excitedly about books that they loved, hated, or just kind of thought were okay helped me remember that I actually used to like reading before. They’re funny, insightful, and intelligent, and I look forward to it every week. Side note: their voices are very similar and I had difficulty telling them apart for the first few episodes. It felt a lot like listening to the clones from Orphan Black have a discussion; they sound the same, but you can tell them apart based on personality.
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Haven’t Listened to the Podcast
Yes, I’m reviewing a podcast I haven’t listened to. Sue me. Why I’m reviewing is because I am SO ENAMORED from hearing these two adult 13-year-olds promote their podcast on another podcast I listen to daily. I know that forever dog has affiliation and that’s the reasoning but oh my god, I’m sooooooo tired of only hearing Teen Creeps ads every time. Why can’t they just play the whole show? The ads aren’t enough. I need more. I don’t want to just listen to ads of Teen Creeps, I want to listen to it. I’d, honestly, rather listen to the actual episodes. And this joke has gotten out of hand. It’s a good podcast. Highly recommend.
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