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TED Health
What does exercise do to your brain? Can psychedelics treat depression? From smart daily habits to new medical breakthroughs, welcome to TED Health. TED speakers answer questions you never even knew you had, and share ideas you won't hear anywhere else, all around how we can live healthier lives.
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Interview with biologist advocating 4/10 proposal
He seemed to have no public health credentials. Appeared to be peddling mathematical model fantasy. Irresponsible to broadcast.
Good variety
These talks cover a variety of topics of various length that should appeal to a broad audience. Speakers can be funny, quirky, or serious, but all seem to deliver in a clear, understandable way, despite the complexity of the topic. Recommended for anyone interested in learning something new or considering something from a different viewpoint. But for the sake of my cellular data plan, provide an audio version of the talks as well as video.
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My all time fav
The best !
Amazing but long
While I like how they explain their research it does drag on
i heart my podcast
Hope you receive this warm greetings from Buffalo NY. I just got done listening to your podcast and wanted to encourage you by saying how much I appreciate your effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work happy Podcasting friends 🎙
Like Hack Podcast
Gvtvt B. Great job g B I v Big
Great info
Thank you!
Amazing tow of dogs
Slanted info
A lot of near truths and agenda on all these crappy Ted talks
TED is amazing!
I love Ted talks. They are simply wonderful, interesting, informative and ADDICTIVE! So beware! :D I just downloaded 20 podcasts. Well, there go the next few hours of my life...and I shall regret nothing. You must watch Ted talks. Just great. Lots of great talks featured here AND they're FREE.
Life changing
I love TED
Always interesting and insightful.