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techzing tech podcast
Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts
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Started listening again. I forgot how much I love this show
I used to listen to this show a lot but it had been a few years. I remembered and gave a listen again and I'm here to stay! BTW, Justin and Jason, if you read was really cool to see how much you both have done over the interim. I love listening to your day-to-day struggles while listening regularly, but coming back after some time away was like seeing an old friend that had lost a lot of weight and is in the best shape of their life! Keep up the great work, guys!
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Craig LaValle
Can't live without it
I used to be a freelance programmer and later switched to academia. A major thing that I miss is the sweet excitement of working for myself, while following the latest frameworks and creating cool stuff with them. It's hard to follow what's going on in the world of programming and entrepreneurship unless either you are actively developing new apps, or you have a couple of buddies that keep you informed about what's going on. Justin and Jason perfectly fit the latter role for me. They have an eye on the latest technologies, they use them in their projects and talk about their experiences in the podcast in a no-bull fashion. Every now and then I need to create a small project and I feel like I make better decisions thanks to the experiences that Justin and Jason passed on through the podcast. In addition to the useful information that they deliver, the friendly chat that they have going in the podcast is another thing that I look forward to in every episode. My commute gets ten times better when there is a new Techzing episode. It's just like giving two close buddies a ride and listening to them having a delightful chat. I've tried a lot of podcasts, and Techzing is one of the few that is really sincere. Keep up the good work Justin and Jason!
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One of my favorites
I've been listening to TechZing since the early days and it is still one of the only podcasts that I listen to immediately upon it's arrival. Sometimes it's like a random walk through various tech stories, Sci-fi, personal anecdotes, movie reviews and more, and sometimes it's more focused on their personal entrepreneurial adventures, but it is always entertaining. Keep it up guys!
Jef Armstrong
Best podcast ever. 'Nuff said.
I love this podcast and I love these guys. I've listened to every episode, many twice. If you're a tech guy and you're not listening to this podcast, you're wrong. It's the perfect mix of tech news, startup insight, comic relief, and intellectual banter. Do yourself a favor and start listening from episode1. Go on, we'll wait...
Like the show
I have been listening since 2008, Techzing is one of my favorite podcast. They read all these blogs and I just listen, when something really interrest me I will read it for my self. They help me keep in touch. Jason and Justin experience regarding start up, product and project and life as a software developer is worth listening and entertaining.
Frederic Torres
Need more knees..
In exchange for this 5 star rating I request: 1. Photos of Justin's knees (with bonus "first reaction commentary from Jason) 2. Return of the weekly episodes 3. All of the above
Great show.
I'm inspired by the number of cool projects these guys are involved in. Love the willingness to deep dive into the practical, technical topics and problems you face all the time. Love the transparency. Great show!
The Inside Story
If you’re trying to find out about the startup space, here’s a good place to get some real world info. No fantasies or made-up guides here. Just the day to day reality of working in the startup space. This podcast gives you the inside story of what it's like to create, work on and work in a tech startup. At times they talk to other folks in the startup space and are able to bring their own real world experience to the conversation. Even when they are just talking tech it's from a perspective you can't get from other sources. It’s worth going back and listening to the past catalog as well.
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It's like hanging out with a couple of your mates in a pub...
After listening to Justin and Jason for hundreds of hours over the past couple years I'm not even sure what to write in a review…suffice to say you are missing out if you are not listening to TechZing. Entrepreneurship, tech, electric cars, UFOs…it's all covered in this podcast. Stop missing out and listen already!
You will be glad you listened!
The two hosts, Jason and Justin, bring a rare combination of affable personalities, on-air chemistry, software coding competence, unique non-tech prior life experience (Justin as frontman for a touring rock band, Jason as a semi-pro soccer player and coach), transparency and frequent updates regarding all aspects of their own startups, words of wisdom and lessons learned as entrepreneurs, highly technical discussion of the cutting edge coding languages and tools they use in their "day jobs", curiosity and attention to current events in the realm of science and technology, and just enough sharing of personal / family events so that we listeners get to know (and cheer for) them as people while we enjoy their efforts as podcasters. A great podcast for coders, entrepreneurs, and general tech enthusiasts!
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Great show, great interviews!
Jason and Justin manage to get great interviews and don't let them gloss over the "miracle function". I like their tenacity and their banter. Keep it up!
Stephen Holiday
Just what I was looking for
I just started listening to TechZing a few weeks ago and I'm already hooked. The weekend discussions cover some very interesting topics and the interviews provide great insight into the minds of some of the prominent individuals in today's tech world. If you're the Hacker News type, listening to TechZing is a must.
Jake Harding
Great Commute Listening for Entrepreneurs
I listen to TechZing on my commute and it's a great way to be informed, entertained, confused and enlightened all at the same time. I should say that the confusion is only temporary. :)
Ben Sharpe
Great Podcast!
The techzing podcast has helped take me from daydreaming college student to first time founder. The suggestions on everything from stripe, github, and mailchimp to perserveriance, time management, and customer relations are an incredible resource. The casual discussions between Justin and Jason make the show very relatable. It feels as if we are all taking this start up journey together. Keep up the great work guys!
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Ben Burke
<3 <3 <3
I love these guys! quite an entertaining duo with plenty of insightful info:)
Justin and Jason’s unscripted approach creates a candid, organic and thought provoking dialogue between two down to earth dudes who enjoy discussing big ideas and the real life challenges of bringing those ideas to life. Love the show!
Stephen Krings
Way better than Startups For The Rest Of Us
They may not prepare as much...or have any idea what they're talking about...or agree on much of anything...but hey, we love Justin and Jason. Techzing is like eavesdropping on two software/startup pals that you can't wait buy a beer for.
It's no Startups for the Rest of Us
But then again, no podcast really is. Still, it's a great listen, with lots of behind the scenes information.
Long and Awesome
Not much I can say that hasn't already been said. If you're interested in tech, startups, and especially if you're a programmer looking to build your own business, this is a must listen podcast. This is two guys making it happen and taking us along for the ride. Thank you Justin and Jason for providing this amazing resource for the rest of us. Also, why is it that Jason is definitely the alpha geek, but Justin's always right?
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Love It
Currently my favorite podcast. Lots of content per episode and a pretty reliable schedule of new episodes keep my workouts slightly less painful than normal.
Great show guys!
When I first began listening to the podcast, I liked the tech info and the banter so much that I went back and listened to all of the episodes from the start of the show. You're like old friends in my daily travels. Now I have explain to my wife why I have the impression of the terminals of a 9V battery on my forehead.
I'm addicted to the show.
There that's the first step. I love this show. Justin and Jason make an atomic cocktail. Every episode is either an amazing interview or an entertaining misadventure. I find the talk about "luck surface area" and "the miracle factor" compelling. Keep up the great work guys!
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
Great fodder for cocktail parties, coffee talk, tweets… what more is there? I don't actually go to cocktail parties. Thanks guys, for keeping it real.
Fun, Informative Startup Podcast
TechZing is one of the 3 mandatory startup podcasts out there, along with This Week in Startups and Startups for the Rest of Us. TZ's J&J keep the discussion lively and fun, with tons of anecdotes. They get top-notch talent in to interview, including young, bright programmers that I've never heard of before. I often come away from an episode with actionable items.
Great for tech entrepreneurs
I make sure I have time to listen to this every week. I prefer their discussion shows where they discuss their startups and other startup and tech news. Consistently great podcast!
Episode #165 Robb Walling Techzing Interview of the Year!
Hey guys, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your podcast. It will be a year in April since I first downloaded the Start ups for the rest of Us podcast and after a few mentions from Robb's show I tuned into "Techzing" and became a huge Fan ever since! Episode #165 was a riveting interview of Robb's new acquisition of Hit tail. I am recommending it for Techzing Interview of the Year. .Keep up the great work! Just the right mix of rabbit trails, conspiracies and entreprenuerial spirit. Cheers, JB Beyer
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JB Beyer
TechZing Is Like A Shot of Brain Adrenalin
I can't decide what I like best about TechZing, the thought-provoking interviews with some of the smartest and most interesting entrepreneurs on the planet, or following along as Justin and Jason try to bootstrap their way to fame and fortune.
A great combo of entrepreneurship and tech.
I love this podcast because their format makes it feel like you are just hanging with them. The podcast is entertaining and I've picked up some pretty valuable entrepreneurship advice. One of my top 3 podcasts on iTunes.
Charles Halliday
If you're a web entreprenuer, listen to Techzing!
Jason and Justin are a blast to listen to. Their back and forth banter never gets boring. The combination of interview shows and discussion show is exactly what the doctor ordered when you're stuck working on your startup. It's fantastic to follow them along as they build and market their own startups. Don't be turned off by the 1-2hr time for the podcast. I initially was at first, but especially when they do interviews, they are able to get all the detail you've been dying to ask of these web entrepreneurs. Check out the interviews with Patrick Mackenzie, Amy Hoy, Rob Walling and Patrick Collision, they're all exceptional Keep up the great work guys!!!!
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Very thoughtful and informative for developers working on startups
Been a regular listener after discovering the podcast via Startups for the Rest of Us. The interviews with other startup founders tend to be better and more engaging than the weekend discussion shows. I like how prolific the show. I also really appreciate how down to earth and real Justin and Jason are. I've heard other startup podcasts andhave been turned off by how 'slick' they come off. If there is any criticism it's that the hosts can be a bit too self referential - While I'm curious about Anyfu, their own startup, I am not sure I want to hear about every detail unless there is a lesson to be learned from their experience. Even so I listen to nearly every epsiode since I subscribed and it has been a motivator for me to stay focused on my own startup idea.
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Palmer Haas
One of the best tech podcasts of 2011
If you have not listened to Techzing, you ought to. One of best podcasts I have listened to, with hosts you can easily relate to. There are some serious gems in their portfolio for anybody wanting to start a business whether you want to bootstrap or raise money.
Great stuff. These guys are fun to listen to and really help me to think about new and different ideas.
Jeff Whelpley
Great listen for tech and developing!!!
Don't let the old headshots fool you, Justin and Jason go down easy as they talk tech, life as developers, and their own work. Topics range all over the map, but they keep it lively and entertaining which makes it a great listen!
Not your typical tech podcast...
These guys have the gift of gab. Their discussions are natural and interesting and lacking the awkward dead air plaguing most amateur podcasts. Even after 150ish episodes, it keeps getting better. Jason is the quick fire - shoot from the hip - kind of host while Justin adds nice counterbalance. This is part of the formula that makes this podcast work. P.S. Don't miss the interview shows.
Jason and Justin have a great dynamic and provide great commentary on technology and startups including there own. Love the discussion shows. Just experienced developers discussing problems and there own startups. The interview shows are good learning tools. Both types of shows are great and I would recommend to any developer or business person thinking about starting a startup.
Content is Great, Hosts are Better
Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts bring charisma, humor and a desire to deliver something enjoyable to every topic they touch in this podcast. There are a handful of podcasts (4) that I listen to on a regular basis and while I find myself frustrated when the host or hosts begin to trail off-topic, I've never felt that way about TechZing; I actually enjoy the occasional off-topic riff because Justin and Jason are genuinely likable people that you'd love to sit down with and "talk shop". They do a great job balancing a humorous aside with moving the subject forward and digging into the aspects that you'd ask if you were sitting in the room with them. If you've been looking for a podcast that goes deep, on many tech and science-related topics with a light-hearted vibe that'll get a smile out of you from time to time, TechZing is an easy recommendation. Keep up the great work guys, we all love listening.
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Riyad Kalla
Excellent Startup and Tech Podcast. Must listen for Web Entrepreneurs
Jason and Justin interview guests with a genuine interest to learn, and by listening and taking notes I have learned a ton along with them. The guests they select are an excellent sampling of experts in the startup field and offer a great amount collective wisdom. Many of the questions they ask are the same questions I would have for those guests. Not only do they interview guests but they also have a weekly discussion show. Jason and Justin discuss topics from previous interviews, give their unique perspectives on the topics, and give real examples of how they have worked (or not) for them in their startups. They also give their viewpoints on a wide range of topics from Hacker News and the world of tech in general.
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A great resource!
If you make software or web sites and you plan on building a business around it, this is among the best to listen to. Tech but marketing. Serious but funny. This podcast has the unique perspective in that the hosts are actually building the very things they talk about each week. Just download it and learn.
itunes and appstore customer
Very informative, practical, and fun to listen
If you're looking into building a startup, or currently working on one, then you gotta listen to Jason and Justin. They're able to bring in great guests that discuss practical topics such as SEO, customer development, user analytics, choosing the right idea, and a lot more. But what I find really awesome is that these guys are building startups themselves. So you get to follow along and see how their idea/product evolve over time. And it's fun as well to listen in on topics that affect us day to day. So check it out, you won't regret it.
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Excellent podcast for techie entrepreneurs
These guys are both fun and interesting to listen to and go into extreme detail about their own tech startup journeys (among other interesting tech topics). If you're building an app yourself as a side project to hopefully make some income from someday, definitely give these guys a try. They have many interviews with successful tech entrepreneurs that I've gotten many ideas and action points from. Keep up the great work Justin and Jason!
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Phil Derksen
A Techies Tech Show
My favorite tech show. Not the usual buzzword filled fan boi show, Justin and Jason give authentic insight into the startup world.
Great podcast, can't wait to listen to it every week.
Great Tech/Entrepreneurial Content
TechZing makes for a great show. They usually alternate interviewing successful people, in companies that are bootstrapped, venture funded, or a mix of the two, with more informal discussion shows. The discussion shows range from Hacker News topics, politics, side projects, entrepreneurialism, fringe science, and anything tech. I've listened to Mixergy, Rise to the Top, Startups for the Rest of Us, and Startup Success Podcast, but when I commute to work I always play the new TechZing first of all. Justin and Jason both have a range of experiences and are currently bootstrapping software ventures while consulting to pay the bills. Jason is doing all of that with three kids running around. In fairness, Justin is the only one to actually ship anything on the side in the nearly two year run of the show. I think in some ways that is what makes the show work so well. These guys aren't made men. They have real concerns. They are scraping and clawing to achieve real financial freedom and working-for-yourself full-time glory and are sharing their experiences along the way. The imperfections and personal transparency make the show great for me. It's real life. If you're a hacker trying to make it -- you should listen in -- you'll probably like the show.
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Robert Graham (Whitetail Soft)
Great Podcast
After trying many other podcasts (tech and non-tech) this is the one that stuck. I guarantee that once you've listened to two or three episodes you'll be feverishly downloading and listening to the entire back catalog. It is especially good if you have a long commute to contend with.
Jason Billingsley
Pretty good if you want to start a company
They have some good guests that some times have very valuable advice. However Jason and Justin sometimes spend a lot of time bickering.
It will make you think
Covering lots of great topics, mostly start-up releated, some not, Jason and Justin get into the problems we face every day, as web programmers, developers and entrepreneurs. They show by doing, and then discuss. I can't tell you the number of times I've been listening and thought, "man, I was just debating that..." or "just this morning I was trying to solve that problem". They're in the trenches, and bring distinct insight and opinions, and their guests do, too.
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Just awesome
Title says it all.
TechZing rocks
TechZing is a great podcast. You guys rock. The guests and discussions are interesting and your enthusiasm is great. I love complexity theory, and Jason and Justin prove through their varied discussions that patterns really do exist across different domains. Keep curious (...and we'll keep listening)!
A must for geeks, techies, startups, and entrepreneurs
This great podcast feature Justin and Jason discussing news, their projects and startups, technology, version control (and why Jason doesn't use it), and insightful interviews with guests such as Derek Sivers, John Dvorak, and Pete Michaud. They often go on interesting and funny rants about non-tech topics which sometimes leads to unique guests, such as geologist Jay Scheevel and the irrational Richard Hoglan. Strongly recommended!
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No Spyware!
Best Tech podcast sprinkled with laughs and UFO stories
I needed to update my technology background from old school to current WEB 2.0 stuff. Mission accomplished. All 86 episodes and counting are great. You may find yourself laughing out load. Great karma between the hosts. A fun time gauranteed for all. So sit back, relax and strap in.
Michael Richards
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