Tech Fusion By Citrix Ready
Tech Fusion By Citrix Ready
Neil C. Hughes
15: The Future of Work With Microsoft, Citrix, and AMD
27 minutes Posted Feb 5, 2021 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

In the Citrix Ready Podcast series, I explore how technology can empower people and organizations to unlock innovation, engage customers, and be productive—anytime, anywhere. In today's episode, I learn more about how collaboration and hybrid working environments are reshaping the future of work.

It recently occurred to me that Microsoft, Citrix, and AMD were all playing roles in how I was working. But we only think of them as solutions in their own right. So I wanted to try and get people from all 3 companies onto the podcast to understand the role that they play in our working life.

Kevin Raines, Senior Product Marketing Manager for HPC at Microsoft, Isidro Gonzalez, business development executive with the AMD, and Nitin Sharma, product and solutions marketing strategy all join me on the podcast. We discuss how they are collaborating together and reshaping and reimagining how we work anywhere and everywhere.

Kevin is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for HPC at Microsoft. He has over 25 years of Information Technology experience, including worldwide project implementations, managing opportunity life cycle, delivering mission critical projects, and managing a $200+ million portfolio. The Enterprise solutions have yielded strong ROI, greatly improved operational performance, increased customer revenue, and developed the foundation for continuous improvements.

Isidro Gonzalez is a business development executive with the AMD Radeon Technology Group. He has over 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience, specializing in adding value to corporate organizations through strategic partnerships, product alignment, and GTM execution. Combines a clear understanding of customer needs with the nuances of technology and current market trends to guide organizations to leading market positions worldwide.

Nitin Sharma is a leader in product and solutions marketing strategy at Citrix. He is responsible for designing and executing global, companywide go-to-market strategies for digital workspace solutions. With a passion for solving business problems with technology solutions, he has held various solutions sales and marketing roles—targeting audiences at all levels: executive, line of business, and IT.