Teachers Need Teachers
Teachers Need Teachers
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Teachers Need Teachers is the podcast for new and beginning teachers. It's inspired by the questions beginning teachers are asking around the web, plus the questions that you didn’t know you should ask! I'll help you clear the confusion and figure out what to focus on so that you’ll have the most positive impact in your classrooms without losing your freaking mind. I want to help you navigate through those crazy first years of teaching while maintaining your sanity AND personal life!
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So far so good!
I’m only on the second podcast episode, and Kim talked a little bit about what grade is right for you to teach. When she said she didn’t know how to motivate high schoolers it made me think what does motivate high schoolers? And how could I motivate them to want to learn and do good in school and extracurricular activities and just be all around successful in their activities. I’m not sure how I would motivate elementary age kids , middle school could be a possibility because I remember being in middle school so I feel like I could connect with that age group.
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Informative & Helpful!
I discovered Kim’s podcast while I was thinking about becoming a teacher and wanted to find out what exactly it’s like. This podcast gives an in depth look at all aspects of teaching as well as tips for interviewing at schools, classroom management and much more. This podcast was part of the reason I felt confident enough to change my career to teaching and have knowledge that will help me while getting my teaching credential! Super grateful for this podcast!
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Great stuff! Very engaging and practical. Thank you!
This podcast is a blessing!
As a fresh out of college student teacher in the credential program, during this pandemic it has helped me build my confidence in every subject and within myself. Kim has exceptional resources, tips, and the interviews with principals makes me feel like I have a huge advantage! Kim says it how it is and then makes the listener think about their perspectives in the classroom and elevate them. I found this podcast in Spotify because I wanted to elevate my awareness, knowledge, and gain any tips for new teachers. Let me tell you, this podcast should be called, “ The Bible for New Teachers,” it talks about real life scenarios with real people. Kim tells you how it is and it feels like she is our own personal cheerleader! I listen to this podcast everyday and it’s one of the best blessings I’ve had during this whole pandemic! Thanks Kim!
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My first podcast
This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I got so incredibly lucky in finding this one! Kim is fantastic. She covers topics that preservice and new teachers need to hear about. She has a realistic perspective about what works and what potential issues a new teacher may face. I have learned so much from this podcast! Absolutely give this one a listen!
First Year Teacher Lifeline
If this is your first year teaching, give this podcast a listen!
Personal development
This podcast is an incredible tool. I’ve only listened to it once, and it is already a wonderful opportunity to grow and work on my own personal development related to teaching.
I love what you're doing!
Yes, we all need mentors to help us navigate new waters. You are contributing to the success of our teachers AND students. Thanks!
So helpful!!!
I’m a first-year teacher and this very well-produced podcast has been so helpful!!! She covers all these areas that I really need. Everything is so practical. I KNOW all the job interview episodes helped me land my job! Thank you!
So necessary!
This podcast is such an amazing resource for new (and student) teachers. The topics are relevant and the information Kim offers is incredibly helpful. So grateful I found this!
Spotify doesn’t have a review option
I came across this podcast on my Spotify app and have been listening nonstop. I could not find a section to give a review on Spotify so I came here to do so! I am a 2nd year teacher and loving every second of it! Although I wish I had found this podcast before I started teaching, I get so much out of it even at this point in my career. Everything is either relatable or a nice reminder!! I’ll definitely be sure to share this podcast on my classroom twitter page!
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Asia Rae
This podcast is all caps very helpful! Kim is knowledgeable and accommodating to the varied experiences of the people listening. I find lots of helpful tips in this podcast!
Love this podcast!
I just decided to jump career paths from marketing to secondary ELA and this podcast is PERFECT for someone like me! I’m learning so much!
Great for new AND experienced teachers
TNT provides an overview of so many parts of teaching. As an experienced teacher, many of these episodes are valuable. My favorite was the three part wellness series.
This podcast is exactly what I’ve been hoping to find as a fresh-out-of-grad-school, brand new teacher. I was introduced to Teachers Need Teachers by Angela Watson’s (amazing) Truth for Teachers, and I’m very grateful! Kim has a down-to-earth style that is so easy to listen to. Not only am I gaining advice for the classroom, I recently listened to an episode on securing home ownership as a school teacher! I adore this holistic approach to supporting new teachers. I am excited to have this motivating resource at my fingertips and feel more confident about the upcoming school year because of it.
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Binge worthy for 3019-2020 1st year teachers!
Though I’ve been following Kim’s Instagram for nearly a year, I have been listening to the podcast for 1 week and am hooked. I will be starting my first year teaching in August and am so glad I found this gem. After a week of listening I have binged through 75% of this podcast. Kim is totally relataba while simultaneously putting together an informative and professional podcast. Thank you Kim for helping me begin this journey with a better understanding. - LearnEdLass aka Jenn (8.5 year TA,.5 year sub, and 2019-20 6th grade teacher)
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Helpful for teachers -new, veteran, and anybody in between
This is my 12th year teaching, and I find this podcast still relevant and resourceful.
This is my first year teaching and this podcast has HELPED me sooo much. Kim is fabulous in her delivery and messages. I truly love this podcast!
Great podcast by a working teacher!
It seems like many education podcasts are done by former teachers no longer in the classroom. I like that Kim is still actively teaching while she shares her years of experience. Excellent podcast!
Realistic and actionable!
Highly recommended! The bite-sized nuggets Kim provides for teachers are so actionable and can be easily implemented right away. This podcast is a win if you’re a teacher wanting to make quick improvements in the classroom!
Great info!
A Godsend!!!
I am LOVING your podcast!! I couldn’t have found it at a better time!! I’m moving to Texas and working on getting my certification this summer...kinda freaking out that there won’t be any jobs out there when I’m looking. Any advice on how to prepare my class if I do get an offer with such a short amount of time?! Future Middle School Teacher
You are so down to earth to listen too!
Your podcasts are lots of fun to listen too! I like the reasonings you gave for why you love teaching 7th grade! I love your dedication to helping beginner teachers, keep up the great work and I can’t wait for the next podcast!
WOW! This is amazing!
Kim....this is absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I know that this will help many teachers, new or veteran. I can't wait to listen in every Monday! Thank you!!!!
For The Love of Teachers
Nice podcast
Nice to hear more podcast that address concerns of teachers.
First Class Dama
Which grade is easiest to teach.
Great job Kim.
Another Educator
Which grade is easiest to teach...
Great feedback to all the questions your answered!👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼😊
Debbie Díaz
I wish I had this for my first year!
Thank you for sharing this. As a mentor I will definitely use this and recommend this for my mentees.
Thank you, Kim, for a wonderful podcast! Even as a fifth year teacher, I struggle with many things and am always looking for new tips and tricks. Thank you for this!
Memoirs of an Educator
Just what I needed
I just received my bachelor in education and am becoming a teacher. This podcast is just what I needed to help me navigate this new journey.
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