Tea w/ Double D
Tea w/ Double D
Danielle Desire, Damora Regala
Episode 17: Budget & Chill
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Jul 30, 2020 at 3:30 pm.
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Show notes
Tea with Double D is joined by a guest who spills the tea on what you should know about money. Give a warm welcome to the wonderful Melissa Jean Baptiste a.k.a Millennial in debt. Melissa is the co-founder and lead content creator of the Millennial In Debt platform. Melissa paid off 102,000 dollars in student loan debt over the course of five years, while improving financial literacy and her understanding of money. Millennial In Debt is a platform used to teach you how to slay debt one ramen meal at a time. In this week's episode, we call in Melissa to talk about loans, money & relationships, and the key to financial success. Come and sip with us and our guest, as we dive deep into making money work for you. Let’s spill the tea and see if you agree!
Connect with our guest on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter @millennialindebt, and her Website: http://www.trialsntresses.com | Catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and now Youtube @teawithdoubled https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyNubkyudYgqVK5_htn2w8A?view_as=subscriber Go subscribe!