Tea w/ Double D
Tea w/ Double D
Danielle Desire, Damora Regala
Episode 16: Life After College
58 minutes Posted Jul 14, 2020 at 1:00 pm.
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Show notes
Life's what you make it...especially after college. This week we get into the nitty-gritty of adulting post-grad with our guest Fab Roc. Fab is a writer/producer, DJ, and all-around creative, Fab Roc is a Haitian-American passionate about music, storytelling, and hiring Black people in production to be in charge of telling our stories through Black Production Network. Come and sip with us and our guest, as we dive deep into finding your footing in your career and life. Let’s spill the tea and see if you agree! Where to find the wonderful Fab roc: Instagram/Twitter-@fabroc https://www.instagram.com/fab_roc_/ Her most recent project: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCBz2Avgfau/ (Creative Directer + writer)
Stay tuned for Monthly DJ mix with DRMRS.fm: https://soundcloud.com/itswideradio/drmrs-fm-w-nvr-sleep-crew-24th-jun-2020 If you are a black creative interested in a platform made for you by people like you check out @blackproductionnetwork: https://www.instagram.com/blackproductionnetwork/ Follow us: Instagram @teawithdoubledpod Twitter: @teawithdoubled & Youtube Coming Soon: @teawithdoubled