Delete This!
Delete This!
Hank and Katherine Green
Hank is famous on the internet, Katherine has had about enough...together they're going to be looking back at the week through the lens of some good and bad tweets. Through their intelligent and biting critique, they're going to fix Twitter.
The Reality TV Producers are in Charge
This was recorded last Sunday!! 
Nov 9
39 min
How I Would Delete This
There are options...
Oct 31
35 min
Now THAT's Rummkub
Warning, this episodes sounds bad and also /is/ bad. But the important thing is that we have a good time, which, we mostly did not. But I edited all of those parts out so, should be good!
Jun 3
35 min
Eclipse Fail
May 18
34 min
We've got another new format and I liked it!!
Apr 25
34 min
Only Because of the Patriarchy...
Let's name a drink together.
Feb 16
31 min
Split That Drop!
Jan 31
42 min
Super Uncool, Judas
Gotta hang out for the end of this one...
Dec 19, 2021
30 min
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