Delete This!
Delete This!
Hank and Katherine Green
Hank is famous on the internet, Katherine has had about enough...together they're going to be looking back at the week through the lens of some good and bad tweets. Through their intelligent and biting critique, they're going to fix Twitter.
Let's work through some stuff!
Sep 27
21 min
Hockey Drama!
Aug 2
48 min
Your Bird Window
We're back and we're different!!!
Jul 26
1 hr 7 min
Oh Artie Boy...
Mar 17
36 min
Actually Deleting This / Oops All Drafts!!
Sorry this came out late, it was a very busy week prepping for the holiday, doing the census, and then I got food poisoning and that kinda knocked me out for a while there! But anyway, this is quite the epic episode...making an accidental fusion prediction, discovering that I had, at one point, almost accidentally fueded with Matt Taibbi, and then inventing a whole new podcast format for the future. It's one of the history books. 
Dec 17, 2022
43 min
The Reality TV Producers are in Charge
This was recorded last Sunday!! 
Nov 9, 2022
39 min
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