Talking with the dogs!™
Talking with the dogs!™
Liz Murdoch
Liz Murdoch, Animal Communicator, Dog Whisperer & Educator interviews and chats with dogs and their loved ones, plus shares stories from her conversations, helping dog people understand what dogs want them to know so everyone can live happily ever after, in and out of the dog house. Email Liz: Follow Liz on Instagram or FB @talkingwiththedogs. Sign up at for chance to be a guest on the show!
A Modern Family Dog Story
Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch chats with Hudson, a Black Lab and special buddy of Doug Budin, Los Angeles based actor and podcast co-host of Jeff Lewis Live and This is Happening. Hear what Hudson has to say about Doug's care plan while acting on tv shows and more. Book your own chat session with Liz at Follow Doug on Instagram @DougBudin, Tune in to Doug's regular podcasts: Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM's Radio Andy and
Oct 27
29 min
Pet Chaplain Dr. Rachel Geller
International Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch chats with Animal Behaviorist and Pet Chaplain Rachel Geller, Ed.D about grief and the importance of support after the passing of a pet. Reach out for experienced grief support, pets aren't just animals. Bereavement support makes such a difference in times of loss, we care. Contact Rachel for your free grief support at To book an animal communication chat session with Liz you can book an appointment at
Oct 20
27 min
Poppy in the Wild
Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch chats with NY Times Best-Selling author Teresa Rhyne of The Dog Lived (And So Will I) about her new book, Poppy in the Wild. A shy Beagle Freedom Project dog, Poppy spent 5 days lost in 1500 acres of So Cal. wilderness. Surviving heavy rains and more, Poppy is a testament to resilience. Hear her story as Liz interviews Poppy about her experience. For tips on finding lost dogs, check resources in Teresa's book -, Book chats with Liz at
Oct 13
21 min
Cat Chat - Bonus Episode
Yes, cats chat too! Find out what England Dan and John Ford Coley, two cool cats say about suddenly not getting along. Talking with Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch, and their cat lady/fitness coach mom Robin Legat, hear what can be done to understand and resolve pet behavior changes . Happily these felines appreciated the patience and respect for their differences, resolved their cattiness and are nearly best buds. Video available: Follow: @englanddanandjohnfordcoley
Aug 16
41 min
The Year of the Dogs with Vincent J. Musi
National Geographic photographer Vincent J. Musi, author and photographer of The Year of the Dogs! chats with Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch about secrets to connecting and understanding an animal, based on his 20 years of animal photography all over the world. Hear why his latest dog mission sparks much joy and why tuning in to a dog’s eyes can be so important. Follow Vincent J. Musi on Instagram @Vincentjmusi Subscribe to this podcast for more Talking with the dogs and up a few Cat Chats!
Aug 14
34 min
Three Dog Home
Meet Emmy Nominee and Animal Advocate Karla Cavalli and her three dogs. In our animal communication chat session we discuss everything from joys and surprises of dog adoptions to finding out the multitude of opinions and insights her Lady and the Tramp Pekingese, and a senior Bulldog want her to know. A special benefit of our chat is the fundraising opportunity to donate 20% of any booked chat session to LA based dog rescue, A Purposeful Rescue. Just mention code “Karla“ and the money is theirs!
Jul 14
1 hr 10 min
Cooking with the dogs! - Making Mealtime Fun
Layla, a beautiful black lab, shared in her animal communication chat session with Dog Talker Liz Murdoch that despite sensitive digestive issues she eats very well. Layla said she’s never bored with meals and Shannon could teach people to make meals fun and interesting for dogs. Layla insisted we share Shannon teaching how to plan make a week’s worth of dog meals in one day! Follow on Instagram: @laylaofpgh or @talkingwiththedogs For more on working with Liz:
Jul 8
17 min
Talking dogs with Dog Trainer Irith Bloom
In Liz Murdoch's sessions as a dog communicator, dogs frequently share desire to go back to school for help walking on a leash & improving social skills. Liz and Professional Dog Trainer Irith Bloom discuss basics & benefits of ongoing training & why online sessions are often more successful when coached by a trainer guiding them remotely. They discuss different kinds of walks, respect, & importance of dogs sniffing! Find Liz at Find Irith at
Jun 30
51 min
Lost dog in Chicago Finds His Way Home
Meet Disco from Chicago, a scrappy little dog eager to share his journey escaping a carjacking, fire, and near adoption into a new family! Hear how Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch worked with dog trainer Daniel Charles to help a dog mom remain calm while her dog was missing for 4 days. Liz reviews steps used guiding Erica in tuning in and communicating with her dog, staying positive and ensuring a happy reunion with her beloved Disco! Great dog story on how animal communication can help find lost dogs!
Jun 3
55 min
Beagle Freedom Project
Liz Murdoch connects for an intuitive communication chat with Walker, a rescued and rehabilitated beagle who spent the first two years of his life living in a medical laboratory as a research subject. Once considered one of the most traumatized animals Beagle Freedom Project has ever rescued, Walker is now cuddly, social and a very loving dog enjoying freedom to be loved and live his best dog life. A story of resilience and the power of loving a dog. Meet Walker on YouTube:
May 28
58 min
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