Talking Derry Girls
Talking Derry Girls
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Great Posdact
The hosts are a wealth of knowledge for Derry Girls. You can tell how much they enjoy the show. It’s great to hear how people from Derry talk about what they experienced in the 90s.
Wasilla, AK
An Irish Education
Love hearing about their experiences growing up in Ireland. I’m learning so much about what life was like during the troubles. This is a great companion to the series!
I love this podcast!!!
I love hearing all the stories about their experiences growing up in Derry!! Love that they play clips from the show! And Lisa McGee loves them too!!!!!!
I love this podcast
I’m from America ( my name Kelsey btw ) and I had no idea what the troubles were until I stumbled across Derry girls from tumblr and started watching and it’s so wonderful and funny and as someone who loves history it’s so good and then I found this podcast and hearing about the show from people who lived through the troubles adds so much depth to it and your podcast is so wonderful and always brings a smile to my face.
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Insights with clips of the show
The best part of this podcast are the clips of the Derry Girls show and the comments that follow. I like how they highlight and explain what the characters say in the different scenes, and call attention to what is happening in the background. i could do without lengthy stories about boyfriends, toilet habits, and other personal stuff not related to what is happening in the episode.
Love these ladies
My podcast app suggested this podcast to me and I couldn’t be happier! The accents, wit and stories are amazing. I now know what some of the things in Derry Girls mean now, being American, somethings I couldn’t relate to but enjoyed the show nonetheless. Your personal stories woven into episodes of the show is brilliant!
Put the kettle on
Wishing I had a cup of tea and was sitting with them as they unpack the many levels of Derry Girls . Love it , they crack me up as does the show. Keep em coming !
Might not be what you’re expecting
Well, there’s Derry girls talking but they don’t really talk about the show much. Halfway through episode 3 and they ‘re just entering the chapel. Now they’ve forgotten about the chapel scene and are talking about their own chuch-going experiences. It’s a lot like what I imagine going to a class reunion with your spouse to be like. Or hanging out in a bar where you know one of the three people you’re wirh and you have to listeni to them all reminisce about the school you didn’t go to. Most of it’s entertaining but there’s a good bit of channeling Uncle Colm happening. If you’re looking for a podcast that discusses what actually happens on the show in any kind of detail, this might not be it. The show is more of a touchpoint for them to talk about their own experiences. “A friend of mine’s brother...”
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Delightful anecdotes and insights on Derry life in 90’s
Very enjoyable banter and insights into Derry Girls by 3 lovely ladies who lived in Derry in the 90’s. Music, Actors, 90’s incidents and explanations on phrasing are all shared within the context of each episode. If you love Derry Girls, you’ll love Talking Derry Girls!
Callajan in Seattle
Talking Derry Girl here!
Great trailer! Can’t wait for episode 1 :-)