Talking Derry Girls
Talking Derry Girls
The Big Light
Episode 14 - It’s Lisa McGee (oh yes it is!)
55 minutes Posted Dec 15, 2020 at 4:01 pm.
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Show notes
The one about Erin’s Diary! Guess what everyone we know is getting for Christmas this year? Once upon a time a young writer from Derry was in a foreign land, it was a strange time for a sickness had befallen the earth, but she found refuge in a church, there were no statues, stations of the cross but a table and chair and a pen and paper (or a laptop maybe with wifi and an endless supply of tea!). And she did write and behold - ERIN’S DIARY the inner thoughts, scribbles, lists and drawings were born. It’s great craic! Lisa joins the TDGs for this Christmas special where you’ll also get a few hints about what will be in series 3 (was a peek, mind). Find out who inspired Granda Joe, there’s a near fallout over the buns, and a childhood question that has plagued Lisa but only Marie-Louise can answer… The End! 
Erin’s Diary -
Little Acorn Books: Jenni Doherty’s shop @LittleAcornsBks -
Writers Guild of Ireland ZEBBIE Awards Nov 2020 Lisa wins TV DRAMA award for Ep 6 Series 1 -
The Mark Patterson Show; BBC Radio Foyle TDGs are on again on 22nd December, if we’re spared! —
Gerry Anderson -
John Hume -
Pat Ramsay - the finder of lost things….
The story of Pantomime (because someone in USA asked us..) -
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