Talking Derry Girls
Talking Derry Girls
The Big Light
Episode 12: We're All Derry Girls Now, Hi!
1 hour 12 minutes Posted Oct 6, 2020 at 4:01 pm.
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Show notes
We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep6 / 'The President'
We are at the end of the beginning and President Bill Clinton is on his way to Derry. One of our three Derry Girls had an invitation to meet the man himself. One had passed the security checks to get close to him and the other was in a car park at the back of Derry's Guildhall. It's history in the making and stirs up some emotional memories and asks some probing questions. Which one of the Talking Derry Girls was in Riverdance? Which one has CIA clearance? and which one is related to Bill Clinton? (Maybe) Oh and why go to Burt when you could have gone to Muff? 
Great read about the USA involvement in the peace process by Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies -
Derry Journal article on President Clinton’s visit at the end of Derry Girls -
Derry Journal article on President Clinton’s visit at the end of Derry Girls -
Clinton’s visit to the Beech hill hotel -
Secret naval base in Derry -
Bill Clinton in Belfast, including the handshake with Gerry Adams -
Niall O’Dowd’s article on the Clinton visit -
Tip O’Neill -
Oliver Cromwell in Ireland - it’s in there somewhere - great podcast (it’s episode 49) -
Cliff Richard -
Paul Mallon (Dennis) -
Bronagh Waugh (Cathy Maguire) -
JFK’s visit to Ireland in 1963 (lots of youtube videos as well, far too many to list here) -
Bill Clinton and Van Morrison -
Burt; Co Donegal -
Bloody Sunday -
President Clinton’s speech at the Guildhall on 30th November 1995 -
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