Talking Derry Girls
Talking Derry Girls
The Big Light
Episode 9: This 'n' That
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Sep 15, 2020 at 4:01 pm.
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Show notes
We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep3 / 'The Concert'
Whatever we said whatever we did we probably meant it. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise come clean about their own teenage misdemeanours - some of which happened when they were old enough to know better. How far did they go to meet their heroes and would they have booed Led Zeppelin off the stage for playing their new song? The facts about the escaped polar bear are unearthed with the truth proving even more farcical than the fiction. Marie-Louise refuses to believe that BBC news presenter Donna Traynor could spread Fake News and is a line of white tape adequate protection from a potential explosion? Is it possible to get paid extra for turning up late for work and is it ever wise to ask a virtual stranger on a date? Take That. You probably deserved it. 
Eddi Izzard:
Daniel O’Donnell:
Saturday Night Fever - starring John Travolta:
The Blue Nile:
Brian Kennedy:
The Europa Hotel:
Peter the polar bear:
Wild Ireland:
Rita - actor Kerri Quinn:
Take That concert Belfast 1993:,tour%20was%20titled%20Pops%20Tour.
Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol):
Donna Traynor:
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