Talking Derry Girls
Talking Derry Girls
The Big Light
Episode 4: It's All A Load Of Walls
56 minutes Posted Jul 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
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Show notes
Even if some of the hosts have eight bedrooms and a chocolate fountain, one wean from Chernobyl is not impressed and Granda Joe's new ‘friend’ has started a Cold War. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise talk condoms, blow-dries and the downsides to a bomb damaged bargain. Pauline discovers why it really matters whether Granda Joe bought a cream horn or a cream finger and whether the Stations of the Cross is a suitable place for a date.
The Walls of Derry:
Why people starved within the walls - The Siege of Derry:
The Undertones:
Snow - Informer (1992) - Great Irish name - Darrin Kenneth O’Brien. Well worth a read!
Chernobyl Children in NI:
Pump Street and cream horns…
ACTOR Diona Doherty (Katya):
Eurovision Song Contest - Cork 1993 - Ireland kept winning the contest which meant they had to host the next one! Ireland won 1993 so we were then treated to River Dance during the interval in 1994:
Aran jumpers - they look good no matter what size you are - ignore Jeanie!
East Belfast - where Wee Clive was from, a really interesting history to this place:
ACTOR: Anthony Boyle (David Donnelly):
Only a Woman’s heart - Eleanor McEvoy and Mary Black:
This is such a great story from Frank Crummey and his boot filled with condoms:
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