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Talk is Cheap
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Episode 13 with Matthew Shen Goodman
2 hour 34 minutes Posted Feb 16, 2020 at 8:08 pm.
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Show notes
Here I talk to editor and writer Matthew Shen Goodman. Long time Talk fam, Matt contributed to our first issue for which I will forever be grateful. Matt is an editor at Triple Canopy and frequent contributor to Art in America among a fistful of other cultural and critical platforms. Here we talk about why he dropped out of not one but two prestigious grad programs, circle around the question of the space for idiosyncratic style and interiority in critical writing and why fiction is starting to feel more and more relevant in the early days of 2020. We also get into some thoughts about the distinction between cultural appropriation and cultural exploitation, and what this whole coerced performance of identity really seems to yield. Also did Daniel Lopatin steal or borrow from the Akira soundtrack? Finally we settle into our shared identity as native New Yorkers and how those rougher edges can sometimes make it difficult to navigate less confrontational cultures, and why he finds MMA to be a specifically satisfying outlet for that gap. Matt’s a fascinating guy and this was a great chat. If you haven’t yet, definitely dive into his deep and continually growing archive or writing.