Tales of the Night Sky | Greek & Roman Star Myths
Tales of the Night Sky | Greek & Roman Star Myths
Bibi Jacob, Geoff Chong. A Monkey & Bird Production
Original audio drama with spectacular soundscapes, based on the Greco-Roman myths behind the constellations. Written and directed by Bibi Jacob, these moving and sometimes humorous tales, brim with tragedy, injustice, and violence.
08 Coronis: The Constellation of Corvus
Corvus, the crow, is set to watch Apollo’s lover, the Princess Coronis. But when boundaries are transgressed, the consequences are gruesome in this tale of jealousy, rage and regret.    Starring Nigel Pilkington as Corvus   Written, directed and presented by Bibi Jacob. Production and sound design by Geoff Chong
Oct 31
11 min
Bonus episode: Creusa’s Diary
What happened to the two drops of blood Erichthonius received from Athena? This intimate and moving diary reveals all.    Starring Morag Cross as Creusa Oboe playing by Morag Cross   Written, directed and presented by Bibi Jacob Production and sound design by Geoff Chong
Sep 30
38 min
07 Erichthonius: The Constellation of Auriga
A gold-tipped arrow, a gilded casket, a snake-tailed child and two drops of the gorgon’s blood. The goddess Athena narrates her tale of love and power.   Starring Sharon Mann as Athena With Dario Costa as Hephaestus and Homer, Morag Cross as Daughter 2 and Bibi Jacob as Erichthonius and Daughter 1   Written and directed by Bibi Jacob. Production and sound design by Geoff Chong Special thanks to Christine Hooper and to Jean-Paul Palmyre Recorded at Studio Quali’sons, Paris (Morag Cross recorded in London) Quote from Martin Hammond’s translation of Homer’s Iliad (4.17)
Aug 4
24 min
Bonus Episode: The Complaint of Perseus
Perseus is not happy and he’s about to tell you why. Starring Doug Rand as Perseus
Jun 22
9 min
06 Andromeda Part 2: Constellations of the Perseus Family
How does the celebrated Ancient Greek hero, Perseus, change the course of Andromeda’s destiny and seal Medusa’s fate? And what does it really mean to be a hero?  With Sharon Mann as Athena, Chris Mack as Hermes, Hester Wilcox as Danaë, Dario Costa as King Polydectes
Jun 11
20 min
05 Medusa: The Constellation of Perseus
At the heart of the Perseus-Andromeda myth lies the strange story of Medusa. In this in-between episode, enter Medusa’s cave, at the ends of the earth, to find out if she really was a monster.
Apr 29
16 min
04 Andromeda Part 1: Constellations of the Perseus Family
Sit with Andromeda in the face of her oncoming death and witness her final moments.  Her parents - King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopea - are organising their daughter’s demise. Will Vanity triumph over Love? An electrifying retelling of one of the most famous greek myths.
Mar 18
17 min
03 Cynosura: The Constellation of Ursa Minor
Who on earth was Ursa Minor before she became a constellation?  Find out in this light-hearted interview.  With Shelly De Vito as the talk show host and Bibi Jacob as the Little Bear. Song written and performed by Bibi Jacob Special thanks to Jean-Paul (for being a star)
Feb 2
20 min
02 Arcas: The Constellation of Boötes
As if Callisto’s own life wasn’t tragic enough, in this episode we discover the horror that her baby son, Arcas, suffered. A tale of infanticide and cannibalism originating from the sins of the fathers.
Dec 2, 2019
9 min
01 Callisto: The Constellation of Ursa Major
Discover the story behind one of the best known constellations: Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This is the tale of Callisto, an Arcadian princess, who follows her dreams only to find herself confronting tragedy after tragedy. Listen to Callisto recount her devastating story, her painful metamorphosis and her astonishing, final transformation. With: Emily Ingham, Elizabeth Ingham, Shelly DeVito
Dec 2, 2019
14 min