Tales of the Justice Society of America – Two True Freaks
Tales of the Justice Society of America – Two True Freaks
Two True Freaks!
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While there are some good insights on this podcast, the hosts tend to have extensive preamble before arriving at the crux of the episode. But this is a stylistic choice which is fine. What is disappointing however is the extensive usage of foul language especially in the first half of episodes. Definitely contrary to the spirit of the Justice Society and its 1940's sensibilities. That is regrettable as otherwise this is a good resource.
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All-Star Squadron & Crisis - Give Me More!!
This podcast and this team (Mike Bailey & Scott Gardner) are awesome!! I have caught up to the current hiatus (Mid 2015 - ???) and have really enjoyed every episode and can't wait for it to start up again. All-Star Squadron is coming up to some great issues (#50 & 52); and getting to re-visit Crisis with a couple of guys with great insight and their own thoughts and memories is just the best. Hope to hear more soon!!
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This show started it all for me!
I had never listened to a podcast before but when I searched the internet for the Justice Society of America, I found this podcast and am so glad I gave it a listen. Great topic, awesome hosts. This podcast makes my favorite comic heroes even better!!
Al Gerding
Comics Podcasting as You Like It
Well, as I like it, anyway. Michael and Scott take the listener through a variety of JSA-related material, from vintage stories through Crisis on Infinite Earths. The hosts are knowledgable, listenable, and honest. They'll point out what works, what doesn't work, and why it's important. Good stuff.
Grammar Merchant
Great Podcast
I'm late to the game as far as your podcast goes, but have been loving the Crisis episodes. Can't wait for more!
My first podcast
A great podcast with two entertaining host with a vast knowlege of comics. This was the first podcast I listen two and I was hooked. I have been a JSA fan since the 70's and I love reliving these stories with these awesome podcasters.
Love it!
Love the show! Just started listening...hope it comes back!
Derek Buhrke