Tales of Sigmar - An Age of Sigmar Podcast
Tales of Sigmar - An Age of Sigmar Podcast
Tales of Sigmar
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Consistently excellent
Tales of Sigmar has been releasing awesome shows consistently since they started. Between Dan, James, and Adam, you usually hear an excellent mix of news, hobby, event coverage, list building, thoughts on the meta, and more. Some of my personal favorite episodes have been when they do a deep dive with a guest, such as a recent episode with Sam Davies, which provided in-depth advice on how to play Stormcast Eternals competitively. Greatly looking forward to seeing what these gents do with the podcast in 2017. I can’t recommend the show enough.
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Scruby & Wells
Fun & conversational Warhammer podcast!
Great and informative podcast about Age of Sigmar. The hosts have great chemistry; I especially love their tournament reports, and their discussions of their hobby projects and process. Good fun! Bonus points - they are British.