Tales of Sigmar - An Age of Sigmar Podcast
Tales of Sigmar - An Age of Sigmar Podcast
Tales of Sigmar
Episode 49 - Seeing AoS 2 Tournaments Out With A Win! And Age of Sigmar 3 Rules
2 hour 17 minutes Posted Jun 17, 2021 at 4:31 am.
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Show notes

The Tales of Sigmar Podcast is back, with Chalmers and Martin once again going through all things Age of Sigmar. In this episode Chalmers talks about the recent tournament he attended at Battle Bunker in Sunderland where he took Mega-Gargants and ended up winning the event! What better way to see out AoS 2?!? With the release of the AoS 3 Core Rules we also talk about those alongside the GHB Rulebook. This is the first look into the AoS 3 Rules and we'll be sure to cover more in the upcoming episodes.


Don't forget we have the Tales of Wargames YouTube channel and we'll be doing painting videos for alot of the Dominion boxset.


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