Down Bad Podcast.
Down Bad Podcast.
Burny, Mike, Alex
Burny, Alex, and Mike, here for those who are down bad. Come for the laughs stay for Mike's horrible sports bets. All are welcome.
John plays Bumper Cars.
John guest stars on this episode. This one is worth a listen.
Mar 15
52 min
Tiger Woods
The boys discuss tiger woods car crash and whether or not he should retire. 
Mar 4
52 min
The Gang goes on a golf trip.
Mike and Alex return from San Fran and talk about their trip and the misadventures on the golf course as well as Alex's interesting choices in recovering from a hangover.
Feb 25
44 min
Bathroom of Doom
Aaron tells the boys his hilarious awkward first impressions with Jason Nash and Casey Neistat. The boys share stories from high school and why it was more fun when there were less rules. Aaron also shares his nightmare experience in the Hobby Lobby bathroom.
Feb 17
56 min
Why Steroids belong in Pro Sports....Episode 3
The gang debates whether steroids belong in sports, if David is a good IGL for CoD and the boys give a brief intro to their sports better competition they will run.
Feb 2
36 min
Alex is down Cataclysmic after the Packers Loss.
The boys chat NFL and UFC in the first episode of this weeks set.
Jan 29
33 min
Welcome to the Down Bad Podcast
Burny, Mike, and Alex. Here for those who just need a laugh. 
Jan 23
36 min