Table Top Babble
Table Top Babble
A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.
205 – Kristin Devine
Today on the show Amber talked with Game Designer, Writer, and Podcaster Kristin Devine who is an absolute delight! They sat down and discussed how she went from homebrewing games to designing and writing for games, and learning the ins and outs of podcast editing!
Nov 30
56 min
204 – Shawn O’Hara
Today on the show Kenny and Amber talk with Game Master and Comedian Shawn O’Hara who they're both major fans of! He’s been an inspiration and influence on both of their own GMing. They sat down and chatted about his actual play podcast, table dynamics, doing voices and accents, improv in RPGS, and media that inspires our game design.
Nov 23
49 min
203 – Video Games and RPGs with Sersa Victory
Kenny talks with twice previous guest Sersa Victory, designer of adventures and supplements for TTRPGs, with a heavy emphasis on deathtrap dungeons. Recently though, Sersa has been spending his time rebuilding the 1980 classic dungeon crawl video game Rogue. They talk about this project, how video games inform Sersa’s design of TTRPGs, and what it takes to innovate as a game designer.
Nov 16
58 min
202 – Katie Mae
Amber talks with Game Master, Role Player, Twitch Streamer, and Comedian Katie Mae! She’s incredibly funny, creative, and wether she thinks so or not, also insightful.
Nov 9
49 min
201 – Ajey Pandey
It's Amber's first Table Top Babble episode and she chats with tabletop game designer, Ajey Pandey!
Nov 2
53 min
200 – Amber, Kenny, and John
It’s James Introcaso’s final show as the host! He sits down with Amber, Kenny, and John of Geekspective to discuss their plans for the future of Table Top Babble.
Oct 26
47 min
199 – Rudy Basso
James Introcaso chats with Rudy Basso, the co-founder of DSPN, audio editor, professional GM, and game designer.
Oct 22
40 min
198 – Krystina Arielle
James Introcaso chats with tabletop RPG artist, creator, actor, and cosplayer Krystina Arielle!
Oct 22
38 min
197 – Carlos Luna
James Introcaso chats with writer, broadcaster, editor, and creator Carlos Luna.
Oct 22
50 min
196 – Into the Mother Lands
James Introcaso sits down with Tanya DePass and B. Dave Walters to discuss the new game and stream of Into the Mother Lands.
Oct 22
42 min
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