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Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast Network
Ryan Rebalkin, Doug Greenberg, Craig Cohen
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Go The Distance With Other True Rocky Fans
If you love the Rocky franchise, or more of Sylvester Stallone’s work, this feed is for you. All the shows have something worthwhile to offer, but “Going The Distance: The Rocky & Creed Series Podcast” is the crown jewel for its enthusiastic insights into the saga from different perspectives. Hosts Ryan, Kyle and Katie are diehard Rocky fans and very knowledgeable about the films and beyond. Their chemistry makes for a fun listen and it’s great to hear my personal favorite movie series discussed in depth on a consistent basis. All the films are broken down step by step with thoughtful commentary as the hosts share their interpretations of the movies’ messages, subtext, performances and more. If you love Rocky like I do, you’ll find value in this deep dive. Don’t be just another bum from the neighborhood and check it out.
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Walter Banasiak
Phenomenal Storytelling
I attribute this podcast to that of listening to an audiobook. I’m a listener who has not yet watched the movies, so I can say with confidence from this angle, that the storytelling is on point. The format of the podcast is like listening to an audiobook chapter by chapter (listening to the actual scenes in the movie) and then listening to the breakdown of that chapter in group discussion (kind of like a virtual book club) - to include some great debates and entertaining tangents. Keep up the great work, Katie, Kyle, & Ryan! Happy New Year, ey!
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Kim the 1st
A Must-Listen For Any True Stallone Fan!
This is a consistently entertaining podcast featuring hosts who bring a lot more to the table than just their unbridled fandom. Each episode is filled with humor and careful analysis of various aspects of Stallone's eclectic filmography. And even though the hosts are fans, they don't mince words with Stallone's career missteps, either. The best episodes are the ones where all the hosts participate in a retrospective analysis of a Stallone screen appearance. It makes me wonder if they will eventually do audio commentaries for Stallone's films in addition to the discussion episodes. In closing, this reviewer wants to thank the hosts for continuing to churn out such a reliably enjoyable podcast!
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Some great content!
I love the round table discussions and Rocky minutes are cool, they just sort of spam up the feed and make it difficult to find more meaningful content.
Bobby Daubert
Ryan & Kyle know their doo-doo - huge fans!
Been listening when I can- Love your dedication and your commitment to all things Stallone, specifically, Rocky. You guys are massive authorities on Sly. I'm proud that you have followed your hearts. Keep working hard and much continued success. P.S. Youz never know who is listenin'! Ya know? (As Rocky might say)
Adnuk Ekim
The quintessential Rocky Podcast.
Hosts Ryan, Rubin and now Kyle share their passion of all things Rocky, bringing us a show that’s truly second to none. Their deep dive into the Rocky Saga brings fresh views full of insight, humor and compliment the entire Series one movie at a time. Keep punching fellas - we ain’t heard no bell. Nate
Just Like Rocky Balboa: A Podcast for the “Everyman”
I have been selfishly enjoying this podcast for the past few years, riddled with guilt as Ryan has nicely asked people to leave a review. Being within a year or two of Ryan, I grew up in the sweet spot of the Rocky era and mass fandom. I remember going to see Rocky IV on opening night when I was in 3rd grade. People were chanting and rooting for Rocky with every haymaker that landed, and it felt like I was at a real event. My obsession and love for the series was unwavering in those days. In that pre-internet age, the closest I could get to indulge on all things Rocky involved owing all the soundtracks on cassette, and having my VCR ready to record when one of the films came on TV. Sure, my friends loved the movies. What kid my age didn’t? But no one matched my obsession for this wonderful saga of this true inspirational character. Fast forward a few decades, and I was lucky enough to discover The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance. Ryan and Ruban’s love for the franchise, in many ways mirror my own, and I can relate to them on many levels being around their age, in the relative same stage of life. They, like myself, have always been a fan of the series, and they represent so many of us who have leaned on this saga for inspiration in our own lives. This genuine love of all things Rocky is evident with every episode. Their sincerity as true fans are very refreshing. Yes, they are critical, like all of us have been over the course of these eight movies. However, since their fandom comes from the heart, they don’t have the arrogance or nonchalance that a movie reviewer or anyone without the life investment of the Rocky character may have. In other words, they care about the series, and it hurts them to be critical. Many times I have felt the same way about doubting certain moves Stallone has made in this Rocky universe. Nonetheless, that is why I love this podcast. It is crafted by true fans for true fans! The good will always outweigh the bad for the Italian Stallion! Finally, it feels like I could have grown up with these guys, Ryan and Ruban. The time and money it must take to get to continue producing content all the while keeping up with the demands of family and work life, is very much appreciated. The podcast medium has allowed everyone to have a voice in the 21st century. Without a doubt, Ryan and Ruban echo the voices of so many, and no they are not a “ham and egger” podcast. It’s refreshing to me all these years later, to know that I’m not the only one who still finds this fictional tale so relatable and applying it to my own challenges in life. Thanks a million guys! Mike “Just another bum from the neighborhood”
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My kind of guys.
These guys know their Rocky.
Needed this tonight!
I work the graveyard, use to be an independent pro wrestler, but after a series of injuries, I now train newer talent. I still train like I was a competitor, and listening to this particular episode helped me tonight. I’m exhausted, and listening to these crack jokes, insight, and just banter on about Rocky (the former fighter) train the new talent, made me feel like... I better pay attention to my kid before her Uncle Paulie thinks he can go from reprogramming the robot to training my kid to fight.
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Real Hector Canales
What are we waiting for!
Best podcast for any Rocky fan! I am on episode #61 and I know I am about 2 years behind but have you given away the 5 t-shirts yet? If not, what are we waiting for? If you aren’t listening to this podcast, what you waiting for? Win Rocky Win!
Lifelong Rocky Fan!
Amazing podcast I’m trying to catch up from the beginning. I’ve been a Rocky fan all my life and it’s awesome hearing these Canadian brothers talking about each movie. Keep it up and I can’t wait to catch a live stream
Ultimate Rocky podcast
So I have been listening for some time now. I still cant get enough of this show. It’s like watching your favorite shows and you have to wait until next week to hear what is next. Frame the witty banter to the awesome guest that they are able to talk to. If your any type of Rocky fan this is the show for you. I’ll keep waiting for that guest star spot. Keep on punching guys. From a year ago: Ok I will try this again hahaha. So as I have been searching in the past for Rocky series podcast or anything Rocky related I then found this. As time has gone on from the very first podcast to now I have been listening to these guys talk about their love for it. Until then I didn't think there were others who had a love or even have been affected by the movies like I have. From the beginning when this podcast started they went through the first one to now where they take their time going through getting more out of each sedan. I've listened to them talk to people who have worked for, with, or even on the movies. They also talk with other people like me who love Rocky as much as I do. Every week I can't wait to see what's next on their agenda. They keep it personal and love interjecting parts of their lives that keep you wanting to come back. I will stop there because if I don't I could go on for days. Thank you guys for sharing your love for Rocky with me and others around the world
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lewis frederick
Ryan & Ruban have put together a great podcast that is full of love for all things Rocky. Breaking down all the Rocky movies scene by scene, complimented by having had great series related interviews along the way. I always have them at the ready for my commute to and from work.
Wizard of werds
Love these guys!
Not only am I a huge fan of this show but I’ve become friends with Ryan and his outrageous Canadian charm and friendliness is not just an act. These guys love Rocky and it definitely shows through their podcast. Keep punching!
The Podcast That Whacks Dem Bums Out!
I've been a fan of Rocky since I was 3yrs old when my parents took me to see Rocky IV in the theater and, needless to say, Rocky and the entire film series (yes, even Rocky V, which isn't actually as bad as most might say) has been a constant throughout my life. Enter The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance (or Going The Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast). Ryan and Ruban may be a couple of self-proclaimed "ham & eggers", but their love and appreciation (and knowledge) for all things Rocky is incredibly infectious! Their banter cracks me up and feels like I'm sitting down having a good chat about one Rocky Balboa with some old friends. Since coming across their awesome podcast a few weeks ago, I managed to binge through all their episodes while at work -- sometimes listening almost non-stop during a 10hr day -- and am stoked to have finally gone the distance...excuse the pun. But yeah, if you're a Rocky fan or a fan of Sylvester Stallone, give this podcast a shot. You won't regret it. From in-depth analysis of each and every Rocky film (sometimes, literally almost every second of a scene or breakdown of, say, the Creed II trailer) to incredible interviews with other Rocky fans from around the world and people who've been associated with the films themselves (that Robert Tepper interview FTW guys!), there's something for everyone here! Ding! Ding!
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Bob O'Rourke
Rocky Series Poscast
Found his podcast on Twitter!! Excellent!! I am a huge Rocky Fan and these guys are awesome!! I highly recommend this podcast!! Good stuff!!
Rich Vieira
Jay Jackson
If you are a fan of the Rocky franchise, this is right up your alley. Relive the films in great detail as these two brothers talk about their passion for the film series. Great show!
Rocky series podcast
I'm a huge Rocky fan, these regular guys, Ryan and Rubin are extremely knowledgeable on anything Rocky. Sometimes they go off topic but, I love the crazy facts they come up with. They cover so many details, a must for any Rocky fan. I'm going to listen to every podcast they make
Chester Cooperpot
If you are a Rocky fan this is for you!
I own all the movies on Blu Ray and just bought them all on iTunes as well! This podcast is awesome each episode they review a certain part of the movie in details!!
I've listened to this podcast from the beginning (I thought I'd left a review previously but apparently I just left a rating). I love this podcast. Rocky is one of my favorite characters of all time and the Rocky franchise is one of my favorites as well. I love that the brothers go through the films so meticulously. Sometimes they go off on tangents about Burt Reynolds and the bear rug (but even those have grown on me), and every once in a while I feel like this isn't quite geared toward me (a 20-something lady) but I'm sticking it out because these guys know and love Rocky. Highly recommend!
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This podcast goes the distance!
I love me some Rocky and I love listening to this podcast! Keep the episodes coming!
Cray Ambler
I retired more men then social security
Great descriptive detail of all the scenes and emotions that go through the film
This Podcast Fills Gaps
I only just found this podcast, and I am really liking it. Ryan and Ruban know almost as much as I do about Rocky...almost. Ha ha. :) But seriously, it's awesome to hear discussions about a movie that I love, and the way Ryan and Ruban do the show, it's like sitting in a bar talking Rocky, minus the beer. I actually learned a few things I didn't know, and the interviews with Rocky related folk are excellent. If you're a Rocky fan, and want to hear people who are as passionate about it as you are, tune in!
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