Switchblade Sisters
Switchblade Sisters
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RIP to an amazing podcsst
Literally one of the best movie podcasts to ever grace my feed. Looking forward to binge listening soon
When you podcast about something you love it shows!
As a hobbyist filmmaker with an interest in how things are made, and the people who make them, this was the show for me. I will listen to them all again!
Thank you
You are brilliant and lovely and your format rocked You will be sorely missed I wish you the absolute best in the future
5 stars
Great analysis! I hope you cover more David Lynch films in future episodes.
*Longtime Print Subscriber*
My new favorite podcast!
The title says it all. This is my new favorite podcast! Funny, insightful, well-researched conversations between brilliant filmmakers and storytellers about some of my favorite movies? What’s not to love? I feel like I come away from every episode a little smarter, a little happier, and a little more inspired than I was when I first pressed play, and I’m so grateful for that! Highly recommended!
Could listen on repeat
And I do! So much research and prep goes into each episode. This is quality work. It’s fascinating. April’s awesome. The range of women she speakers to is great. Love to have this podcast each week as part of my routine.
Sibia Marie
One of the few shows I look forward to every week. Sharp insights, fascinating guests from across the medium. If you love the moving image, you will love Switchblade Sisters.
Good stuff!
I have suggested this podcast to every single one of my friends. I love film, genre, and lady creators, and this is an excellent podcast about ALL THOSE THINGS! If you like those things too, give this a try! The interviews are always fun, always about movie-love, and always willing to discuss the film industry’s flaws. Good stuff <3
New movies.
Decided to use this time to watch a movie I haven’t seen each day. This has been the perfect Podcast find those movies!!!!
New perspectives on favorite films
My favorite part of this show is hearing the thoughts and feelings of woman in the business on movies I’ve loved for years (like Scream and Jennifer’s Body). They’re movies I’ve seen too many times to count but each episode of this show gives me something new to think about for each of them. I’m hooked!
Great show!
Wonderful show about the craft of making movies and how genre movies drive the medium forward. Amazing guests with perspectives that have changed the way I look at movies. Anchored by the talented and funny April Wolfe, this show is a must listen for film fans.
Great work. Indispensable movie pod
Been listening here & there for a while. Every day of the past week I’ve thought about something I enjoyed or related to from the Cathy Yan/Mad Max episode. Plus it really enhanced my enjoyment Birds of Prey!! The rubber really meets the road when it comes to guest plugs here. Every episode has great attention to storytelling, craft, voice. This podcast is indispensable in my rotation. Also I have no idea what this is worth, but I’m a dude 🤷
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Fantastic Show
This is an endlessly entertaining show with incredible hosts. One of the greats!
April Wolfe = Podcast Goddess
Heard about this podcast from April Wolfe's appearance on The Bechdel Cast. After listening to one episode I was immediately hooked. I love the premise and format of this podcast and Wolfe is such an amazing host. There's no "dead air", she allows the guest to speak, and all the information is absolutely fascinating. Currently working my way through the episodes. I seem to enjoy the podcast more and more with each listen. Thank you April Wolfe for creating such a wonderful podcast!
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The Dude Abides 95
Loved Gabriela Ledsma!
This podcast feels really special. Gabriela’s episode instantly became one of my favorites. She has such Ana amazing story and I loved hearing her talk about Psycho, I hope she comes back on soon. I am so glad this podcast exists and that maximum fun exists. Everyone should subscribe
April Wolfe can read our minds
For the last two weeks I have been telling my friends again and again about the movie Ravenous and suddenly the Ravenous episode drops on Switchblade Sisters. I am envious of anybody who learned about that movie by listening to that episode. This is a really informative and very entertaining podcast. April Wolfe is a great interviewer while themselves being very engaging and their enthusiasm is infectious. Also, go check out Who Shot Ya? Podcast for which Wolfe used to serve as a regular host.
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Just the best
I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!! I don’t think I’ve ever said this before (and let’s be honest, I’ll probably never say it again) but this show makes me a little bummed to be a male filmmaker, because I’ll never get to be on it (I know, cry me a river white straight American man). Thank you April!
Smart women talking about fascinating and weird movies. This speaks right to me. I love it so much!
A cut above!
As a straight white male who does not work in the film industry, I often find myself thinking about what genre movie I will pick when I am on the show - then I remember I never will be and how amazing that is! April is an talented interviewer and meticulous researcher who is also one of my very favorite critics (and soon to be screen writers). I love the conversations and get to add to my always growing “to see” list every episode! I am so thankful for the show and the work that goes into it.
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James offbase
Love it!
I waited far too long to give Switchblade Sisters a listen. It’s lots of fun listening to April and her awesome guests talk about my favorite movies and introduce me to new ones.
Worth every slice
As a born again screenwriter, Switchblade Sisters is the welcoming crash course in the filmmaker’s perspective I need. April’s work has introduced me to so many intelligent women filmmakers & I love learning from all their work as well. Thanks!
The Other Tim Lynch
If I could give this podcast 6 Stars, I would.
After hearing the ads for Switchblade Sisters for the past few years, I finally decided to listen to this absolutely INCREDIBLE podcast. Between April Wolfe and her amazing guests, I feel like I’m back in college again. I wish I could’ve pursued a film degree, but I’m getting all of my credit hours from and absolutely amazing program.
Process, Passion, and this is a terrible heading for a review.
If you love discussions of process, this is for you. I also really appreciate this podcast for taking their subjects seriously, digging deep into technique and subtext, while being unselfconsciously excited about filmmaking. There are so many shows that talk about what they hate, it’s cool to hear people talk about what they love.
soft pieces
Yes! Women are allowed to love genre movies!
Oh my godddd, as a lady who loves movies that don't always love me back, it's fantastic to hear women both gush and honestly discuss issue with the genres that are close to my heart, noir, crime, horror, sci-fi. Also fantastic to hear unapologetic, unblushing, unembarassed discussions of these genres that are assigned the label of 'not serious' though they often allegorically or otherwise deal more honestly with societal problems, and offer main roles (though not always flattering ones) to women or marginalized people than many so-called 'serious' movies. Plus it gives me such a great movie list to tackle, and I know that they have been vetted by people whose opinions to trust. And April is an AMAZING interviewer. Switchblade Sister 4-eva!
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Inspiring and Informative!
April is a GREAT interviewer, and I'm always adding things to my watchlist. I'm trying to watch more films by female filmmakers, and this is a great resource.
Genre movie love!
Such an awesome podcast for those who love genre movies and filmmaking! Great discussions that are so well-researched, fun, and passionate about movies that can sometimes be seen as lesser (and aren’t!). It’s also introduced me to new movies and filmmakers that I’m now so glad to know of because they’re all right up my alley. It’s so great to hear a fresh perspective revisiting films like Body Double and Mulholland Drive. The podcast also brings awareness to under-seen gems like One False Move and Night of the Comet! This is one of the best movie podcasts I constantly reference and I’ll continue to recommend it to everyone!
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Wolfe love
Love this podcast! I feel like it was made just for me? Love April Wolfe. Love the logo. This switchblade sister wants a t-shirt to shout it to the world.
E Marie
Thank the Stars
My new favorite podcast. I had a difficult time finding an in-depth podcast on film of modern AND retro favorites that didn’t lose my attention, but I have finally found the one. April Wolfe is an engaging and informative host who does an excellent job of asking the perfect questions to the guests and educating me along the way. I love every minute of it and hope it gets the recognition it deserves. My personal favorite episode was “Raw with Barbara Crampton”; excited for more to come!!
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Best Film Podcast Going
April Wolfe is a fresh voice in film criticism (thank god) who brings incredible research, thoughtful questions and wonderful guests to her show. She has exposed me to artists I might not have known or given much thought to otherwise, and she helps contribute to the growing legitimacy of genre film analysis. I am so grateful for this show as a cis white hetero male sick of listening to cis white hetero males talk about the same ten movies over and over again.
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Not a film buff? Not a problem!
Nothing makes my Fridays like putting on a fresh Switchblade Sisters! I'm not well versed in film and nine times out of ten I haven't seen the films discussed but, like April says, that never stops me from listening. More than anything else I love hearing art and womanhood discussed in a space created by artists and women, but the occasional deep dive on rubber prop monsters is good too. Extra kudos to April and Casey for the insane amount of research that goes into every episode!
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Grace (Under Pressure)
The Great April Wolfe!
It took me way too long to start listening to this. I've loved April Wolfe's writing for a long time in (the late lamented) LA Weekly and other places. I loved finding out how funny and smart she was listening to "Who Shot Ya" so I should have started listening to this as soon as I found out about it. This podcast is informative, funny and so entertaining. I love hearing these women talk about these movies--some of which I've seen, many of which I love and many I didn't--but this gave me new perspectives. Another great April Wolfe project!
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Everyone needs to listen to this
One of my favorite podcasts without a doubt. April always invites the most interesting guests who always have so much insight to offer. This podcast might have completely changed the way I approach film and I love it to death for that.
Edutaining to the max
I love this show, y’all teach me rad insider stuff not only about the genre movies I love but the super talented professional ladies you feature who are struggling with their own industry and creative obstacles. A really smart framework for featuring diverse creators. Love the conversations! Would love to see more gender diverse folks on the show as well (I’m non-binary).
So genuine, so informative, so fun
Movies are an essential escape for me, and genre films in particular are an amazing medium to explore social, political, and moral topics. April vibes so well with all her guests, who each bring amazing perspectives and insights, and April’s research on the (sometimes obscure) background of the films brings me life.
joey bagel
If You Love Things Dark and Strange
It’s hard enough to find movie podcasts hosted by women but even harder to find one about horror. Women who love horror are always seen as oddities but I’ve loved it all my life and now I know I’m not alone. This podcast has given me insight into why horror speaks to me and other woman as well as teaching me about writing, story telling, cinematography, directing, acting, and giving me a view of the film industry I didn’t have before. It’s a podcast by and for women, sometimes it’s feminist, but mostly it’s a fresh and well informed look at a movie I often haven’t seen or would have disregarded. If you like movies that are dark and strange and want to hear more from fans and creators alike I highly recommend this podcast.
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Hiiiiiiighly recommenced
I love this podcast. April is so smart and insightful. I love the conversations she has with amazing creative women. Listen and subscribe to it. Now. You will not regret it at all.
Reflects my own love of genre
I've been working my way through the backlist of this podcast. I love it so much — smart women talking about their favorite genre flicks, while also digging into the behind the scenes nitty gritty of making things. Makes me so happy.
An original, entertaining interview style.
I wish I could remember which podcast introduced me to Switchblade Sisters. I am so grateful you are in my ears. Your interview style, incorporating your guests favorite movie with her current or previous project, is solid gold. Never the same and never feels formulaic. Your research, more conversation than interview, the fandom, and your comradery with your guests are so fluid and effortless I feel like I'm sitting with two long-time friends. I came to hear about a classic movie I love, I stayed and learned about some amazing women in the movie industry. Brilliant and fun! Rob B., Ph.D., Morgantown, WV.
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Morgantown Global Fungi
Smart, deep and exciting way into talking about filmmaking.
This is such a film lovers' format and such a smart way to get at filmmakers' passion and inspiration for their work. It's a great way to launch a conversation and get insight into filmmaking and filmmakres. Great idea by film critic and host April Wolfe. I loved the most recent episode where DeMane Davis discusses The Wiz.
Film nerd adjacent
This is a great podcast for film nerds, those who are film nerd adjacent and regular folk. As a regular dude I find it edifying to hear some ways in which the experiences of women filmmakers may affect their perspectives on both works they love and create.
Horgon 77
Just discovered this show and can’t stop listening. Smart and talented women talk about things I love and invariably give me new insights I would never have discovered on my own.
One of the best film discussion podcasts
The insightful discussions have led me to re-watch familiar films in new ways.
This is a podcast my husband and I can listen to together on long car rides. This podcast made me seek out Near Dark at my local movie rental store (yup there’s one in my tiny university town). This podcast got me to watch Jennifer’s Body (thank you). Next up Demon Seed???
This is a really good podcast it turns out
I don’t know Anything about movies so I had been ignoring ads for this podcast, but now I wish I’d tried it earlier! Episodes are perfectly fascinating and charming whether or not you’ve seen the films being discussed, but fair warning that you Are going to want to see every movie by the end. Lovely.
Great interviews and conversations
April is such a wonderful interviewer and is so knowledgeable of the film industry. I jumped on from the start because I love her on Who Shot Ya. I am very happy to get to celebrate the work of women film and tv professionals with this thoughtful and meaningful podcast. Also, I got to sit in on an interview with Megan Griffiths at a film festival on Orcas Island in WA state and just kept thinking about how great the interview would have been coming from April, and then it was there in my feed only a short while later!! Thanks for everything, April!!!
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This is such an excellent podcast due to both wonderful guests and the fact that host April Wolfe come prepared having extensively researched the guests and the film to be discussed. It is so professional but also FULL OF JOY!
As a woman who is attempting to go back to school right now to learn how to direct horror movies, this podcast is so incredibly inspiring and informative. Love it to death, totally amazeballs
Best of the best
I’ve got a lot of movie podcasts on my feed, but this is the only one that I go back and listen to archived episodes while I’m waiting for a new one to come out. April always brings her “A game” to the interviews, with loads of research and the ability to draw insights from obscure trivia. She is smart and funny and seems to actually enjoy talking with her guests. These are real conversations, not just two people who are waiting for their turn to talk. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. You’ll learn so much.
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Pittsburgh Chris
Good pod
Came for the dispatching of goons, stayed for the lady cursing!
A New Go-To Podcast
Recently discovered Switchblade Sisters and subscribed right away. April is an excellent host, and I love the variety of films and guests. My favorite episode so far is the interview with Brea Grant, where they discuss 1982's BASKET CASE.
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