Switchblade Sisters
Switchblade Sisters
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‘To Die For’ with ‘I Blame Society’ Director Gillian Wallace Horvat
45 minutes Posted Feb 11, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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This week we are joined by the wonderful writer, director, producer, and actor Gillian Wallace Horvat. She sits down with host Katie Walsh to discuss Gus Van Sant’s classic, To Die For. Rarely has a movie chosen by a guest better fit with their own work than with this film and Gillian’s latest, I Blame Society. Gillian begins the discussion by drawing parallels between the two movies, both about psychotic women who do not let anyone get in the way of their desires. Gillian elaborates on how gatekeepers and the invisible barriers to the film industry inspired her film. She also talks about her friendship with To Die For screenwriter Buck Henry and how they became lunch buddies. And lastly, Gillian reveals a conspiracy theory about To Die For that involves witchcraft.

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If you haven’t seen To Die For – move it!

With Katie Walsh and Gillian Wallace Horvat.