Suspend Disbelief
Suspend Disbelief
David Fair
Suspend Disbelief is your source for a down-to-Earth approach to a variety of topics circling around current events, spirituality, entertainment, and self-expression. Instead of the emotionally heightened response that we fall into from time to time, consider allowing these emotional reactions to enter into our lives undisturbed. Let’s reserve time and space to fully experience these helpful guides to growth.
Episode 7: Nick Jett
Nick has participated in many marathons, triathlons, and ultra-marathons. We discuss how all of these interests are helping us deal with what is going on in the world today. How the music industry has taken a dramatic shift, and what exactly endurance sports do for us when it comes to solitude, therapy, and fulfillment.
Aug 6
41 min
Episode 6: Mike Hernandez
We discuss what life is like both pre and current pandemic and how the education/ coach system has adapted to a more online formatted approach to education. Mike explains the goals of coaching so well that the sport that is being coached begins to be less relevant to the overall end all. He hosts his own podcast where him and his guests do a great job in balancing the jargon filled “x’s and o’s” of talking shop of coaching basketball, along with the building of community that every morally just coach hopes to accomplish. He is one of the voices of an educator that are pleasing to the ear not only in tone, but in the message he conveys through actions and well being.
Jul 30
1 hr
Episode 5: Lynn Kennedy
Lynn has competed in a multitude of different types of bicycle races, has raced for several different teams, and remains an active part of the cycling community to this day. We remissness on how we became friends through bikes riding at night. We talk mentors and ways that we stay motivated and motivate others through our actions. As much as riding bikes is near and dear to the hearts of both of us, while it may seem like a great opportunity to ride all the time, life has a strange way of making what seems to be convenient more than meets the eye.
Jul 22
47 min
Episode 4: Desmond Eason
I talk with Desmond Eason about dealing with the weight of the world from the perspective of a person of color, working in law enforcement.
Jul 15
56 min
Episode 3: Em Cyr
I talk with my good friend Em Cyr. Em is originally from the north-east part of Canada, but has since moved to the East Coast of the United States and now is living here in Los Angeles. Working for a private ambulance company we discuss the before and current effects that the pandemic and racial injustices are affecting our day to day lives. We talk about our different ways of coping with these weird times, and share stories of what it was like working together in the ever-evolving medical industry. We also talk about Chinese red string theory & current television musings.
Jul 8
1 hr 12 min
Episode 2: Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera is a photo studio owner living in Los Angeles. He also rides bikes and loves all things Los Angeles Him and I go back to when we first discovered bikes. We discuss how we are dealing with the world given these strange times. We talk about how these global events are affecting our work and livelihood, and what we are doing to keep ourselves balanced and contributing to the greater good. The audio quality needs improvement and I am doing my part to make sure that this becomes more and more polished in the future. Jason on Instagram at @Jayrivphoto
Jun 28
33 min
Episode 1: Kate Daly
I talk with Kate Daly on dealing with the weight of the world through Vipassana meditation and how she puts mindful practices into daily use. The Art Of Living: Vipassana Meditation by William Hart. Kate Daly on Instagram @Katedalylife
Jun 28
32 min
Episode 0: Trailer
An introduction to the premise of the podcast.
Jun 17
31 sec