Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club
Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club
Susan Hyatt
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Susan is an amazing host being so real and inspiring!
Susan is an amazing host being so real and inspiring! the topics targeted are diverse and very informative.
Health_ Coach
Susan’s medicine is INSPIRING
I love me some Susan Hyatt! Her capacity to be 100% who she is with no apology is an incredible inspiration. This podcast offers fabulous wisdom and fun - being in her energy can ignite you. Love it!!
Joy verses Drama Podcast July 18th 2021
Wow I give this group , podcast , presenter Susan Hyatt 5 Stars !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ She is real and truthful and says things that resonate and bring up so many other thoughts for change ! Her creativity and high energy is contagious and when I can .. I will seek her as my own Life Coach ! I’m following her every day for the inspiration I get from her words, her pictures and her posts !! Reading her book now. 💥BARE by Susan Hyatt !! I also give this book 5 Stars Good good stuff !! I love her more with each interaction!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Burn it up
This episode triggered something in me. Things that have happened in the past, you think they are long gone, then something happens and it takes you full circle...back to the moment. I am a student at ULCT and so love the program. After my night of co-coaching with a fellow student the instructors review was so kind and enthusiastic it triggered something in me. It brought back my past that I wasn’t good enough. Imposter syndrome set in. I cried to my husband after class and told him I could not believe someone would say such complimentary things toward me and my cohort. It was very hard to accept. I prayed about it. When I listened to Susan’s Podcast about Burn it up, I set my mind to it and coached myself. I burned the past. I AM good enough. I AM worthy. I am burning all the thoughts I have had fed to me for so many years. I AM going to help others break this cycle of doubt and fear. Thank you Susan for your positive words and for teaching me I WILL succeed. And, as I succeed I bring others with me. My life is wonderful and full. I am opening my eyes to SEE it as it always should have been, as it will be from now on, the way God has it laid out for me. I am loved.
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Sherri Bradfield
Not just for coaches!
I have loved Susan’s content for a long time, but I didn’t listen to the podcast because I wasn’t a life coach. Now I’m in training right I be a life coach, so I’m finally catching up on episodes. Don’t be me! Don’t wait, her podcast is for you even if you’re not a coach yet. Or, you could also go ahead and get trained to be a coach! I’m in Susan’s University for Life Coach Training now and it’s been the best decision.
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5 Golden ⭐️
Susan Hyatt’s podcast is full of so much wisdom, witty stories, and useful tips to implement in your business. When I get stuck in my head or need some motivation I just listen to one of her Rich Coach episodes. She lights a fire under my butt every time I listen. Thank you for being like my Mom, Auntie, soul sister, best friend all rolled into one. I have followed your work for a lot of years. The ripple out effect you talk about, has helped me live a more authentic life, because you are so real. There are so many fake people on social media. Susan is the real deal. Love her❤️
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Emily S 🌺
Wow: Woman of Worth
I have followed Susan for years and love participating in her various challenges. In a Miracle Week challenge, an assignment about attentive eating took me by surprise. As I set my table with a real plate, it dawned on me that I had been believing the lie that paper plates meant I was not worthy of a real plate. From that moment forth, I have used real plates for my meals. No more paper plates for this Woman of Worth! Thanks so much, Susan!
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Appointment listening for any coach!
I’ve been listening to this podcast since last August and am so glad I discovered it! Susan provides pep talks and interviews that manage to be fun, inspiring and value-packed at all at once. The job of a coach is to “always be growing,” and this podcast helps coaches do that not just in wealth but in spirit and practice.
Environmental Detox
I needed this reminder!! Thank you, Susan for the lessons of BARE! I did this last summer—but it is time to do it again! Your story of Law and Order is like my hubby watching war movies on Turner Classic movies!! I started reading calming books before bed and sleep much better. Your message continued to be spot on in my life! Xoxo
JoNeil ReJoy Your Life!
Level up
If you are looking to level up in your business (or quite honestly in any part of your life) then you need some Susan Hyatt in your life. She’s like the wise, witty, brilliant best friend you WISH you had, and her advice is golden. She’s seriously one of the most inspiring podcasters and leaders around. Honestly, I’m not sure why you’re even still here reading reviews - stop reading and go listen to her podcast. You can thank me later!
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Taking a fresh look at business and life
Susan Hyatt is a breath of fresh air! I’ve been following her podcasts, groups and new YouTube channel for several years now. She never disappoints. It’s not the dry, tired business advice mansplained by the bros that you’re used to. She’s the real thing. She has a fresh approach to business that combines practical advice with just a enough sassiness and fun. I appreciate that she doesn’t mince words. She’s the friend that tells you what you need to hear…. You know. The one that tells you that you have spinach in your teeth instead of letting you walk around all day looking like a fool. Her podcast and her groups are packed with good advice, fun, and plenty of encouragement.
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Getting a fix of inspiring Susan Hyatt inspiration is part of my weekly routine. Sometimes I am listening while I am I out on a walk or run, surrounded by strangers in public, I will even say it out loud with Susan, “pep talk complete!” Thank you Susan!
We All Need Susan’s Truth Serum Stat!!
If you are a life coach that wants to up level not only in your business, but in all areas of your life then LISTEN to this show right here!! Beyond grateful for the gems that Susan’s be dropping.
The inspiration I need!
Susan always gives me the burst of inspiration + energy I need to keep going! This podcast is a life-saver!
Delightful and fun!
Love Susan Hyatt and love even more that she is my hometown celebrity! She is energetic, fun, bold, and bare...her energy is contagious! I jump on everything I can that she puts out for us and one of these days, I hope to work with her on a more detailed level! I seriously want to job shadow her and bottle her energy and confidence!
The podcasts are powerful, helpful, inspiring and motivating! Thank you Susan Hyatt!
Awesome podcast with lots of energy
Susan brings inspiration for my goals and practical tips to energize my business.
My Joious #RCC Review!
The RCC Podcast is the epitome of get up and make a plan, ask for the help that you need, celebrate where you are now and DO NOT stay! Consistent elevation is fully supported in this space. I have purchased my ticket to my next stop on this sacred journey called life and am CREATING everything that I desire in every area of my life! Susan has fed my soul with each episode. Susan sees me and will not allow any low vibe foolery! I am forever grateful that I am aligned with this ridiculously extraordinary Queen 👑
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Joi Yvette
Fresh Real
Really appreciate the candid and real advice Susan offers! Where a lot of people are overcomplicating things, it is great to see a fresh and real perspective!
Susan is the real thing!
I love this podcast! I joined Susan’s On The Six Mastermind in October 2020. She is the same in our group as she is in this podcast. She is SO incredibly supportive, funny, smart and full of ZEST no matter where she drops her knowledge bombs....
Start your week feeling like a rockstar
Susan’s podcasts are on my “Never Miss” list. It is my morning motivation and just the fuel I need to start my week in a positive and empowered state. Susan is full of energy and it is contagious. Her guests are insightful, strong and funny - plus they have become some of my other podcast favorites! I have learned many pearls of wisdom from Susan, too many to list here. This is not a podcast to listen at 1.5 speed, because you don’t miss a thing.
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So helpful!
What amazing support each episode provides!
5 Golden Blingy Sparkly Stars
Susan is delicious!!! I eat up every single luscious nibble of brilliance each and every week! Her energy is contagious and she makes me feel like I am capable of achieving all the good things—in business and in life. Thank you Susan Hyatt for all the good stuff!!
This is It
I love how Susan is fun and make things easier without trying. She has a joy for life that is infectious and she shows us making money doesn’t have to be hard.
Becoming Decisive in 10 min w Susan
I've been feeling indecisive lately with my coaching business having niche drama You know where you sway back and forth between different niches and then feel stuck not being able to move onto creating an offer, program, marketing till the niche has clarity Even my vision board felt unclear and I thought the universe was confused with me too. 10 minutes into todays episode "How to Make a Decision Quickly and Confidentaly" I felt a shift of energy and clarity. Yes indecision is such a waste of time. I've made my decision and am ready to move on, Thank you Susan for calling out my uncertainty and fears.
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Absolutely LOVE Susan!!! 💞
I recently found and love allll things Susan!!!! How did I not know her before¿?¿? She is a motivator, driver, encouraging, REAL, lovable, SMART, beautiful, kind and RELATABLE!! I’m super excited to continue binge listening to her podcasts and dive deeper into the Rich Coach Club!!! Love you Susan!!! 😘
Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Ckub
Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club is the cure fir that feeling stuck feeling! Check out here website and her pod casts!
Susan is the BEST!
Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club podcast is THE BEST! She brings such a positive energy to every guest and every subject! She creates so much value and then gives it away FOR FREE!!! Topics are always timely. I get a great takeaway EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Thank you Susan, for working so hard at to make this show such a hit and being an example of what is possible fo all of us out here!
Bright and Shiny
I look forward to Susan Hyatt's voice and inspiration every week. Her message is informational, upbeat, and comes from the heart. Her enthusiasm shines bright!
You don’t need to be a coach to love this podcast!
I discovered Susan about 2 years ago when she was interviewed on a financial podcast directed at women. That led me to read her book Bare and to start listening to this podcast, join her private facebook page and participate in her Finish Strong event. I am hooked!! Am I a coach? No. But the information and interviewees she features on her platforms are incredibly relevant for professional women or those who aspire to build a career aligned with their core values. I am grateful to Susan for being such an inspiration and showing other women that they can live a fulfilling life if they follow their passions.
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Always Inspirational at Just the Right Time
Listening to Susan and her guests seems to bring exactly the right topic or message I need to hear each week. Susan’s energy and enthusiasm is authentic and infectious and I always have at least one nugget I can apply to my business or my life immediately.
Sparkle & Thrive
I listen to Susan, every week, for a shot of positivity and contagious energy. I’m not a life coach. I’m a writer. I quickly learned, you don’t need to be a coach to benefit from Susan’s teachings. You simply need to want to succeed. *Listen. Learn. And soar.*
Massive Action Susan Hyatt
I’ve been listening to Susan Hyatt since 2011. Oprah had just ended her show and I needed that same genuine, strong, female leadership in my day. Susan was and is consistently happy and positive even during the tough times. Back then, some of my followers would wear me down with negativity and envy, and listening to Susan’s shows would build me back up until I eventually learned how to stop the cycle. I thank the stars for Susan Hyatt every day! She is a lifeline to those of us with a Mission to help others and build businesses to improve our own SUCCESS and JOY in the world. Offering loads of free instruction along with paid content, Susan incorporates her real life experiences and scientific details to provide the tools we need to follow our own Vision. She is a coach of coaches, a gale of fresh air, and an example of what’s possible for all women in an unfortunately still, mostly male dominated country. She is funny and sincerely interested in how she can make a difference in the lives of her listeners and the world. “How to Take Massive Action” is one of my favorite episodes that I return to at least once a week to keep my stamina up while claiming my right to my own concentration time. We all need what we need and Susan unapologetically teaches us how to get it. Love Love Love her!!!
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Play BIG!
I loved The Courage to Play Big episode. It was (as usual) just what I needed to get out of my own way and fine tune how I’m showing up in the world. Susan’s energy and her fabulous guests can’t help but inspire you to take the step that you’ve been putting off and decide to go all in!
Elena Sonnino
Perfect Combination of Wit + Candor 😍
I absolutely adore Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club podcast. She’s the perfect mix of wit and candor with just the right amount of in-your-face motivation. Her 2-minute pep talks are my absolute FAVORITE. They keep me motivated, inspire me to show up in this world, and encourage me to quit playing small. I love starting my weeks with Susan in my ear!
Mandi Briggs
A whole mood!
The Rich Coach Club podcast is a whole mood! This podcast is full of great life lessons for everyone, even if you’re not a coach! I love that Susan is authentically herself and brings so much fun and simplicity to otherwise hard to tackle topics. Get yourself a weekly pick me up with this podcast!
Susan’s Content is Fierce and On Fire
Susan is not only a brilliant coach but she’s equally generous with her top notch content! Susan’s tips; freebies and resources are extraordinary and offer incredible wisdom and tactical tools for those of us up to making big changes in our lives and in our businesses. Her RCC podcast is packed full of amazing content - a must listen for anyone interested in improving any area of their life!
Susan is AMAZING!!
This podcast has been absolutely transformative for me and my business!! Susan is an incredible mentor, and I’ve also had the sincere pleasure of working with her in person....let me tell you she is 100% legit and as awesome to work with IRL as she is on this podcast!! Susan walks her matter if you’re listening to this podcast or learning from her at one of her events, you’ll walk away inspired, empowered, and full of money generating strategies to make magic happen in your life!
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Susan, you are fabulous!
I’ve been listen to Susan Hyatt for over a year now and cannot get enough of her humor and inspiring ideas. But what pushed me to actually sit down and write this review was her excellent series on writing her book. So much wisdom! I love the energy and the just-the-facts-ma’am style she offers business owners. Keep it poppin’ Susan. I think of you, Brooke, Stacey, Rachel, Shira, and Kara as my personal Board of Directors. Thank you for all you do! ~Laura Schaefer
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laura schaefer writer
I’ll listen to anything this woman puts out in this world 👏🏼
Seriously, Susan Hyatt is changing the world, one female mindset at a time!!! As a woman who struggled with eating disorders and body image for the first part of my life, her work has resonated with me. However, my disordered eating days are behind me and, now, as a coach, I am DIGGING this amazingly informative + empowering pod. Hoor-frigging-ay 👏🏼💕👏🏼 ADDING QUOTE TO REVIEW that came from her interview w Brooke Castillo -> I want to get to the end of my life and be able to say “My Life Called and I Answered” 🧨 SOOOO POWERFUL!!! Subscribe and have the best year of your life!!! Susie Pettit
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3 buoys
“2 minute pep talk”
Susan, please don’t call something a 2-minute pep talk if it’s going to last for as much as 10 minutes. It’s jarring to the listener when they are expecting something to be very short...I’ve yet to listen to an episode where the pep talk was less than 7 minutes.
seminole grad
Listen for the ultimate empowerment and motivation
Susan Hyatt is my role model for success. Her podcasts inspire me to stretch out of my comfort zone and bring my best self to the party. Listen to every episode! Beth Caldwell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Live in Your Truth
Endless gold nuggets and inspiration to get your day and your life kicked into high gear! So thankful for everything Susan brings and contributes with this podcast! Business + Life + Motivation to Up Level = All Here!! ❤️
KM 💃🏻
This is Self Expression in its Highest Form
When I first stumbled upon Susan Hyatt, I didn’t like her. Is that ok to say? I mean, now I totally love her, and for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what it was that made me: 1 - Addicted to her podcast 2 - Show up at every single one of her Facebook Lives 3 - Come to all of her Webinars And then think to myself…”ugh who does this woman think she is…” ha. But now I know - my entire life I had been holding back my authentic self expression - I was truly afraid of my gifts, my talents -I wasn’t owning up to them, I was afraid of what others would think of me, I was so afraid of being judged. I kept myself small… The reason EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH should follow Susan and listen to this podcast is because she leads by example - She is a woman who is always showing up in her full expression - SHE is a movement of helping women become their highest, strongest selves, unapologetically! Not through validation of others, but by cultivating a knowing from inside of ourselves... And she does this with so much love and kindness! And at first this triggered me, because I was craving it so much! I wanted to be that way too! Just by listening to her voice on this podcast instills an energy of confidence in me - I’ve really up-leveled my standards and how I show up in the world since I've met her - Since then, I've signed up to her programs, but I think she was my teacher and mentor before she even knew it! Love you! Elinor
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All the praise hands (or hand!) 🙌🏻
I found myself driving down the 101 in Phoenix listening to the episode with Jessica Butts saying “Yes!” To all of it with my hand in the air (had to keep one on the wheel!) From that point, I started binge listening to all of them and can’t get enough. I first came across Susan 5 years ago when I went through Martha Beck Lifecoach training. Life changes required me to put it on hold for a bit but This podcast is a big part of reawakening my desire to go after my dreams again. A huge thanks for all you do and put out into the world! ❤️
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Mickie Lara
My touchstone.
I’ve been an avid follower of Susan and her work for years, each year better than the last. She is my touchstone for remembering the life I want to lead, both for myself and as an example for my little girl. Any time I’m sluggish or just need a jolt of genuine full-lifedness (new word) I tune into her podcast and am NEVER let down. She’s a gift.
Thank you...thank you
I love listening to Susan Hyatt. She speaks the truth in a way that helps motivate me to take the steps. Being part of the community she has created let me know I have a home of her and amazing women to support me living my best life.
Traceys iTunes
The Key
Susan is an exceptional coach that gives you the key to unlock your superpower. Thought provoking, illuminating, stimulating, absolutely amazing; Just a few words to describe this podcast.
First time listener
My first time listening to Susan’s podcast. Loved it and will be listening every week from now on!
My “jam”!
Susan is the jam to my toast! No seriously, I listen to her podcasts while I’m making breakfast. Her podcasts are chock full of juicy content and I’m always taking copious notes. I always walk away with such a spirited attitude after listening to her podcasts. Keep up the great work. Susan!
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