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Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club
Susan Hyatt
Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club is packed with the pep talks, actionable tools, advice and inspiring interviews you need to build your dream business. Susan brings 15 years of experience as a master coach, best-selling author, self-made millionaire and entrepreneur as well as her out of control mouth to every episode to keep you fired up about your work. Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, losing steam or seeking tips for expansion, Rich Coach Club will keep you inspired, focused and moving. In Demand is a program where you’ll get the tools I've used to build my own multi-million dollar company. Sign up now at and let's get those deposits rolling in!
I Started a New Podcast!
Hey Rich Coach Club! Your host Susan Hyatt here.  As a Rich Coach Club listener, you love learning how to build your dream coaching business and significantly increase your income. You want pep talks, actionable tools, advice, and inspiring interviews to keep you inspired, focused & moving forward.  That’s why you’re going to LOVE my new podcast - You’ve Got Nerve.  As a coach, I know that there are plenty of things you want to get up the “nerve” to do. Things like writing a book, starting a podcast, pivoting your business, raising money for causes you care about, setting strong boundaries, speaking on stages, and so much more.  In each episode of You’ve Got Nerve, you get to be a fly on the wall as I coach my guests to conquer their fears, upgrade their mindset, and get the “nerve” to go after whatever they want.  If you’re a Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Side Hustler, or Corporate Professional, and wish you had a mentor with 15+ years of experience helping you to move past your challenges and go after everything you crave, this show is for you! My hope is that this podcast will inspire you to take immediate action on your own goals & dreams and get the “nerve” to do whatever it is YOU WANT.  Ready? Head on over to and press play on episode 1!
Jul 13
1 min
Make it a ‘Summer of Yes’ with a Bucket List!
At some point, we’ve all had a Bucket List. The question is: Did you forget about it? How many things are you checking off that Bucket List? In this special release podcast episode, I’m sharing my special bucket list framework to help you organize your list, clear the cobwebs out of your life, and make room to check off every single experience.  I talk about why most women tuck their bucket list away for “someday,” why we often elevate everyone else’s needs over our own (especially during the summer), and how the invisible workload is blocking all of our summer sun & fun! If you’re ready to say yes to YOU this summer, you will absolutely love this episode. Once you’re done listening, you’ll feel inspired and ready to start checking things off your bucket list, one by one.  Learn: : Why bucket lists are so important, especially for women : How to diversity your pleasure, profits, and passion goals : The difference between “selfish” and “self-care” : What keeps women from having a “summer of yes” : How to create the bucket list of your dreams… and check things off! If you’re ready to have the best summer of your life, sign up for my program, SUMMER OF YES. 9-weeks of summer fun to level up your life! Head over to for all the details and registration. Have a summer full of joy, pleasure, adventure, and accomplishment. Let me show you how!
May 29
59 min
Welcome To The Most (Podcast Mashup Trailer)
Welcome to The Most, the podcast that asks you to level yourself all the way up. Rachel Rodgers, Robert Hartwell and Susan Hyatt have teamed up to give you a behind the scenes look at how they’ve built their enviable brands, business and lives. If you’re looking to secure the bag, the connections and the lifestyle of your dreams, this is the show for you. From money moves to signature style to leveraging your network, these friends are serving truth, side-eye and so much love. Welcome To The Most is available to stream on all of your favorite podcast platforms!   Learn more at
Feb 8
9 min
Going Big in the New Year
If you’re ready to create what you crave, play big, and go all the way the hell in - this episode of Rich Coach Club is perfect for you.  Let me believe in you, even when you can’t believe in yourself. Tap into my wild-ass imagination, and let’s make your dreams come true, boo-berry! Get the full show notes and more information here:
Jan 2
12 min
Make More Miracles
In today's episode, we’re talking about how to get clear on what you want to change for 2022, and how to make more miracles in your life. Get the full show notes and more information here:
Dec 26, 2021
15 min
Finish on a Highnote
As I tell the attendees of my Finish Strong event every year, we’ve all got projects to finish, changes to make, and legacies to build. This is not the moment to be laggin’ and draggin’ like a soggy biscuit, y’all! Get the full show notes and more information here:
Dec 19, 2021
13 min
Holiday your Way Ft. Andrea Owen
In today’s episode, I’m spilling all the tea about canceling Thanksgiving (and what I did instead), shoring up your boundaries, and creating the holiday YOU want to experience this season.   I also welcome back to the podcast Coach and Author Andrew Owen, one of my favorite boo-berries! Get the full show notes and more information here:
Dec 12, 2021
49 min
Put Yourself Out There
Have you ever introduced something to the world - a new offer, workshop, coaching package, etc. - and didn’t sell even ONE? What can you do to turn this all around? In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to put yourself out there without feeling pushy, plead-y, or sleazy.  Get the full show notes and more information here:
Nov 21, 2021
13 min
Kindness is Badass
There’s a misconception in the coaching world that “badass” equals punching down on other women coaches, publicly, with the intention of drawing business away from them and over to you. I think you’ll find in this episode, and in our townhall presentation, that there is truly another way. Get the full show notes and more information here:
Nov 14, 2021
13 min
Ethical business and the Long Game With Pamela Slim
In this episode, we discuss the magic of being a “slow food” entrepreneur, why “just making money” isn’t enough to be a successful business owner, the importance of ethics, equity, and dismantling the white supremacy model, and taking your model from transactions and conversions to transformational change. Get the full show notes and more information here:
Nov 7, 2021
46 min
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