Survivor: Winners at War - Recaps from Rob has a Podcast | RHAP
Survivor: Winners at War - Recaps from Rob has a Podcast | RHAP
Survivor Know-It-All, Rob Cesternino
Survivor: Winners at War Recaps and Interviews hosted by former Survivor Rob Cesternino
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Too many episodes!
Multiple episodes in one day, 5 or so in a week? It’s too much. So much so that I just don’t even listen to 1. It’s too confusing to try to figure out the best one to listen to, I just want one good podcast a week. Not 5 so so ones.
What has happened to this show???
It used to be fun and funny. Now it is PC and boring. Time to find another survivor podcast
Best Survivor podcast on the Internet
Best Survivor podcast on the Internet, and it isn’t close. Rob has all the connections and gets all the best interviews. Awesome strategy breakdowns, while hilarious and entertaining. If you love Survivor... where have you been? It’s not too late.
Best Survivor info anywhere
I’m enjoying the post Season 40 interviews, and especially those specifically focused on diversity.
Best Survivor podcast on the net
Fair and funny. Really well done. Good job
Best survivor podcast
The best survivor coverage there is. Rob is excellent host and gets amazing guest appearances.
Bob from Denver
The Best Survivor Content Around
RHAP produces so much quality content that the only negative is trying to find the time to listen to it all! I love watching Survivor and listening to RHAP enhances that!
Matt Korte
Whomever Rob can get today...
This podcast used to have much more analysis, but Rob’s busy with other things these days and so he just makes it up with guests from the Survivor community, which is a shame, because Rob typically has much more insight into the game than do most of the mactors and characters in the Survivor community. It also eats into whatever is left of his analysis, as he has to bend over backwards to be nice to everyone now.
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RHAP is da best!
I am 13 years old and a super fan! Love your podcast, always gives me new perspectives and thoughts about the game. Read mine using a tony accent
Ari Daube-Valois
Edge IS part of the game...just a different part of the game.
David B...the game has evolved. Being on The Edge is part of the game. Let it go.
Rob has a podcast
I’m tired of josh wiggles,ugh
RHAP is a must listen for Survivor fans
Rob Cesternino has been podcasting for 10 years, and his experience really shows. Listen to his 10 year history of RHAP, he goes into how he started the podcast and important milestones along the way that helped to make RHAP what it is today. Both funny moments like Tony’s llama talk cracking Nicole up, Mike White tearing Rob a new one, to touching moments like Rob’s talk with his dad just before his dad passed. I’ve been listening to Rob since 2014, Survivor Cagayan and it was one of the best times to jump on board. And I’m so happy the Wiggle Room is back, even if just for the last time. Other than the episode itself the Wandoff has been the thing I look forward to most each week! Congratulations Rob on 10 years!
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Best feed of all feeds
The hardest working man in podcasting brings us a ton of quality content each week, and plenty of content during the off-season too.
Bequeath the Wanderoff
So happy to have the wandoff back! 😀Definitely brightens dark days & brings so many laughs when I thought it wasn’t possible. Thinking about it being the last season —- understand & respect Josh needs to exit — but perhaps Josh can BEQUEATH the wandoff to another so it can live on!! 🤔
Pam Hamilton
Lora Jean
Congratulations Rob on 10 years
lora jesn
Best Survivor Podcast EVER
Rob is truly the best. His content is top notch and has the best guests! Keeps me going between episodes!
Rob, you are a consummate professional, And it is so easy to give your podcasts a five star review. You are also humble, such an endearing quality, especially since you have cast such a wide net in terms of your appeal to so many different kinds of listeners. Although you do like to talk ( your admission and Nicole’s), you are also a good listener and excellent interviewer. You always make the interview about the person or subject and rarely about yourself (unusual in this podcast world). And most admirably, although you do have your opinions, I do not believe I have ever heard you criticize a person in a demeaning way; you always seem to try to build them up as well. Know the value of your podcast; you have built an incredible community and legacy!! I can’t think of a other podcast that can compare to RHAP in depth and scope. Each podcast and segments are interesting, thought-provoking, humorous, insightful, and entertains, a combination that is difficult to achieve in balance. All who contribute to RHAP, especially Rob, I thank you! Just to add, I really enjoyed the interview with Cass recently.
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10 year show
Rob, after listening to the 3+ hours I’ve learned a few things about you... •You Love Nicole and your boys •You Love your podcast job •You Love to talk 😆 ...And I Love to listen! Thanks Loren, my sweet adult spawn that turned me on to your show and thanks Rob!
Rob Has A (Great) Podcast
Duuuude! Rob is a great podcaster, the only thing that leaves me with questions is all of his various relationships with former survivor contestants. Like he is very open with his relationship with the Nicole Delma of Survivor Season 7: Pearl Islands fame (I believe they even have two kids together). He also has a curious relationship with Bryce who constantly hits on Robert (Bryce’s pet name for him) and obviously has a huge crush on him. Lastly, and most strangely, Rob’s ex-girlfriend will randomly show up in different seasons. I think he only puts her on because of her musical numbers that she shares exclusively to Rob through Josh. Can’t remember her name, but her voice sounds like a combination Minnie Mouse and Jim Morrison.
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No not those two together ...........
Not happy your combining him with the wiggle room at allllllllll It’s like night and day in one👎🏻 I never complain ever.................... So wonderful to here Josh and you together!!!! I just love you both!!! So happy for the wiggle room again!!!! I just love it, it makes me laugh out loud and puts a smile on my face 😍😍♥️♥️ Josh is sooooo good at what he does!!!!!! And you Rob have done an amazing job with your podcasts 🎉🎉♥️ and I’m a 71 year old woman we have seen everyone of Survivor episodes all 39 so far ♥️🥰😘😘 Love Geri. And I don’t know why that top comment is there isn’t not me and I couldn’t get rid of it. 😘♥️
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Laugh out loud podcast
Every podcast (especially ones with Bryce) I laugh out loud. Rob is a great interviewer with a great sense of humor. I love survivor but I would listen to anything on a podcast from Rob
Survivor Season 40
I love Rob’s style of interviewing and I listen as much as I can. I am especially looking forward to his coverage of Season 40 and all the winners! Keep up the good work, Rob!
Great content
I’ve really become a fan of all of the RHAP podcasts over the past few years. Essential companion to a survivor season and fun to listen to. Great game talk, great guests, funny insights, and serious coverage. Thanks Rob, happy to be a patron as well. Here’s to a great season 40!
I love this podcast I have listened to most of them but my goodness Rob can’t not get his thoughts out. There are way too many “uhh”s that it has become frustrating to listen to.
Content good but R needs a speech coach
The content is usually dood but there is so much hemming and hawing and stuttering and saying “uhhh” between words and sentences that once you become aware of it it is really hard to ignore. R would sound so much better if he could just be a bit more articulate and spoke more clearly.
Best of the Best
Agree with Leeann_88 about Brice being way too much to handle. T-Bird Cooper is the other I would add to the list of those who are over the top annoying. However, in general RHAP is the best Survivor podcast out there. For the most part the variety of guests as well as the different shows (exit interviews, feedback, analysis, B&B) presented are both interesting and insightful . “Why ____ Lost” is a personal favorite!
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Love but....
I love listening to RHAP but I can’t handle when Brice is on. He is WAY too much and I have to delete. The rest is insightful and Rob has handled the difficult conversations respectfully.
Love Rob's impressions!
Rob is a true journalist interviewer. He does such a great job interviewing past and present Survivor contestents. Rob is super funny, and his Boston Rob impressions this season have inspired me to finally leave a review. This podcast makes Survivor so much more fun to watch.
Great !
(Jeff Probst food reward voice impression) I truly enjoy listening to all the different shows rob and the crew cover. From survivor, big brother, the challenge and more. There’s a great mix of humor, strategy, discussion! Can’t say enough good things.
Russell Hantz voice
I always LIKE listening to this podcasting legend. I don’t even like his plaid shirts he always wears but I like this Survivor legend’s takes on the game I am the king of.
Read it as ABI MARIA
Rob has a podcast is my favorite podcast, I listen to Know it alls every single Thursday, I mean, what could be better? I’m just saying it’s the greatest and everything else is horrible. I don’t even know why you would listen to another podcast, I mean, really, like seriously, it has changed me and I am going to become a better person because of this experience
(Impersonation: The Great Reem Daily) I’ve been watching Survivor faithfully since 1999 but my husband just turned me onto RHAP 2 years ago! Honestly dude, I’m a little ticked he didn’t tell me about it sooner. I look forward to the weeks podcast and analysis as much as I do each episode. I’ve got one word for Survivor without RHAP - LAME!!!
Julie Settle
Rob is the best
Favorite podcast ever!
With the new survivor season starting, there’s no better place to keep up with everything going on
Rob has a podcast
Good except for when Rob has Mike Bloom on weekly. His voice and energy are super annoying. Mike seems like a try hard. Yep mike is annoying af!
Loving the T-Bird podcasts. Great to hear from Gretchen.. so funny. Please continue to interview the early season players. Love hearing the behind the scenes stories..especially about production before survivor got so big and they knew what they were doing
One stop shop for Survivor!
My favorite Survivor podcast by far! There are so many each week with different vibes for every episode of Survivor. If there is one you’re not psyched for, you can always find another. Rob hosts/co-hosts most of them, but the RHAP network has several others as well. So much great content!
I could listen to Christian talk about Survivor all day!
I didn't really like EOE, but I enjoyed listening to you and guests talk about it🙂
It’s like Hanging with friends talking about my favorite show
Love Rob
Rob is the best
Robs podcast is incredible he gets all the survivors and talks to them it is way more enjoyable then you think and I only know 1 of his podcasts there are so many of them to sum it up rob is great
max max hgh maxmsxms
Best Survivor Content
Pre season, in season, post season. All great Survivor content! Rob does an amazing job.
Best Podcast!
Rob is hilarious and his interviews are spot on! I don’t miss any of them!
Jacob Cool Face
I'm a huge Survivor fan and there's nothing better than being able to have tons of Survivor content to fill the hours between each episode. I think I like Rob's podcast even more than the show now.
If you love survivor this is the place for you
Always entertaining and a fun listen. Great guest too!
Good but annoying Rob voice
Great podcast! But Rob’s voice gets a bit annoying. Too many uhhhs. Sometimes every other word.
Erin Ruckman
RHAP the place for Survivor fans
The best Survivor podcasts!
Been a survivor fan a long time. Listening to Rob between episodes and between seasons is the best!
Shut Up Steven!!
After listening to this show since the beginning, I have had it with you, Steven: you are not the host! Your hysterical, blabbering right out of the gate was obnoxious! It’s Rob’s show. Rob should steer the conversation. Rob has the well-reasoned opinions expressed coherently. It’s time to DUMP STEVEN!!
Love it!
Long time watcher of Survivor, this is my first season listening to Rob has a Podcast. All the interviews and commentary has made me more into the show than ever before. Highly recommend to any Survivor fan out there!
The “go to” survivor podcast
I’m not interested in participating in TWISH but still want to give the podcast a high rating. Funny, insightful and a must listen for Survivor fans.
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