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Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff
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Loving this
I just found your podcasts tonight 1-1-21, & I’m into 1-2-21 at 3:34 am!! Yep, true story. The last I listened to was , One potato, & GIRRRRRL I too am from KY!!! I love it. My son is 10 and has ALWAYS loved salad. So exciting for what you’re doing. Keep it up. Rebecca, I love your station,,,, I needed a boost and listening to inspirational testimonies, is SUPER HELPFUL. Thanks for all that you do. Happy new year 🥳 God Bless
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Empowering Candor and Inspiration
Love this! Listen and learn. In the spirit of “How I Built This,” but so much more. I found my new favorite podcast.
So inspiring!!!
LOOOOOVE these podcasts!! A friend recommended me to listen to Super Women by Rebecca Minkoff & now I can't stop listening to all of her interviews! I love that they are about 25' long not too short but not too long either. The timing is perfect and you can listen to one of them in the middle of your day when you need a little break. When I feel a bit down or that I need a little "push" this podcast HELPS SO MUCH! It's really empowering listening to many other women from many different industries and backgrounds! It's really amazing and the voice of Rebecca is also sweet and calming. I definitely recommend this podcast to everyone looking to empower themselves, to feel inspired and learn from others! 🥰
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Inspiration to be my best self
Every episode of this podcast truly inspires me to be my best version of my 22 year old self and set my bar high for the life I want to live!! Rebecca speaks so naturally and candidly with listeners and guests and gives authentic advice in a motherly, confident way that makes listening my favorite part of each week!!
Inspiring and easy to listen
Hi Rebecca, I really enjoy listening your podcasts. Every single episode captures my full attention so I can not listen to it while working! I am trying to catch up on all of your episodes while I am running or washing my dishes. I have always been very innovative and couldn’t sit in one place. Now, having a stable 7-4 job in Finance and 2 year old twins, I feel like I started forgetting about my ideas and my dreams and even about myself . Your podcast truly awakens that voice in me and I am getting inspired. Thank you for that ♥️
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I’m in love with this podcast
A few weeks ago (mid-COVID) a good friend recommended this podcast to me when I asked her for something I should listen to, and truthfully I can’t say enough about how much I love it. I have been binge-listening to a past episode every single night wondering how I’ve been missing it until now! I feel like Rebecca and her selection of interviews with amazing females is changing my life - it’s smart, funny, inspiring, and motivating, all the while as fun as having a glass of wine with your best girlfriend and chatting about all the things we do and love and worry about and aspire to be. It makes it super easy to get behind a woman and a brand with this incredible social conscious…please keep this going and keep up the really valuable content you are presenting!
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Life Changing
Rebecca’s interview style is down to earth and real. As a small business owner this podcast has saved me! It has made me feel less alone as I figure out entrepreneurship. Thank you for doing so much to support women! I look forward to your podcast every week!
I’m obsessed
I want to be friend with Rebecca in real life! Haha I love the calm, thoughtful way she speaks to her guests. All the questions she asks are so relevant and get to the point without being pushy. Every single episode I’ve listened too had not only brought me value but it digestible and interesting. To be honest I’ve look at the title and second guessed if an episode will “apply” to me, but it ALWAYS serves me in some way. Thank you so much Rebecca for putting your energy and effort into this podcast!! I love growing my collection of Rebecca Minkoff collection of shoes, bags, clothes... and episodes! You rule! Xoxo Kaelyn Cobra
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Rebecca- you are an inspiration! Thanks for keeping me excited and motivated to achieve greatness in the business world! You are amazing.
anna ktoumey
Copy cat
I am part of my company’s Women’s Network. After building a grass roots program for Women to help embolden them and Empower each other, I was tasked to develop something new. We came up of idea to interview senior leaders asking them life lessons they wish someone told them. —-and try to make a podcast. This will allow both Salaried and Non- sAlaried women to participate. That was my biggest obstacle with previous program. Non salaried women did not have time off phones- call center. I ran across your podcast and I am so inspired. I hope you don’t mind our ‘borrowing’ your formula. All for internal purposes but imitation is sincerest form of flattery
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building each other up
love love love!
Hey Rebecca, I listen to your podcast on my way to class and in between classes. I’ve given up on music. Its super inspiring for someone who loves business and fashion and wants to work in the industry. You have a great soothing voice and your guests are always the best. Thanks for being you and real. “Totally” -@bxcollins
Beautiful voice and progressive convos!!
Thank you SO much for creating a podcast. Your brand is beautiful and your voice is amazing. I love how Rebecca creates classics conversations by asking personal and business questions. She challenges me to think outside the box, and look at new brands. I am a school psychologist, so hearing how other women are actively improving our global community inspires me to keep on pushin on! Much love! Cassandra
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Killing it... but pls.. careful with your platform
A refreshing and authentic forum for women to come together for inspiration, solidarity and real real talk!! Rebecca has found a true calling. Disappointed by the Maria Sharapova interview - put a spotlight on a woman who has used microaggressions and significant racist innuendo to further her cause at the expense of an demonstrated champion and the many minority women who follow her. Sharapova interview was unrelatable and simply the opposite of the “uplift” that RM Superwomen represents. This platform is big and solid enough to forgo the obligatory interview. It’s a brand and a platform that requires curation and selection for the benefit of the community. Otherwise - keep them coming, please!
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New Listener, forever grateful
I have been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff’s designs for years now. However, I’m new to her podcast. I started listening to Superwomen after Rebecca was featured on the Work Party podcast. I listen in to get inspiration and support from accomplished women and it 10/10 meets my needs. However, I just listened to the overcoming insecurities podcast with Athena Calderone and I am forever grateful!! This episode exceeded my needs and expectations. It was such a transparent look into a well curated life and it seems so rare to get that. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability both Athena and Rebeccas shared in that episode. In general, I feel Rebeccas does a great job meeting her guests where they are. If guests get deeply personal, Rebecca seems comfortable enough to respond in kind. It has been incredibly empowering to have access to these stories and journeys. I look forward to hearing more diverse (both racially and economically) stories shared on Superwomen.
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EC Berkley
Weirdly Structured
I love this type of Podcast and was very excited for this but the content feels too structured and Q&A vs. conversational flow. I’ve only listened to a handful but it was enough to unfortunately not keep my interest.
As a woman on my first year in university, this podcast in incredibly inspiring and motivating. Thank you Rebecca for teaching me so much!! I listen to this podcast every morning, since I’m still catching up on the episodes!!! And thank you Naomi (Taza) for leading me to this podcast!
María Trinidad Pose
New Favorite
I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this podcasts but I am so so glad I did! It was exactly what I was looking for. It’s inspiring, informative, helpful yet laid back which I like. I love the questions asked and the different women you have on. I’m always excited to listen and I hope this podcast never ends!
Love you!
Hi Rebecca I’m loving your podcast. I listen when I’m driving it helps make the commute more productive. I’m also a female founder and I’ve been to some of your events in NYC. I admire your dedication to the sisterhood! I have a line of luxury all natural personal care products called Cleo+Coco. I think you would love our deodorants they are life changing ...we are elevating the natural experience- let me know where I can send you some. I am also currently in need of funding we are experiencing significant growth and are in the process of a major rebranding. I hope to use your female founders symbol on our new website! I would love to chat more with you it feels like you’re a mentor already just from listening to you daily. I would love to be in touch! Suzannah Raff, Founder Cleo +Coco
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Naomi is extremely tone-deaf. She cannot help herself from constantly dropping that she is a “mama to twins”. Being a blogger and spending all day eating pizza and cupcakes is hardly a “hard career.” Recently, she plopped her kids, and her friends kids, across an entire sidewalk in NYC without a thought to how that would inconvenience regular pedestrians on said sidewalk. She has no idea about the “real world” and is so completely self-absorbed in her own world. Please bring actual working mothers, who contribute to society, to this show.
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Everyone on this podcast is privelaged.
Rebecca received some seemingly consistent feedback earlier this year around lack of diversity on the podcast. She sort of heard that, and brought some POC onto the podcast. A privelaged white woman hearing “diversity” and instantly reacting to race, is such a privelaged white woman thing to do. Even the POC interviewed on this podcast are privelaged. I have listened to 30+ episodes and can’t remember any featuring people with varying socioeconomic backgrounds.
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Hi Rebecca Thank you so much for your amazing podcast! I look forward to listening in every Tuesday on my commute to work. I attended one of your fireside chats in your soho location when you interviewed the founder of Birchbox! I need your help/advice and I’m hoping you can possibly make an episode out of it. I’m sure there many women who can relate or could I be alone?! I just turned 40 this past July and I’m petite and short. I’m hispanic, mom of a teenage daughter who’s 13 and son who’s 10. I’m also married to my husband for 17years. I have a degree and career in digital merchandising for 15+ years. Here’s where I need your HELP... I struggle with most of my co-workers treating me like I’m “young”. I just started at this new company this past April, so I’m still sort of “new”. The CEO (female) who's much younger than me called me “sweetie” the other day as she proceeded to ask me a question. I can’t pin point what I’m doing or not doing that I’m viewed this way. I’m now self doubting if I’m not demonstrating confidence or my knowledge? I’m really complexed and need major advice. I tried giving you as much detail in hopes of getting my point across, but if I’m unclear please let me know. Looking forward to your response. Thank you so much!
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Game changer!
This podcast has saved my commute! It inspires me on the way to work and lets me reflect on the way home. Rebecca truly has something special here with this podcast, and I always look forward to listening for insight and wisdom from other women. Thank you!!
Refreshing, Relevant, Rebecca!
I’m new to podcasts and have unsubscribed to so many, but this one never gets old. I tell people how great it is and is inspiring no matter your career path. I also have learned about so many amazing companies that I never knew were woman made or run! Please don’t stop doing way you’re doing!
kiki oh now kay
Thank you Rebecca Minkoff and the podcast for sponsoring me
I do the podcast I’m a survivor it’s about overcoming Domestic violence and I give vital information to women that are in Domestic violence relationships and also survivors as well.Ty for the love and support and I love your podcast and I’m telling everyone about it!
misty aka mista
Uplifting how-I-did-it stories from Women Entrepreneurs
If you love how-I-did-it stories of women launching companies, you must listen to Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff. Rebecca is a super interviewer and her guests—CEOs, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and creatives—are super women in every sense. These women are inspiring because they’ve overcome both expected and unexpected obstacles to build the brands and businesses they lead. Rebecca’s interviewing style makes you feel like you’re sitting right there. I feel like I’m part of the conversation, because Rebecca asks the questions you’d ask these fabulous women if you were there! This podcast is uplifting because Rebecca and her guests share intimate business building experiences, are vulnerable, and leave you with lessons you didn’t know you needed to learn. Like serial entrepreneur Amanda de Cadenet’s journey (staring at 15-years old!) and how she launched #Girlgaze because women photographers weren’t getting considered, much less hired, for high end jobs. And the sometimes-hilarious stories that happened on the way to a successful launch by Noria Morales and Sarah Robinson of their parent-friendly play place, The Wonder. Trampolines, toddlers, and calls with venture capitalists are involved. Take it from me, you simply must listen to this episode! Thank you Rebecca Minkoff for your vision and your vulnerability. Cynthia Trevino
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A+ content, love listening to get the da started on the right track
The only reason I’m still sane
This podcast has salvaged the very select remnants of my sanity. Rebecca has created this incredibly safe community for young female entrepreneurs. I am a newly minted ED running a brand new non profit very much on my own, absolutely everything runs through my hands. Hearing the struggles, real genuine problems, fears, pains, and sometimes just pure crazy that some of my own role models and other powerful women have faced gives me the space and comfort to breathe a little and know I’m not alone. Thank you for creating this incredible and empowering space for women, especially those who need to know the journey is messy, imperfect, scary, and still beautiful.
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Lifting each other up
Before I started purposely listening to podcasts of women in business, I had no idea that there were actually women who lifted each other up. Unfortunately I am in a work environment where the girl drama is similar to the high school drama that I thought I was done with after graduation. Listening to your podcast has showed me that there are in fact people who want to empower other women instead of intentionally bringing them down. Thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Empowering, Uplifting
I have been listening to this podcast for a few weeks now and I can’t stop. I love the positivity in it of women lifting up other women combined with the raw experiences that these individuals have faced. I think Rebecca (or Becky as her mom called her which is endearing) brings together a unique band of voices from all different work backgrounds which makes it interesting each week. I love listening to it before and after work to give me that perspective I need after a tough day. I hope the amount of diversity of individuals and employment background continues as the life of the podcast does.
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Good, but find it a bit demeaning as a non-entrepreneur
I really enjoy this podcast because it gives candid info on challenges women overcame to build their businesses. However, in nearly every episode, there’s some comment about how non-entrepreneurs work 9-6 and don’t understand what it’s like to always be “on” and working on call while raising a family. That may have been true 20 years ago, but to have a successful career today, working mothers face the same schedule as entrepreneurs. We are up at 5 am to try and sneak in a workout before the morning rush to get ourselves and our kids ready for the day. We hustle it to work after drop-offs and have to schedule meetings around pick-up schedules. We feel the grind of trying to field calls and emails, while feeding and getting our kids ready for bed. And we’re right back to work at night once the kids are down. This is not an entrepreneur-only reality and I really wish this podcast didn’t go out of its way to send that message.
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Great inspo... but lacking diversity
I love listening to this podcast and Rebecca is a really great interviewer. Every episode feels like a conversation between like-minded women and provides valuable advice for women who want to start their own businesses. However, I have one issue: Not taking anything away from the successful women that have been interviewed thus far, but it would be really valuable to hear from more women of color on this podcast. Wealthy white women from the Upper East Side who have turned their ideas into businesses are admirable and deserve recognition, but mostly interviewing these types of women makes this podcast lack an intersectional perspective that I feel would elevate the content and make this podcast more relatable. I hope this is taken into consideration in the future.
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Always relevant
Rebecca’s Podcast is always relevant if you are looking for business advice, professional development or tips on how to thrive as a mother and women. Ongoing content and special guests always keep me coming back for more. Her latest podcast featuring her Mom was everything you needed to hear about raising strong kids, balancing your life and being ok with who you are. Thank you Rebecca, you’ve been my morning inspiration during my daily commute. More tips on professional development, career transitions in late 30s - early 40s and parenting — thank you in advance! 🥰
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Excellent content
I find your podcast so refreshing! Although I am way past millennial age your podcast has made a profound impact on my views of entrepreneurship! Thank you!
Lorna Isis
Absolutely worth a listen!
I look forward to the new Superwomen podcast every week! I am an avid podcast listener and a bag designer/manufacturer myself but have had a hard time finding podcasts which really highlight the struggles of being female and trying to get a business of the ground. I so appreciate your podcast and how I feel less alone after listening to it and more understanding of other female creatives and entrepreneurs.
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Great Motivator!
One of the things that motivates me to go to the gym is getting to listen to podcasts. 🎧 I love hearing people’s stories and learning new ways to approach life’s problems. 👣 One of my favorites lately has been @rebeccaminkoff and her podcast #superwomen! 🌟 I have been super-inspired by the truth-telling, grit, determination and relatability of these #superwomen and it helps me remember that we all started somewhere! 🙏 Thanks to @RebeccaMinkoff for taking the time to showcase these incredible women as well as shine a light on their struggles and how they overcame them to become the models of possibility they are for women everywhere!
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Allison at DailyOutfit
This podcast has done wonders for my mental well-being! Such an empowering podcast hearing all these amazing women successfully glide through life but also sharing their struggles and being relatable to an everyday woman. Thank you so much for this!
Great podcasts!
First off, I love listening to all of these. I am about half way through all of them and find them so inspiring as a female founder and appreciate how knowledgeable, honest and successful these women are. p.s. I love that you addressed the 1-star review and think you did it in a very professional and authentic way! Thank you so much for amazing content!
Jaime Windau
If you only listen to one podcast this is the one
I listen to dozens and dozens of podcasts. This is one of the only ones where it feels authentic and informative and inspiring. Rebecca asks thoughtful questions and engages her guests and then does something so few other podcast hosts ever do, she LISTENS. It’s lovely. It creates a dialogue where the guest gets to really open up and beautiful conversation ensues. It’s like sitting down with inspiring girlfriends. Thank you, Rebecca.
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Just what I needed!
Thank you for always inspiring me and introducing me to amazing women doing amazing things! I just listened to the Hey Mama episode and it’s just what I needed. Today is my second day back to work after maternity leave and this was a perfect episode to keep me going this week. Thank you!
Chelsea from Oakland
Keeping me current!
I discovered this podcast after I heard you as a guest on another podcast I listen to. I loved hearing your point of view on different topics, so I subscribed here. I’m a stay at home mom of two little boys, 3 & 5. I’m an older mom, and often feel like I’ve aged right out of current culture! Ha! I really enjoy listening to all of the guests you have, and feel like I’m being reintroduced, if you will, to modern culture! I love hearing the stories of success (and failures!!) of your female guest list, as well as yours! Your voice is very soothing for podcasting as well!! I look forward to seeing my notification that a new episode is available!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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Mommy to L&H
great business podcast
All I knew about Rebecca before listening was that she had founded a clothing company - that’s about it. I’ve since become a total fan because her guests have all been great and the topics interesting. Her down-to-earth, honest approach to asking questions and sharing her own experience comes across as super relatable, even though she’s a millionaire founder. I’m now a real fan. Great podcast for anyone interested in hearing the inside story about starting and running a business.
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My go-to podcast
I never listened to podcasts until I heard of superwomen and now it’s all I listen to! I love all of the inspiration, knowledge and motivation I take away from it and everyone that is interviewed can always be helpful in one way or the other! As an entrepreneur, your podcast definitely empowers me and I feel that I can empower other women in the field as well, so thank you!
Ariel McCarty
Thank you!
I am absolutely IN LOVE with this podcast. I’ve binge listened all episodes in the last week and have told countless friends they need to do the same. I’m encouraging my 16 year old daughter to listen too, there is so much inspiration and empowerment. Thank you for putting so much positivity and value into the world. Incredible!!
Unlike any others...
This podcast really talks with top tiered women in business unlike any other podcast I have been able to find. I appreciate Rebecca’s desire to help women learn and grow. Fabulous podcast! I look forward to each new episode and who she will have on!
Ashleigh Blatt
One word ... Fabulous!
I started listening to Super Women after your interview on The Skimm podcast. You are authentic, confident and inspirational. I particularly liked your conversation with Sally Krawcheck and investing. I am looking to start a business and hearing about women's successes and failures is so helpful! Thank you and keep the conversation going with fabulous women! As an aside, my goal is to one day be able to join the female founder collective! :)
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Gabby Galvin
Elisa reminds us to put ourselves first
I think the thing I love about this podcast is the “authenticity” , thinking it is one thing saying it is something else. So it helps all of us pause and say, yep I thought that now I feel better about how I feel about it. I have been listening to your podcast Rebecca for about a month now and hey are truly inspiring, educational, thoughtful and honest. Thank you.
Such a great podcast but so disappointed that you had to be so polarized on politics and social issues. Super Women exist on both sides of the politics spectrum. The cursing is also disappointing as some of the episodes would be nice to use for development at work.
Gah so good
Don’t know what to say except this podcast is so good. I love hearing such honest and refreshing stories from these amazing women. Rebecca is such a wonderful and down to earth interviewer who so natural in each conversation. Can’t wait when a new episode comes out each week :)
Great connections
Rebecca seems to know everyone! And it’s cool that so many of these women are willing to open up and be vulnerable in the interviews.
Player 54321
Calling Future Entrepreneurs and Dreamers
New to this podcast but it’s been exactly what I’m looking for. I am a mother of three feeling I have come to a crossroads with my professional life and hungry for content that provides thought provoking inspiration. Rebecca’s podcast is it and is such a good resource with the range of guests she interviews. Thank you! Class is in session!!!!
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