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Progress Over Perfection: Sarah Paiji Yoo of Blueland
27 minutes Posted Oct 19, 2020 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

Let’s face it: the burdens of plastic consumption are overwhelming. We try our best to recycle, hoping our used ketchup bottles and takeout containers are reincarnated as earth-friendly reusable water bottles, but the truth is that countless amounts of plastics continue to clog landfills and waterways each year. When Sarah Paiji Yoo discovered that microscopic bits of plastic even make their way into our drinking water, she decided she had to do something.

Sarah and her co-founder started Blueland as a starting point for changing the way we think about cleaning products, and the containers they come in. After discovering most cleaning products contain 90% water, Sarah envisioned a tablet that could then be mixed with water at home, minimizing the need to buy plastic-packaged products every time. The biggest lesson she’s learned? It’s nearly impossible to have a “perfect” solution to plastic at this point, but that’s not a reason to give up trying.

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Big Ideas

  • The disturbing fate of plastics and why we need to change that.
  • The challenges Blueland encountered in product development.
  • How reaching beyond the eco-conscious market actually broadens the environmental impact.

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