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Think Outside the Box: Katie Rosen Kitchens of FabFitFun
25 minutes Posted Oct 6, 2020 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes
Back in 2010, the zenith of subscription boxes was just beyond the horizon - a small glimmer in the consumer’s eye. Katie Rosen saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. These days, while they may be ubiquitous across multiple markets, Katie has found a way to keep FabFitFun one of the most sought-after subscription boxes on the market, even after 10 years.
Inspired by beauty boxes but unsatisfied with the (small) size of the samples, Katie sought to create boxes that would get customers excited, including full sized products at a fraction of the price. By relying on consumer feedback from day one, and creating community beyond simply selling, the company has garnered a loyal following that now boasts over a million members worldwide.
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