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The Prophecy of Bea: Learning to Be Zero F*cks Zen With Bea Dixon of The Honey Pot Company
28 minutes Posted Sep 22, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes
Lots of businesses start with a dream, but rarely is it literally by the guidance of someone who arrives in your slumber. For Bea Dixon, it was exactly that: months of a persistent health condition culminated in a dreamtime visit from Bea’s grandmother, who gave her the recipe that would heal her body once and for all. Thus began the earliest iterations of The Honey Pot Company.
After working as a pharmacy tech for 10 years, followed by her own cleaning business and stints in the realm of natural supplements, Bea knew her personal and professional experience made her the perfect candidate to launch a line of plant-based feminine care products. Eight years in, the success of The Honey Pot Co. is growing everyday. Bea now has her sights set on creating a life of beauty and simplicity, where she owns her own time and lives by the philosophy that “everything communicates.”
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Big Ideas
Understanding the role of pH in vaginal health. [
The struggles presented by discrimination in starting and owning your own business as a woman or person of color. [
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