Supermom is Getting Tired
Supermom is Getting Tired
Torie Henderson
You love being a mom but get overwhelmed, lost and resentful by all the parenting responsibilities. Listen as life coach, teacher and parent educator, Torie Henderson, answers common parenting questions from hard working Supermoms. Are you exhausted from working hard all day but still feel like you haven’t accomplished anything? Do you want to feel calm, energized and in control? Then this podcast is for you.
Get Clarity in 2024
Get Clarity in 2024 Mental and emotional clarity is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves but when you are surrounded by other people’s needs, personalities, demands and desires, self clarity is a difficult thing to access.  When we feel clear, we know who we are and what we want. It makes it ... Read more...
Jan 10
36 min
Caught kid watching porn | Encore
Episode 157 – Caught kid watching porn | Encore “Dear Torie, I am so upset. I just walked in on my 9 year old son. He was looking at our lap top and shut it as soon as I came in the room. I asked him what he was looking at and he said “nothing”. ... Read more...
Nov 7, 2023
29 min
Annoyed and Irritated? Why that’s important | Encore
Dear Torie So….my pre-teen just pointed out that every time I have to drive him somewhere, I act annoyed. (which annoyed me). My teenager piggy backed on that saying I’m ALWAYS mad and yelling at her to pick up her things and do her chores. (which irritated me). My partner joined in saying he can’t ... Read more...
Oct 23, 2023
42 min
How do I get my kids to listen to me? | Encore
Episode #155 “How do I get my kids to listen to me? | Encore”   Question of the Day: “I feel like I walk around all day barking orders. ‘Pick up your shoes, turn off the TV, finish your homework, clear your plate.” I’m exhausted from the constant negotiating and push back I seem to ... Read more...
Oct 6, 2023
24 min
I can’t get anything done! – Replay
Episode #154 – I can’t get anything done! – Replay Question of the Day:  I am thrilled that school is back in session —really I am—but I am gobsmacked at how little time I have for myself. I’ve been holding my breath waiting for all my kids to be in school at the same time ... Read more...
Sep 12, 2023
42 min
Rebroadcast: I feel bad for not playing with my kids
Episode #153 Question of the  Day: Dear Torie,  I feel bad for not playing with my kids. They are super cute 5 and 8 year olds who happily live in the moment. I would love to be more like them. When they ask me to play, I TRY to say yes, but either I start ... Read more...
Aug 29, 2023
45 min
I feel bad , all the time, about everything
I feel bad , all the time, about everything. Episode #152  How to feel better about everything   Question of the Day: Dear Torie You asked me on the coaching call what area of my life is causing me the least satisfaction. I’ve given it some thought and realized, it’s not just one area.  I ... Read more...
Jul 27, 2023
39 min
What you need to know before traveling with children this summer
traveling different Vacation strategies for traveling with anxious, inflexible and neurodiverse children Episode #151 Have you ever been so excited for a getaway with the kids only to come back more exhausted than before you left? Similarly, you plan a relaxing vacation for your family but after the THIRD  meltdown of the day you yell: ... Read more...
Jun 6, 2023
40 min
How to Live Your Life Purpose
Episode #150 – HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE Living your life’s purpose feels like a heavy topic, especially when your life is busy buying graduation cards, driving to baseball games and awards banquets.                   But my intention for this episode is to show you that following your destiny and fulfilling your life’s purpose is easy, ... Read more...
May 23, 2023
44 min
Your Late Night Food Binge is Your Ticket to Happiness
Episode 149: Your Late Night Food Binge is Your Ticket to Happiness Interview with entrepreneur and master life coach, Corinne Crabtree This was a fun and fabulous interview with my colleague that you are sure to enjoy! Even if you don’t binge eat at night, it’s those evening hours that give you insight into your ... Read more...
May 2, 2023
48 min
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