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Sumo Mainichi
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Fun sumo recaps
A cute, fun recap of sumo basho with a great theme song!
Fantastic Recaps with extras thrown in
If you’re an American Sumo fan, chances are you’re pretty lonely outside of Reddit. Fortunately you have Sumo Manichi, which is the closest thing this Sumo fan has found to talking to two friends about a great Basho. Each tournament day, I watch the action, then I take a walk and listen to the podcast. And even though I know all the results, it’s like I get to relive the action one more time and see it through a see it from a different perspective. Great stuff.
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New fan, will definitely listen again
I love sumo and was looking for a podcast just like this! Had everything I wanted as far as coverage, recording quality and commentary. The two hosts are also delightful to listen to and funny. Will definitely be listening to them more in the future. Hope you guys see this! -from your new fan Duncan in Louisiana!
Top quality sumo content
I really enjoy the daily recaps of the basho—the consistency and quality of Amy and Dave’s output is truly impressive. And the extra segments they’ve started including (like the karaoke corner) are a real treat. Thanks for the great podcast guys!
Really enjoy the enthusiastic roundups of the days’ action. Great opening song too!
Dave & Amy at Sumo Mainichi do such a good job. Treat yourself & have a listen! They truly love the sport & their enthusiasm is infectious!
Great Sumo Understanding
New to Sumo this year. This crew has been helping me gain greater understanding and appreciation for the sport. Happy to wake up watch Sumo Natto, hit the road, and then play Sumo Mainichi. I can pronounce the Rikishi’s names better and learned the term Henka from this podcast and why it’s frowned upon. Big thanks.
Seeing the Elephants
Best Sumo Podcast
Being on the other side of the world it’s hard for me to stay up every night for the basho...but when I wake up up at 4AM and I’m trying to combat the demons Sumo Mainichi is there! Amazing that they cover everyday and with such quick turnaround! Straightforward and funny...keep it up!
Great dedication to daily podcasts
It is unbelievable to me that these two post daily during the entirety of the bashos. They have a great spirit and I never tire of hearing their tales on the match-ups. Seeing as how I watch the matches when I wake up, this podcast immediately follows. Love it.
Aloha from Virginia USA to the best daily Yūshō coverage!
I try to catch the NHK world highlights daily at 1830 (EST) and sometimes at work at 1230 (shhh). I then follow up with NattoSumo to catch all bouts they don’t cover. I always end the day with a pipe and Sumo Mainichi for their lovely breakdown of each match. They do an excellent job doing deeper dive into the matches and drama that is Sumō! Thanks for your hard work a dedication!
English speaking sumo fan?!
Howdy from Dallas, TX! My girlfriend and I love sumo... but we’re the only ones we know who do! Loving the podcast! Very informative and entertaining! Keep it up, guys! Looking forward to every new episode!