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Suite and the City
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Episode 2: Nudist in the Dorms!
29 minutes Posted Sep 15, 2020 at 12:26 am.
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Show notes

Hi guys! We are back and trying to stay on topic. Today's ideal topic was Lita's first week out of quarantine. However, as per usual, it evolved. Tune in for canned bubble tea, Katie lacking common sense, community college dorms and kimonos, discussions on mental health, and stuff that just has no relevance. Since we are still starting out, this is the time for you, the listener to give us feedback. We want to make this podcast as enjoyable, and informative, as possible in relation to college in Manhattan. Soon we will be getting better equipment for better quality, and in turn, a better show. We are working based off of social media and word of mouth for publicity, and are in it for a good time- and want as many people to tag along as they see fit! please spread the word and help us grow.

*Note: I mean no disrespect to kimono man. These are from my experiences. I am not trying to mock anyone's lifestyle whatsoever.*

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