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Very Helpful!
As someone who does not always have time to listen to all the podcasts that catch my eye/ear, I found this to be a great resource to get through the fluff and find what I like!
L. Grant S.
One Stop Shoppe
I get all the latest on my comedy podcasts here. Saves time and makes me laugh, so laughs per minute are higher than the podcasts themsleves. Thank you and pass that Succotash!
Zoo full of Jakes
Pass the succotash!
A podcast listener's podcast! Find new podcasts by having them hand delivered by the ever talented Marc Hershon, and stay tuned for the great interview episodes, with greats like Matt Besser and DANA CARVEY! If you're a podcaster, send in your clips and just wait for the Succotash bump to take hold and carry you on a wave into podcast stardom! Please, pass the succotash! - Sean ("In Poor Taste" podcast)
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In Poor Taste podcast
Truly a must listen to!!
Hey soundcast fans, looking for something awesome? Well I got the hook up!! Succotash the comedy soundcast soundcast!! Whether your on iTunes or stitcher or both, you can sit back relax chill and enjoy the awesomeness that is Succotash!! iTunes as well as stitcher has a fav feature so by adding this show to your play list you never miss an episode! Always entertaining and will never let you down!! Happy 6 year anniversary!! A friend of mine Tyson (don't think he will mind me dropping his name.) turned me on to this show yrs ago since then it has been part of what's inspired me to create my own! And since then this show has been a part of my listening pleasure each week!! Cheers!! -hunter
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Still one of the best shows out there!
Marc, Joe, Kenny and Bill are unsung heroes in the podcast world. If you're not listing to this podcast, then just go home. One of the things I love about this show is that every episode has something familiar (Marc, Bill and Henderson’s Pants) and then has something different (all the comedy clips) I still love this show even after it reached 100 episodes! Keep up the great work Succotash! -Charley Miller
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What a time saver!
I found out about this show because they used a clip from my show. I was flattered and intrigued with their show concept, so I gave it a listen! I'm glad I did. It's a HUGE timesaver to hear the best stuff from the best comedy podcasts all in one hour! Thanks again for using my show in your show. Mike Winter- Wisecrackin With Winter
Great show
Always fun. great guests!
so freakin funny
Love this show! So much comedy in one place cant be wrong. Thanks for putting this out. Way too much fun. Hard to concentrate with it on at work though! Mike at The Mike Jolitz Show
Mike Jolitz
Marc is an amazing host and guest!!! This is the absolute best show featuring other shows out there, it was an honor to talk to Marc and be featured on his show.
Thank You Succotash Show!
Thank you for always finding the best comedy podcasts!! You always keep us in stitches!!
Thank you Twitter!
Very cool show that samples other comedy pods. This is great for me for several reasons: I have my own show called Ice and The Face and this helps me discover other shows for BOTH entertainment and networking. Cool host and a good time!
Rick from Ice and The Face
Great Podcast
Great podcast. I love discovering new funny stuff to listen to every time!
Digging it
Thanks to Podcast 101 for pointing me here. Every now and then, I just want to find what's new but I don't have the time to review all the indie stuff that is out there. Marc's voice is night and easy to find when I want to skip to the next clip.
Hershon: The Ringmaster of Mirth!
This podcast is super excellent and a terrific way to find the best the comedy podcasts have to offer. Marc Hershon is charming, witty, and let's face it ladies, not hard on the ears. Let him be you podcast sherpa!
A must.
These guys rock - very supportive of other shows and more than worth a listen. You will not be disappointed.
The Only Podcast about Comedy Podcasts
Marc Hershon is the host that guides you through clips of dozens of comedy podcasts each week. He doesn't critique them, just plays a short bit to give you a feel for what the podcast is all about.If you like them, you can subscribe. If not, you didn't waste a lot of time finding out. In between the clips, there's funny sketches, political comedy, and maybe a new recipe to make Succotash at home. It's just plain fun... give it a try.
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Great show
Great variety of podcasts, Im always adding new shows to my list after hearing the clips here. Subscribed
Robert Q. Loves Succotash!!!
What a great concept of compiling funny clips from the world's top comedy podcasts into one hilarious program. Succotash is entertaining, informative and deserves five stars. Marc Hershon is the NEW Casey Kasem of podcasting.
When I was a young man, I lived in a semi-rural area with little access to cool. My one saving grace was a corporate record store a couple towns over. I would go there and try to find the music that would later define my musical tastes. I found the best way to find stuff was to go to the Various Artist section and pick up as many samplers as I could find. I'd go through them, and buy the albums of the artists I'd like. It was a really good way to have discriminating taste without sifting through a lot of stuff I wasn't interested in. This podcast does the same thing! I've found some of my new favorite podcasts from this show! Thanks!
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Stevopants (member FDIC)
One of the best
I have heard so many podcasts I may not have otherwise found or run across since I began listening to Succotash. Great interviews, great sketches, characters, reality , social commentary... It's the Podcast Era's equivalent to a variety show. I hope this show is a round for a very long time. :)
The show is like a sampler for the many comedy podcasts out there. I had no idea how many. Succotash turned me on to listening to several.
Aulden Schlief
Nice Sampling
I discovered Succotash recently and it's been a pleasant surprise. Mark has a podcast about podcasts which could be dull but really makes the time pass quickly. He's mentioned several podcasts I hadn't heard of and sought out after hearing a clip. It's a show worth checking out. (Now Mark! Where's my T-Shirt? Just kidding.). :)
Happy Succotash Day!
Marc "The Podfather" hosts a highly produced entertaining podcast. We at Mental Poison abide. Thanks for the shout outs! Marcus Host Mental Poison
I think this is a great idea for a show. Great way to find new podcasts that you may not have heard of. I want the host to be my dad. Seems like he'd be a cool dad. I bet he would buy me toys and stuff.
One Helping Isn't Enough
There's a reason Marc Hershon is called the Podfather-No one does more to promote comedy podcasts than him. Comedian, screenwriter, actor, businessman and short order cook Marc Hershon spends each episode featuring clips from shows and hosts you might know and those you don't. Want more laughs in your life? Then put Succotash in your podcast diet.
Better Than Stitcher For Finding New Shows
I've long said that Succotash is the gateway drug of podcasts. When I started listening to podcasts, I of course had the staples in line of Marc Maron, Comedy Bang Bang, etc and the few produced by people that I know. Thanks to Marc and Succotash, I now know that the place it's really at is the independents. Not to say that Maron or CBB got it wrong, but the soul and sense of fun jackassery in the shows by the little guys is more enticing -- the people who, like Marc, the Podfather himself, aren't paid much (if at all) for their efforts. It's a labor of love that you can feel. Succotash provides a slew of clips from harder to find podcasts in addition to the big ones and occasional guests to help you refine your pallet of consumption. And, honestly, that's entertainment you can't buy! For those who have doubted the legitimacy of a podcast that samples other podcasts, Succotash offers original content in the form of occasional guest spots (I'll never forget Dana Carvey calling in as Paul McCartney), adverts for the hilarious trouser lines from Henderson Pants, and periodic contributions from production personalities Bill Haywatt, Joe Paulino, and Kenny Durgis that often prove to be the most memorable moments of the show. Thanks for all the hard work, guys, and keep it up! PS, when will we hear the return of Boozing with Bill?
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Tom Bevis
Fun Podcast
Thank u so much for featuring my podcast "NoPantsCast" on episode 31.. We will def give u a shout out as well. I like what you're doing. Great stuff man!
People like this help the word go round.
Thanks so much! you help me find some great podcasts and that helps my show a lot. Love you calm wit with some of the dumb wits you deal with. keep on getting it done form The brit and the american
the brit and the american
A snack tray of comedy podcasts!
I love this show. I have found so many new shows to listen to by hearing the clips! Marc is a great host with a terrific radio voice and I have subscribed so I don't miss an episode!
Susan Wygmans
Love this podcast
I just listened to # 24 and laughed like crazy. The unkempt show at the end about made me wreck I was laughing so hard. That was hilariously disgusting. I love your show. Very entertaining.
Great overview of comedy podcasts!
Real funny & I've found some lightening podcasts out of it - plenty of smiles & laughs.
This makes you want to listen to other podcasts
And that's a good thing. There's no doubting the rise of casts and it takes pioneering ventures like this to help the paving of the way. Listen and learn.
Comical Timekeeper
Fantastic! Five stars!
Plan X Network APPROVED! Don't have time to listen to a podcast? Get a breakdown and a sampler platter with some Succotash. Brilliant.
Great Podcast
Great podcast for folks who don't have 20 hours a week to listen to comedy podcasts. Will introduce you to great new podcasts and play clips from some of your favorites.
Stand-Up Chronicles
Awesome show! Great idea! Definitely Recommend!!
We need this one!
Thanks to Marc for listening to all the podcasts so the rest of us can get the cliffs notes from Marc!
What an idea!
Love the idea of this show! Listen, rate, and review! Cause they help save you time and make you laugh
Just Plain Good
Great production value -- smart, fun host -- and content worth return visit after return visit...
So many podcasts
There are so many podcasts, and Succotash cuts through the noise and helps me find great new podcasts to listen to with each episode. A great way to discover new shows!
Living with a Hernia
This podcast is great. I love to laugh and Succotash delivers. I don't find all the comedy podcast's, but Marc does. And with his guidance I will have a hernia from busting my gut laughing. I thank you Marc, and my doctor thanks you.
Meta Comedy Podcasting For Smart People
I stumbled onto this podcast searching for the best of comedy podcasts. Succotash was not listed but I gave it a listen anyways. People like myself do not have time to listen to every podcast I'd like to, but fortunately Marc makes my life so much easier. The Succotash Show is packed full of all the laughs I would miss if it was not for Marc. Thanks.
One Comedy Podcast to Rule Them All...
I love the idea behind this podcast. I certainly don't have the time to invest in finding and listening to all the comedy podcasts out there, & Succotash saves you that time. It has everything: comedy, commentating, a funny original theme song, entertaining guest hosts, & Marc the host has one of the best radio/podcast voices out there. I definitely suggest giving this one a listen!
Comedic podcast about comedy podcasts
Marc is out to save you some time here. Let's face it, not everyone has the time to listen to every comedy podcast. Which means you're missing out on some funny stuff somewhere. Listening to Succotash can help resolve this boggle. They've got clips, guest hosts & interviews to guide you. Great show & considering they only have 4 eps. "in the can" so far it will just keep getting better.
Ed Wallick
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